5 Best Saucepans For Making Tea

A warm cup of tea can be the perfect start to your day or a relaxing stress reliever. If you enjoy tea but don't have a kettle, you might wonder which saucepan to use. We've researched the options to find the best saucepans for making tea.

Small saucepans, 1 to 2 quarts capacity, are ideal for boiling water for tea. You'll want to seek out a heavy-duty construction of stainless steel, enameled cast iron, or nonstick with a tri-ply base to promote a rapid boil. Saucepans for tea are equipped with a pour spout and heat-resistant handle for easy pouring from pan to mug. The following are several of the best saucepans for making tea:

  • Fosslang 1.5-quart Saucepan & Lid
  • AVACRAFT 1-quart Stainless Steel Saucepan & Lid
  • Farberware Nonstick 1-quart Saucepan & Lid
  • Neoflam 1-quart Ecolon Ceramic Saucepan
  • YumCute Home Enamel .5-quart Saucepan

Now that you know what to look for when selecting a saucepan for tea, let's take a closer look at the aforementioned pans. We'll also provide tips on how to brew tea without using a saucepan or even a stovetop! Keep reading to get your kitchen equipped with our recommended tea infusers, too. After this read, you'll be ready to kick back for a relaxing sip of tea.

Pouring hot aromatic herbal tea from teapot into glass teacup set with steam and various herbs on black stone plate with wooden table floor in dark background, 5 Best Saucepans For Making Tea

5 Best Saucepans For Making Tea

Close up shot of the hands of a cafe worker making tea

1. Fosslang Saucepan & Lid

This portly, 1.5-quart stainless steel saucepan is perfectly shaped for making tea. The 5-ply construction with aluminum core enables steady, even heating throughout. The glass lid is shatterproof and equipped with straining holes, so you might even dare to make loose leaf tea directly in the pot. With a convenient side handle and pour spout, you'll feel as though you are pouring from a kettle. It's dishwasher safe. Click here to see it on Amazon.

2. AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan & Lid

Durable stainless steel construction with a tri-ply base makes this AVACRAFT saucepan a good choice to grab to boil water for tea. An ergonomic handle makes for easy maneuvering as you pour from either of two spouts. Delineation lines help you measure perfectly for a deliciously brewed cup of tea. Equipped with a straining, glass lid with a heat-resistant handle. This saucepan is dishwasher safe. Click here to see it on Amazon.

3. Farberware Nonstick Saucepan & Lid

An affordable household favorite, the Farberware brand does not disappoint with this 1-quart nonstick saucepan. Ideal for brewing a quick cup of tea, this pot is equipped with two pouring spouts, a straining lid, and an easy-grip handle. Oven and dishwasher safe, this little saucepan might just become a staple among your cookware. Click here to see it on Amazon.

4. Neoflam Ecolon Ceramic Saucepan

This petite saucepan with dual pouring spouts and heat-resistant bakelite handle will have you reaching for a cup of tea. Neoflam's durable ceramic with eco-friendly, nonstick coating makes for an even distribution of heat, whether boiling, melting, or warming. If fine qualities haven't already captured you, this 1-quart saucepan comes in a variety of retro colors like pink, yellow, green, and (pictured) ivory. Click here to see it on Amazon.

5. YumCute Home Enamel Saucepan

It might be on the small side, but this .5-quart enamel saucepan by YumCute Home is ideal for a single-serving of a hearty cup of tea. A beautiful addition to your cookware, the porcelain-enameled surface is available in blue, red, white, and purple. Lipped rim and pour spout enable easy maneuvering with a firm grasp of the wooden handle. Hand washing is recommended. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Can You Boil Water In A Nonstick Pan?

Water bubbles and boils on a gas stove or range in a home kitchen

You can absolutely boil water safely in a nonstick pan. It might sound surprising, but nonstick pans, like those with a Teflon coating, provide a safe cooking surface as long as the pan is not overheated --beyond 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (or 100 Celcius), and additional heat added to the pan will not speed up the boiling process. So, it is safe to say that you can boil water and allow it to remain at boiling temperature safely in nonstick cookware.

