Should Kitchen Cabinets Match Bathroom Cabinets?

If you're about to embark on a kitchen remodel or revamp, chances are that you're thinking about your kitchen cabinets. Are you looking for new kitchen cabinet ideas but don't know whether they need to match the ones in your bathroom? We have done plenty of research to find you the answer.

The cabinetry in your kitchen doesn't necessarily need to match your bathroom, but it should be similar. Generally, you want to choose cabinet colors to complement each other and be cohesive within your home.

That said, we do think that matching your kitchen and bathroom cabinets will look best, but again, this is your decision.

As we begin, we will cover all things cabinetry and discuss how to design your space. Whether you want to redo your whole kitchen or need cabinet ideas, you've come to the right place. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Lively and elegant kitchen with hardwood flooring white countertops and white cabinets, Should Kitchen Cabinets Match Bathroom Cabinets?

Should All The Cabinets In A Home Match?

It's a good idea to match the cabinets throughout your home. Although you don't have to use the same colors and designs, keeping your cabinetry similar will end up giving your home the best look.

Many new home designs follow a similar cabinet theme throughout, which leaves more room for fun wall colors and finishes. Of course, there is no wrong way to design your house, but sticking to a similar color palette is always helpful.

Luxurious interior of a modern contemporary kitchen with gray cabinets incorporated with gold handles and white countertop

What Should Kitchen Cabinets Match?

Generally, you want your kitchen cabinets to match the other cabinetry in your home. Like we mentioned above, keeping your colors and designs in the same family will help tie your space together and keep things cohesive.

With that said, you don't necessarily need to have every detail in your home be the same, but there should be an ongoing theme.

Should Cabinets Match Doors?

It's not always necessary to match your cabinets and doors. Most times, you want to match your doors and trim, keeping your cabinets their own color.

Of course, if your doors are beige, white, or light grey and you want to match them to your cabinets, we think that could work. Regardless, try to match at least two of the components in your kitchen to tie things together.

Should Cabinets Match Trim?

For those wanting to match their cabinets and trim, we think this is a great idea. Keeping your cabinets and trim the same color is an excellent way to give your space a uniform, well-designed look and works for any home layout. Use brighter, lighter cabinetry and trim if you want your kitchen to have a "clean" look.

Should Cabinets Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

Typically, you want to have your cabinets be darker and more dramatic than your walls. Especially in the kitchen, it's important to choose cabinetry that will make a statement and grab people's attention.

This same recommendation stands for the bathroom, and your cabinets should also be slightly darker than your walls. Of course, you can certainly switch things up and use lighter cabinets and darker walls, but this might not turn out as well.

A rustic inspired kitchen with gray kitchen cabinets and hardwood flooring

Should Walls Be The Same Color As Cabinets?

Although we love the idea of a mono-color kitchen or bathroom, you don't need to match your walls and cabinetry. Most times, as long as your cabinets have a similar shade to your walls, they will look fine.

That said, a good idea for those wanting to match their colors would be to do an all-white kitchen or bathroom, which is a great way to give your room a fresh look.

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What Is The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color 2021?

Grey, white, and blue kitchen cabinets are dominating 2021 trends. Of the three, grey seems to be the most popular and is a great way to modernize your kitchen.

White is also ideal for kitchen cabinetry and will give your space a bright, open feeling. If you want some color, blue or greyish-blue cabinets are also trendy, so you've got a few good options.

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What Is The Most Popular Bathroom Cabinet Color 2021?

Green, grey, and beige come out on top as the most popular bathroom cabinet colors. Like the kitchen, grey is also a super popular choice for bathroom cabinetry and any colors with grey undertones.

Greige (grey/beige) is another trending bathroom cabinet color popping up in apartments and homes everywhere, and honestly, we love it. Lighter shades of green cabinetry are also popular for the bathroom, so don't be afraid to have some fun with your colors.

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Does Cabinet Hardware Need To Match?

In general, we would recommend making sure your cabinet hardware matches. Like our color suggestion, keeping the hardware on your cabinets the same or very similar is a good way to keep your kitchen looking cohesive.

White contemporary interior of a luxurious kitchen with hardwood flooring, white cabinets and dangling lamps on the breakfast bar

According to Lily Ann Cabinets, the hardware on your kitchen cabinetry doesn't need to be exact but should complement each other. They also say how matte finishes, especially black hardware, tend to work well in most kitchen designs, which is something to note.

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What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

When it comes to choosing the best color hardware for your kitchen cabinetry, this depends on your space. Generally, if you have warmer colored cabinets, you want gold, bronze, or black hardware.

We recommend silver, black, and stainless steel hardware for those working with cooler tones in their kitchen. Of course, not all kitchens are the same, so try to find an undertone in your space and choose hardware that will complement it.

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To Wrap Things Up

Whether you want to renovate your kitchen or need new cabinet ideas, choosing the right color is important. Your kitchen cabinets don't need to match the ones in your bathroom, but they should be similar.

When choosing the right color, we recommend grey, white, and blue for your kitchen cabinets and keeping your colors cohesive. Try either a grey, beige, or green cabinet design for the bathroom if you want to stay on-trend. Regardless, make sure to keep your cabinetry complementary, and don't be afraid to have some fun with your hardware and finishes.

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