What Can You Store In The Cabinets Above The Stove And Microwave?

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most overused and utilized storage spaces at home. In this post, we've researched the items you can store in the different cabinets of your kitchen, and we will be sharing with you tips and tricks on how to utilize these higher spaces above the range or microwave for better use.

The cabinets above the stove and microwave are typically one of the hottest zones you have in your kitchen. With this in mind, these cabinets are best suited to store items that you can commonly use like glassware, dishes, or frequently used cookbooks.

Sometimes, it is very tempting to keep everything in empty storage spaces in the kitchen. However, it can soon get cluttered and messy, but fortunately, we've got you covered in that area. Keep reading this post because we will be sharing some kitchen organizing tips and ways to make the most out of your kitchen storage.

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What Can You Store In The Cabinets Above The Stove And Microwave?

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The cabinets in the kitchen are probably one of the most used storage spaces at home. Day in and day out, these cabinets take the brunt of keeping everything from food to dinnerware to small kitchen appliances.

For most kitchens, homeowners try to utilize all available vertical space to add storage space. This is why you often see cabinets above the stove and the microwave, despite the fact that sometimes it can be a little awkward to reach. Regardless of that minor issue, these cabinets can still store a lot of essential items in your kitchen.

Because of their convenient location, you can store commonly used kitchen items like glassware, dishes, or light serving gware in this space. The overhead cabinets are perfect for simply grabbing these items while cooking without having to go around the kitchen.

These cabinets are also perfect for you to put in your often used cookbooks and cooking tools like thermometers and kitchen timers. This spot is perfect for you to easily grab these small items that you will often need to use while cooking.

You can also put some commonly used condiments like oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and any other seasoning items in these cabinets. This will make it easy for you to season your food while cooking.

As a general rule, you can keep anything in these overhead cabinets, as long as it doesn't react with the heat from the stove.

What Shouldn't Be Stored In The Overhead Kitchen Cabinets?

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These overhead cabinets might be convenient, but it does pose a slight issue for some items. Since stoves and microwaves tend to get hot, the area is not a good place for any item that will react to heat and moisture, like spices and dry food items.

When spices get moist, they tend to get hard, and you are often left with a lump of hard powder in a bottle. Similarly, dry food items like flour, sugar, or even pasta may react to the moisture that lingers around the stove and microwave area. Avoid putting these items in the overhead cabinets to prevent wasting these food products.

Aside from food, do not store sharp items like knives or scissors on the overhead cabinets. Sharp items such as these should be placed in areas where you can easily see and retrieve them.

Do not store rarely used kitchen appliances on the overhead cabinets as well. Aside from the possibility of the appliances getting ruined by the heat and moisture in the area, it also poses a danger if it falls out of the cabinet. Try to keep these items in a separate space where you can easily see and check them.

What Can I Use To Organize My Kitchen Cabinets?

Organised Pantry Items In Storage Room With Nonperishable Food Staples, Preserved Foods, Healty Eatings, Fruits And Vegetables.

Kitchen cabinets are spacious places where you can have everything within reach. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not utilize the height of their cabinets too much because some do not know how to make the most out of it.

To get the most out of organizing your kitchen cabinets, there are numerous storage solutions that can help you. Cabinet organizers, baskets, and storage bins make the most out of these storage solution systems, and they all help maximize the use of your kitchen cabinets.

Shelf Maximizers

One of the things a lot of people miss out on is the vertical space you will often find in your kitchen cabinets. Most kitchen items are not tall, so there is so much empty space above your stored items that are not utilized properly. For this problem, make use of stackable shelf maximizers so you can utilize the empty vertical space in your cabinets.

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Pull-out Storage

Cabinets that are low on the floor can be a pain to deal with because it requires you to get down on the floor to get the items out. Make the most out of your base kitchen cabinets by using pull-out storage racks to make your life easier. These storage racks can hold your small kitchen appliances, pots, or pans easily, and you can take them out of the cabinet effortlessly.

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Corner Cabinet Storage

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Corner cabinets are severely underutilized because of their awkward placement and small space in the kitchen. However, storage space is still a place where you can put things, so why not make the most out of it? Corner cabinet storage solutions such as these make use of the space as much as they can while giving you the convenience to move around items easily.

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Door-mounted Storage

Make the most out of doors in your kitchen and pantry by installing door-mounted organizers. These are pretty easy to install, and they can hold a good number of items, depending on the tiers that you choose. You can also use these for most areas of the house that lacks storage space.

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Over-the-Door Storage

Keeping small items can be a little troublesome to put on inside drawers, especially if they are typically used for cleaning. Make the most out of the doors of your cabinets under the sink by using these over-the-door storage racks to keep things like cleaning materials or cutting boards.

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How Do I Utilize Cabinets I Can't Reach?

Although the overhead cabinets can be convenient for some, there are people who can't reach them. Not everyone is blessed with a height that can easily pull a dish from the high cabinets, so this space becomes a waste for some people.

Fortunately, there are ways for you to utilize cabinets that you can't reach. If you aren't able to reach the cabinets above the stove and the microwave easily, try to store your most needed items in places where it won't be a hassle for you. Use the overhead cabinets to store other things that won't be a bother to you.

If you can't reach the cabinets well, store items that aren't used as often in them. Keep those seasonal serving wares, roasting pans, casserole dishes, or any of those rarely used items in the overhead cabinets. Since you only use these things once in a while, you can take your time taking them out when you do need them.

You can also keep extra items like picnic ware, empty mason jars, food storage bags, and other items in this space. You can get these items without worrying too much about being in a mad dash while cooking.

However, if you are able to reach the cabinets just enough (let's not talk about the back part, which is practically impossible to reach) you can still use the overhead cabinets to store your cooking condiments. Use a lazy Susan cabinet organizer to put your bottles, or a simple basket that you can pull out just enough to get your items.

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Final Thoughts

New designed modern kitchen fully styled with stainless steel appliances.

It is quite tempting to shove everything and anything inside the kitchen cabinets. It's a little overwhelming to organize these storage spaces, but with the right system, it won't be a problem keeping things in place. It doesn't matter if your cabinets are overhead or not. With a good storage solution, you should be able to find ways to organize your kitchen in no time.

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