Just a few precautions if you are cooking with a nonstick surface:

  • Do not pre-heat an empty, nonstick pan because it can rapidly overheat.
  • Ensure that your pan's surface does not have any chips, flakes, or hairline cracks in the coating; if it is damaged, although unlikely to cause any ill effects, you should retire the pan.
  • Cook on low to medium heat.
  • Opt to use heavyweight, nonstick cookware or pans with tri-ply bottoms that heat more slowly.

How Do You Make Tea Without A Kettle?


As we've thoroughly discussed, a saucepan is ideal for boiling water for tea if you do not have a kettle. To steep the tea, pour boiled water through a strainer over loose tea, drop in a tea bag, or set a tea infuser into the water. You might also pour boiled water from the saucepan into a French press, but more about that later.

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Percolator (Stovetop or Electric)

It might surprise you to know that you can brew tea using a percolator. You'll want to line the basket with a filter, if using loose leaf tea, to prevent clogs while perking. We'd recommend placing two to three tea bags directly into the basket for the best results. Fill the percolator with water to the desired fill-line, and add heat. Allow to perk or cycle a few times to steep the tea properly.

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Would you prefer a bold cup of coffee? Check out "Do You Need a Special Coffee for a Percolator?"

Electric Kettle

A rapid solution to fixing a cup of tea, the electric kettle can boil water within five minutes. This handy appliance can be used to boil water for an instant bowl of oatmeal, a cup of soup, or even cooking an egg. Electric kettles take up relatively little storage space, either on the countertop or in a cupboard, and are easy to clean. Simply fill the pitcher with water, affix to the base, plug it in, and press the button --viola! Pour boiled water via strainer over loose leaf teas or straight into your mug to add a tea bag, just as you would from a stovetop kettle or saucepan.

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If your kitchen is equipped with a microwave, you can settle into a cup of tea within moments. Simply choose a microwave-safe mug and fill it nearly to the brim with water. Heat in the microwave in short intervals, for 30-seconds to 1.5-minutes, checking the temperature. Once you've determined the water is boiling, drop in a tea bag or loose tea infuser and allow it to steep to your desired taste.

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Can You Make Tea In a French Press?

A French press is an excellent tool for making loose leaf teas. Select your favorite tea, and add one to two tablespoons (or 2.5g) per eight ounces of water to the French press. Now, you're ready to pour boiling water into the press. Alow the loose tea swirl as you gently affix the lid, leaving it un-pressed.

The tea can steep in hot water for two to five minutes or as long as you prefer for an ideal infusion, which may vary by tea variety. Do set a timer, so the tea does not get too strong. Once settled and steeped, gently press the lid down through the water and compress the loose tea to the bottom. Pour, and enjoy!

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What Is The Difference Between A Tea Strainer And A Tea Infuser?

Teapot, tea cup and tea leaves ready to prepare a refreshing drink

Both strainers and infusers allow you to pass hot water through loose leaf tea without getting fragments into your drink. These utensils are typically made from stainless steel mesh, although modern silicone infusers are now a popular material as well.

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A strainer provides a relatively rapid steeping process that may need to be repeated with a second pour, whereas an infuser remains in hot water for as long as you'd like by hanging from your mug with a short, linked chain and hook.

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Tea infusers might also be integral to a dedicated tea kettle. No matter your preference for steeping tea, both strainers and infusers ensure you have a smooth sip every time without any loose debris.

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In Conclusion

Pouring hot aromatic herbal tea from teapot into glass teacup set with steam and various herbs on black stone plate with wooden table floor in dark background, 5 Best Saucepans For Making Tea

When you are ready for a soothing cup of tea, the right saucepan can make this an easy task. Now that you know some of the best options, you can be sure to choose a saucepan that will both complement your kitchen and provide a functional, multipurpose piece of cookware.

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