Are Ramekins Air Fryer Safe?

If you love fancy French cuisine, chances are you have a few ramekins in your kitchen. While ramekins are well-known for handling high temps, you may be wondering whether they're safe inside an air fryer. After all, ramekins weren't designed for these newfangled air frying contraptions! If you're afraid to put ramekins into your air fryer, then you have to check out the research we've done below. 

Ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, and Pyrex ramekins are safe to use in an air fryer. As long as your ramekins are oven-safe, they will hold up just fine in the air fryer's high temperatures. You should only avoid putting ramekins in an air fryer if they're made with meltable materials like plastic.  

Using ramekins in your air fryer is a fun way to make single-serve snacks for family and friends. If you'd like to learn more about how to use these bowls in an air fryer, you've got to check out the tasty tips in this post. 

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Are Ramekins Safe In The Air Fryer?

The vast majority of ramekins are safe to use in air fryers. Whether you've got a porcelain, ceramic, or stainless steel ramekin, it's safe to use in your air fryer. If you're extra concerned, look to see if your ramekin is rated oven-safe. If you're extra, extra concerned, please reach out to your ramekin's manufacturer for detailed safety info. 

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The only ramekin-style containers you should avoid in air fryers are those made with plastic. Plastic containers will melt if you put them in a hot air fryer. For this reason, you should avoid all plastic materials when cooking with an air fryer.  

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What Are The Best Ramekins For An Air Fryer? 

Traditional ceramic or porcelain ramekins are fantastic choices for your air fryer. However, you could also safely use stainless steel or Pyrex ramekin models. So long as your ramekins claim they are oven-safe, they will perform well inside your air fryer. 

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The primary material you should be wary of is plastic. While most ramekins aren't made with plastic, there may be a few novelty items out there nowadays. Anything plastic-related is a big no-no in air fryers. This material will melt in the air fryer's extreme temperatures, and that's no good for your safety. 

Speaking of safety, when you're using your ramekins, it's a good idea to place a cooking tray or aluminum foil underneath to catch any drippings. This is especially important if you're baking a pastry with a lot of batter. 

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Also, since your ramekins will be hot to touch out of the fryer, please wear a baking mitt to protect your fingers! 

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What Other Types Of Containers Can You Use In An Air Fryer?

The Air fryer is a kitchen appliances for cooks by hot air

As a rule of thumb, if you could put a container safely in the oven, there's a good chance you could use it in an air fryer. For instance, Pyrex containers, stainless steel bowls, and oven-safe dishes are safe to use in an air fryer. If you have an iron skillet that fits inside your air fryer, that's safe to use as well.

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The materials you should avoid putting in an air fryer are plastic, paper, and cardboard. All three of these containers are never safe in regular ovens or air fryers. 

What Other Types of Containers Can You Use In An Air Fryer?

Homemade creme caramel

Since ramekins are basically glorified circular containers, you could use any oven-safe bowl as a substitute. Just keep in mind that traditional ramekins hold eight ounces. Although there are many different-sized ramekins nowadays, eight ounces is a reasonable frame of reference. 

One of the best ramekin substitutes that's easy to find in kitchen shops is a Pyrex custard cup. As the name suggests, these tiny bowls are designed for creamy desserts, and they're made with oven-safe Pyrex. 

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What Recipes Can You Make With Ramekins In An Air Fryer?

Ramekins of Chocolate Pot De Creme

Now that you know it's safe to use ramekins in the air fryer, you may be wondering what the heck to do with them. Well, the most popular air fryer recipes with ramekins tend to be egg-related—specifically, baked eggs. 

Many foodies love plopping a few eggs in their ramekins with their favorite toppings and air frying them in the morning. While milk and cheese are popular additions, feel free to add whatever spices or herbs you enjoy with traditional eggs.

Anyone who loves those delectable Starbucks egg bites could also make a copycat recipe using ramekins in the air fryer. Just be sure to scramble your eggs in the ramekin and add your favorite extra ingredients. A few popular choices include feta cheese, spinach, and, of course, bacon! 

Here's a simple way to cook satisfying air fryer eggs in your ramekins:

Besides eggs, many air fryer fans use ramekins to make tasty desserts. For instance, many recipes use ramekins and air fryers to make a delicious molten chocolate lava cake. If you're more into traditional brownies or chocolate chip cookies, you could also find recipes for those online.

Be sure to watch this YouTube tutorial to make awesome air-fried chocolate lava cake in ramekins: 

By the way, if you're using flour in any of your air fryer recipes, you've got to check out our previous post, "Can You Use Flour In An Air Fryer?"  

Can You Make Crème Brûlée In An Air Fryer?

Arguably, crème brûlée is the most iconic dessert served in a ramekin. While this custardy dish is traditionally made in an oven, a few savvy chefs have figured out ways to make copycat crème brûlées in their air fryer. For instance, you could watch this YouTube recipe that combines ice cream and egg yolks to make an air-fried crème brûlée.

While this may not be the same as a traditional crème brûlée, it's way less time-consuming! 

Can You Make A Soufflé In A Ramekin In The Air Fryer? 

After crème brûlée, a soufflé is the most iconic dish made in ramekins. While soufflés are often considered one of the most challenging dishes for chefs, there are a few ways you could make this recipe in your air fryer.

For instance, there are plenty of recipes online for hearty potato soufflés made in the air fryer. You can find a video description of this recipe below:

If you're craving a drool-worthy dessert, air fryer chocolate soufflés are also quite trendy. Just like the potato soufflé, this recipe often calls for a ramekin. Be sure to watch this video for more details on how to make this recipe:

Rock Your Ramekins In The Air Fryer!

As long as your ramekin is certified oven-safe, it's OK to use in an air fryer. Just be sure to stick with traditional ramekin materials like porcelain, ceramic, and stainless steel. Please never use plastic, paper, or cardboard containers in an air fryer. 

By the way, if you'd like more tips on using ramekins, Kitchen Seer has a previous blog dedicated to these cute containers. Be sure to check out our "Ramekins 101" post for expert info. 

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