Why Are There Two Drain Hoses On A Bosch Dishwasher?

Suppose you own or are considering purchasing a Bosch dishwasher and wonder if there are two drain hoses. Or how many times should the appliance drain during a wash cycle? We've researched these questions and found answers to share with you!

A Bosch dishwasher has one drain hose and one water inlet hose, and both are connected to the dishwasher via the outlets on the lower left at the back of the appliance. 

Are you ready to learn more about how Bosch dishwashers work and how to maintain these quality appliances correctly? We hope you continue reading our post. We have researched this topic and found a lot of helpful information to share with you!

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Why Are There Two Drain Hoses On A Bosch Dishwasher?

Bosch dishwashers are designed with a drain hose and a water inlet hose at the back of the appliance.

Please note that both of these hoses look comparable. However, the hoses' functions are not interchangeable. The hoses must be connected to the correct kitchen plumbing for the dishwasher to function.

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Failure to connect/install the dishwasher correctly will cause the machine to malfunction. For the best results, always read the manual and follow the installation instructions, or contact a professional to install the unit for you if you are uncomfortable with completing the installation process.

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What Causes Standing Water In The Bottom Of The Dishwasher?

Suppose there is a small amount of water standing beneath the sprayer arms, which is okay, only if the water is one cup or less in volume. However, if there is significantly more than one cup of water standing, this is a good indication that the appliance's drain hose is clogged with debris.

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Standing water should not occur in fully functional dishwashers. If this is happening regularly, something is blocking your draining hose.

To address this issue, you could check the dishwasher draining hose or your kitchen plumbing. Or you could contact a professional to evaluate the appliance and determine what could be causing it to malfunction.

Do Bosch Dishwashers Heat Their Own Water?

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Yes. When the water flows from the kitchen's plumbing system into the dishwasher, it flows into a heating chamber comprised of small coils that heat the water. The coils will heat the water according to the cycle and program selected when you started the load.

Also, depending on the make and model, the internal sensors will assess the fullness of the dishwasher and how soiled the dishes are and adjust its washing methods.

Moreover, the sensors will adjust the temperatures based on these findings to thoroughly wash and sanitize the dishes with energy and water conservation as a priority.

Will My Bosch Work Without Hot Water?

The dishwasher will work adequately without hot water. Furthermore, the manufacturer does not recommend connecting the appliance to a cold water line unless the homeowner has an eco-friendly water heating alternative, such as a solar water heating system with a circulation line.

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