What Color Sink With White Countertops?

Choosing the right colors for your kitchen can sometimes feel impossible. Do you have white countertops but don't know what color sink will work best? Well, we've done plenty of digging and have the answers here for you.

There are plenty of sink colors to choose from if you have white kitchen countertops. Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • White
  • Black
  • Copper

As we begin, we will cover all things kitchen sinks and share our favorite ideas for a white countertop. Whether you're planning a remodel or building the home of your dreams, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

Home cozy kitchen sink, silver kitchen sink on white countertop. What Color Sink With White Countertops

Best Kitchen Sink Colors With White Countertops


Here we have a silver kitchen sink with white countertops, which is one of the more common pairings. Silver will be easy to clean and go with just about any other finish, so if you don't want to overcomplicate things, silver is a great choice.

An elegant minimalist styled kitchen with white subway tiles, a window to look out and white countertops filed with decoration

Another benefit of choosing silver for your space is that it won't attract too much attention to your sink, so it also has a camouflaging effect.


Another good idea for white counters is trying a gold sink in your kitchen. Although this might not be for everyone, the gold finish looks bright and eye-catching with the white countertops. This pairing is perfect for anyone going for a high-class kitchen aesthetic.


white kitchen sink on white countertop with window view

Our third idea is a matching white kitchen sink for your countertops. Especially if you want to keep things cohesive, choosing the same color sink for your space is an easy way to achieve this.

That said, you can always try going up or down a shade of white to spice things up, so you don't have to worry about matching the shades perfectly.


Switching gears, we have a stunning black sink for white kitchen counters. Black fixtures, specifically, tend to have an ultra-modern look, so if that's your vibe, this is a great option to consider.

Choosing a black kitchen sink is also a good idea if you have stainless steel appliances, so that's a huge plus.


Our final idea is to try a copper-colored sink with your white countertops. Like gold, copper has a warmer tone, which is great for making a kitchen feel more cozy and livable.

Copper is also highly durable and has antimicrobial qualities, so it's great if you don't want bacteria hanging out in your sink.

Should Your Sink Match Your Countertops?

No, your sink doesn't always need to match your countertops. Although you can try this, it's sometimes better to choose a contrasting sink color to create visual appeal in your space.

It's also important to have your sink, whatever color you choose, complement your countertops, so try and find a similar undertone between the two.

What Should Your Countertop Match?

The counters in a kitchen don't necessarily need to match anything, but they should complement the other colors and finishes around them. As mentioned, the countertops and the sink in a kitchen are the most important in terms of color, so try to use similar undertones.

Your kitchen counters should also be similar to whatever backsplash you decide on, so keep that in mind while designing. Flooring can also impact how good your countertops turn out, so there are a few areas to be mindful of.

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How Do You Choose A Kitchen Sink Faucet?

It's a good idea to choose a kitchen sink faucet that goes with both your sink and countertops. Most times, it's best to match your faucet to the other hardware around your kitchen, although this isn't required.

The faucet in your kitchen needs to be durable and easy to clean, so we suggest finding one that hides fingerprints and watermarks. For colors/finishes, we recommend using stainless steel, bronze, and brushed nickel, although the options are endless.

Fapully Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

This kitchen faucet is stainless steel, has a brushed nickel finish and single-handle design, and promises an easy installation.

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SOKA Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

This faucet has a brushed bronze finish, is stainless steel material, has three working modes, and won't rust or tarnish.

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Do The Kitchen Sink And Faucet Need To Match?

No, the kitchen sink and faucet don't have to match. Typically, you will see these two colors be the same or similar, but doing this isn't always required.

For example, if you want to have a gold sink and a bronze faucet, this is completely fine because they share a similar undertone. Again, colors and finishes are up to you; just try to keep your choices cohesive.

What Color Sink Is The Easiest To Clean?

Stainless steel sinks will usually be the easiest to clean. Considering they aren't porous and won't rust, stainless steel sinks are a great option for those who don't want to do too much to maintain them.

Another good choice is a copper kitchen sink, which won't scratch or stain easily and doesn't require harsh chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive brushes.

Do All Stainless Steel Sinks Scratch Easily?

Although they are relatively easy to clean and maintain, stainless steel sinks are prone to scratching. This is normal with everyday kitchen use, so it's hard to avoid damaging stainless steel surfaces.

That said, you can try to buff out smaller scratches on a stainless steel sink with a non-abrasive pad, so not all marks will be permanent.

White wood table top on blur kitchen counter

Are White Countertops Easy To Clean?

Depending on the material of a white countertop, this can make cleaning them tricky. You want to try and avoid using harsh chemicals on white counters, regardless of their material, because doing this can discolor them.

Unlike other dark or natural finishes, white countertops react negatively to abrasive cleaning methods, so it's best to stick with a warm soapy cloth or rag.

How Do I Protect My White Kitchen Countertops?

Protecting white kitchen countertops isn't be too hard. To start, you want to make sure you aren't using bleach products because they can cause a white counter to turn yellow.

It's also a good habit to clean up spills and messes as soon as possible on white countertops so they don't leave a hard-to-remove stain. Also, using trays, cutting boards, trivets, and coasters will help keep your white countertops protected.

Are White Sinks Hard To Keep Clean?

White sinks can be hard to keep clean. Besides being the lightest option available, white sinks will react differently to household cleaning products and may even turn yellow or discolor if you use harsh chemicals.

Of course, there are ways to prevent this, like using baking soda regularly in your white sink and steering clear of abrasive cleaners and brushes, so although it will take patience, it is doable.

Is A Black Sink Hard To Keep Clean?

Surprisingly, no, a black sink won't be super hard to keep clean. A black sink will mostly show water spots and dust, which will only require a quick polishing or wipe down.

We recommend mixing water and distilled white vinegar to clean a black sink about once or twice per week. Like a white sink, black sinks also won't react well to highly potent chemicals, so use diluted products if you can.

kitchen sink with silver faucet in kitchen room, modern counter with sink in kitchen room. What Color Sink With White Countertops

To Wrap It All Up

Whether you want to redo your entire kitchen or need ideas for a new home, finding the right sink color for your white countertops is essential. Silver, gold, black, white, and copper will complement white counters nicely, so you have a few good options.

That said, we love the look of stainless steel sinks with white countertops because of how easy they pair together, so that's a good color combination to consider. If you prefer something more attention-grabbing, we think a gold, copper, or even black sink will be perfect for white counters.

Regardless, remember to keep your colors cohesive, and don't be afraid to mix and match your kitchen sink and faucet if you want to spice things up.

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