Blackstone Griddle Igniter Keeps Clicking – Why And What To Do?

A Blackstone griddle is a must-have for barbecue parties. You can cook large batches of meat for the whole family. However, if the griddle is old or worn out, problems will arise. The igniter may click repeatedly and fail to start the griddle. For this post, we've done research to help you with this issue.

A Blackstone griddle igniter will keep clicking because of the following reasons:

  • Clogged ignition system
  • Misaligned igniter
  • Defective ignitor
  • Dead battery
  • Excess moisture around the igniter area
  • Problems with the propane hose or tank
  • Loose wirings

You should make sure that the connections from the power sources have no blockages or gaps and replace what you need to replace, including a defective igniter. The remedy can also be as simple as cleaning the components of the griddle. Continue reading to learn how you can solve this problem.

outdoor-sixburner-gas-grill-on-back front view on wood deck, Blackstone Griddle Igniter Keeps Clicking - Why And What To Do?

Why Your Blackstone Griddle Igniter Keeps Clicking

Blackstone griddles are popular because they provide a large space to grill meats. Blackstone makes portable and tabletop units that use electricity or propane gas. The griddle has an ignition system that starts the operation.

The griddle's ignition system is continuous. When you switch on the igniter button, the power sources will send constant sparks to the burner. If the igniter is functional, it will make a clicking sound after pressing the button.

It can be disturbing if the igniter keeps on clicking. You might hear clicking even after you turned off the burner.

If that is the case, below are the common reasons why the igniter is clicking.

outdoor-six burner-gas-grill-on-back side view

Clogged Ignition System

The most common reason for the clicking is a clogged ignition system. The blockage will not allow the igniter to create a spark.

Food debris may be stuck in the griddle's ignition system. Also, you may not have cleaned off the oil from the food cooked on the griddle. Grime may have accumulated inside.

The remedy for this issue is to clean the ignition assembly, which will include the burner, ignitor, and ignition knobs.

Remove the grates and look for the debris. For large pieces of food, you can use tongs or your hands. You can also use cotton swabs or a small scrubber to get rid of grime build-up. Do not use abrasive tools for cleaning.

You can avoid clogging if you clean the griddle after every use.

Igniter Position

The igniter needle can misalign after you've used the griddle for many years. If the needle faces away from the burner, it will not create a flame. The possible reason for this is that the needle may have been dislodged during shipment or during the cleaning of the unit.

You will find the needle from the side of the electrode. The needle should be 1/4 inch from the burner.

If the igniter needle has fallen off, you should reinsert it into the electrode. If the needle is still in place, realigning it may be difficult. You should replace the electrode to solve the issue.

Defective Ignitor

outdoor-six burner-gas-grill-on-back

The ignitor starts the combustion of the gas as it flows to the grill. If it is not working, it will not create the flame used to cook food on the grill.

You should determine if the problem is the button or the igniter itself.

The igniter stops clicking if you replace it. You'll need to buy the part online or from a local shop, because Blackstone only offers the push button for the ignitor. When searching for the part, check the model of your griddle.

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Replacing the igniter is challenging. You need to be careful when replacing it because there are wirings critical for the griddle's operation.  So if you don't have the expertise, send the unit to the service center.

Dead Battery

Some Blackstone griddles have battery-powered ignition systems. The spark module can't ignite the flame if the battery is dead. Without power from the battery, the spark module will not work.

You will find the battery in the igniter housing. Read the manual for the exact location.

First, check if you placed the battery in the correct terminal. Food debris can block the electrode. If that is the reason, clean this part.

If the igniter still clicks, test your battery's strength with a multimeter. If the battery is dead, replace it with a new one.

Refer to the product manual for the required battery for your griddle's model. A Blackstone griddle ignitor typically needs one AA battery.

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After you install the new battery, test the griddle to find out if it is still clicking.

Excess Moisture 

Excess moisture in the ignition system is the result of the steam build-up when cooking moist and frozen food. Aside from the food, you can also increase moisture levels if you use too much water or cleaning liquids.

The moisture will seep into the ignition and igniter. If that happens, the igniter cannot catch fire because moisture is denser than gas. Water and fuel do not mix, so there will be no spark.

You can fix the issue by using a paper towel to absorb moisture in the ignition assembly. Wait for a few hours to let out moisture.

Propane Hose Or Tank Problems

The igniter will click but will not light up because the propane gas is not flowing to the ignition system.

The first thing to check is the supply of propane gas in the tank. If there is none, refill it and try to use the griddle.

Then check if the propane tank hose connects properly to the grill. A twisted or clogged hose may not supply enough gas to the grill, so you must remove the blockage.

Here are the steps to unclog the hose:

  1. Disconnect the hose from the gas tank.
  2. Soak the ends of the hose in a warm water and soap solution.
  3. Wait for the debris to fall off.
  4. Use a pipe cleaner brush to remove the debris inside.
  5. Let the hose dry before reconnecting it to the tank.

You should be regularly check and tighten the hoss. The hose should have no cuts or holes so you can use it. If the hose is damaged, you should replace it with a Blackstone-approved hose.

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Griddle Wirings Are Loose

Loose wiring will cause some disruptions in the use of the griddle. Check the spark generator wires to determine if they are loose or disconnected.

With numerous wires in the griddle, you should take the unit to the service center and let a technician check it. They will recommend if the wires need replacement or not.

If the griddle igniter is not clicking, you can read this post: Blackstone Griddle Igniter Not Clicking – Why And How To Fix?

How Do You Ignite A Battery-Powered Griddle?

Follow the process below for proper ignition:

  1. Ensure that you have installed the batteries correctly.
  2. The gas burner knob should be OFF.
  3. Push and turn the knob to MAX.
  4. Light up the ignition burner light by pushing and holding the ignition button.
  5. For other burners, turn each burner knob to MAX. You should start from the burner closest to the ignition needle.

If there is no ignition within five seconds, turn off the burner controls. Wait for five minutes, then repeat the ignition process.

Is It Possible To Use A Blackstone Griddle Without An Igniter?


If you don't have time to inspect and fix the igniter, you can still use the griddle. You can manually ignite the flame by using a stick lighter.

Keep the burner flame at LOW. Insert the lighter into the griddle top and fire up the igniter. Once the burner has flames, you can increase the setting.

Repeat the process until all the burner elements have flames.

In Summary

outdoor-sixburner-gas-grill-on-back front view on wood deck, Blackstone Griddle Igniter Keeps Clicking - Why And What To Do?

There are many reasons why your Blackstone griddle igniter keeps clicking. The reasons include debris blocking the way of the igniter, defects in the spark module, or a dead battery.

Issues with the propane hose, wiring, and the igniter needle can also cause non-stop clicking.

Once you have identified what causes the clicking, you should follow the solutions for each component. The remedy can involve unclogging a hose or checking and replacing the wiring.

If you know how to deal with these problems, you can use your Blackstone griddle with fewer worries.

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