How To Remove the Bowl From a Cuisinart Mixer

Suppose you are considering purchasing a Cuisinart mixer for your kitchen, or you own one and have recently decided to give it a try. If so, you probably have a few questions, such as how to remove the mixing bowl? or How do you clean a Cuisinart stand mixer? These are excellent questions. We've completed the research and have found informative answers for you!

Removing the bowl from the Cuisinart stand mixer is simple. Unplug the appliance, tilt the mixer's head upward, remove the mixing attachment, and turn the bowl counterclockwise to loosen and remove the bowl. 

Are you ready to learn more about Cuisinart mixers and how to maintain one correctly?  We've extensively researched Cuisinart mixers and have helpful information to share with you. Would you please continue reading to learn more about this exciting topic!

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How to remove the bowl from a Cuisinart mixer?

Before removing the bowl, it is paramount to turn the speed dial control to zero and unplug the appliance. Next, tilt back the mixer's head into the upward position, and remove the mixing accessory by turning it clockwise and pulling it downwards.

Then, turn the mixing bowl counterclockwise to loosen and gently lift the bowl upwards.

Professional steel electric mixer with metal whisk

The Cuisinart mixer offers home cooks and professionals many functionalities beyond mixing doughs. Click here to read "What Can You Make With A Cuisinart Mixer? [11 Great Ideas]."

How do you remove the accessories from a Cuisinart stand mixer?

According to Cuisinart, the best method to remove the accessories from your mixer is to tilt-back the mixer's head into the upward position. Next, grasp the accessory, turn it clockwise, and gently pull forward to remove it from the accessory port.

Please note that it is best to have the appliance unplugged while attaching or detaching any of the mixing accessories.

Basic safety precautions

Operating your Cuisinart will make life in the kitchen more manageable, but it has several safety precautions to follow to keep your kitchen safe and productive.

  1. Always unplug the mixer when it is not in use
  2. Never use the mixer outdoors
  3. Do not allow the cord to hang off of the counter or table
  4. Do not use more than one accessory or attachment at a time
  5. The hanging cord could be easily tugged by a child or pet and result in injury and equipment damage
  6. If you are using the mixer with children, never leave them unattended with the mixer
  7. Do not leave the appliance alone while running
  8. Keep hands, hair, clothing, spatulas, and other utensils away from beaters while mixing to reduce the risk of injury or damaging your mixer.

How do you clean a Cuisinart stand mixer?

Woman wiping cleaning stand mixer in the kitchen

One of the many advantages of owning a Cuisinart stand mixer is that it is super easy to clean. Also, it does not require any special cleaning supplies to maintain a clean and debris-free mixer in your kitchen!

Before you start cleaning your mixer-double-check to make sure the appliance is unplugged. Now let's get started!


The dough hook and mixing paddle are top-rack dishwasher safe. However, the chef's whisk is not dishwasher safe and must be washed and dried by hand.


The cleaning protocol will depend on which attachments you select for your mixer. Each attachment will arrive with instructions for usage and how to clean it correctly.


Woman who is putting an almond flour from the cup into the stainless steel bowl of the stand mixer

The mixing bowl is dishwasher safe. Please note that if you are washing the bowl by hand, do not use bleach, steel wool, or a wire brush; those items will damage the bowl.

Splash guard and pour spout

Both are top-rack dishwasher safe, and both are washed easily by hand.

Power unit

Wipe the power unit with a damp dishcloth to remove debris and dry with a towel. Word of caution-never submerge the power unit in water or use abrasive cleaners on its exterior.

How to store a Cuisinart stand mixer?

Store your Cuisinart stand mixer somewhere accessible and safe in your home kitchen. A lower cabinet serves well for an out-of-the-way space to keep your mixer clean, dry, and safe from accidental damages.

On the countertop is another option for those with limited cabinet space or apartment dwellers. Consider purchasing a covering to protect the mixer from debris and dust for added protection.

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Are KitchenAid and Cuisinart mixer attachments interchangeable?

No, the Cuisinart and KitchenAid mixing bowls are not interchangeable because the Cuisinart mixing bowls attach to the power unit via locking in place at the bottom of the bowl.

Moreover, the KitchenAid mixing bowls attach to the side of the unit. Both mixers are engineered differently aesthetically and functionally, which is another reason why the bowls are not interchangeable.

Do not try to use a mixing bowl from a different brand with your Cuisinart mixer. Generally, it will not correctly fit the mixer and could damage the mixer or motor and injure the cook. Also, the beater attachments will not work to full potential with the incorrect-sized bowl.

Advice for purchasing additional mixing bowls

Many websites carry Cuisinart and KitchenAid mixing bowls. Be aware that some of these sites are misleading as to which mixer the bowls will fit and claim that nearly any bowl will fit a wide range of mixers.

To verify if the bowl will fit your mixer correctly. You must reference the mixers' exact make and model. To locate this information, check your receipt or the record of order information. If those documents are missing, the best option is to check the mixer.

How to locate the model number

Lay a towel on the countertop, unplug, and set the Cuisinart mixer on its side opposite the speed control dial to avoid damaging the dial. You will see the model and serial number located underneath the base of the stand mixer.

Use the model and serial number to determine which mixer you have and order the bowls that correctly fit the mixer.

How long do Cuisinart mixers last?

Red stand mixer mixing

On average, most Cuisinart mixers will last five to ten years, and in some cases, home cooks have self-reported their Cuisinart mixer lasted up to 20 years.

Generally, most stand mixers will last from five to ten years, provided the mixer is used correctly receives maintenance and repairs as needed. Also, how often the mixer is used and where it is stored will affect how long it will last.

Reportedly, the Cuisinart company issues a three-year warranty for all models of their mixers. Undoubtedly, the warranty length attests to the craftsmanship and longevity the appliance offers consumers. Considering the manufacturer will stand by the quality of the product for three years after the purchase date.

Maximize your stand mixers' longevity

Failure to continually keep the appliance clean and maintained will result in the device only lasting a few years or less. If your mixer malfunctions and you tried a few troubleshooting recommendations from your owner's manual and the appliance still is not working correctly, it might require a repair or replacement. If that is the case, only allow certified and trained technicians at Cuisinart to service your mixer. Please do not hesitate to contact Cuisinart's customer service for further assistance and instructions.

Furthermore, your kitchen appliances are investments in your home, health, and kitchen. Treat your Cuisinart mixer with care by cleaning after each use and storing it in a dust-free space. In turn, your appliance will help keep you and your loved ones well fed.

Final thoughts and wrapping up!

In this article, we learned that Cuisinart mixers are a handy addition to any cook's kitchen, and removing the bowl and cleaning it is straightforward! Also, the Cuisinart mixer offers aesthetic appeal, functionality, and time-saving durability, which are a few reasons to invest in one of these mixers for your busy kitchen.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about Cuisinart stand mixers and inspired you to mix up your favorite batch of doughy goodness! Please visit soon for more factual information to help you attain your culinary goals.

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  1. I have a question . I hope you can help: Somehow after using the machine , I can not unlock the metal bow from the stand .? Please help

  2. I just purchased the Cuisinart stand up mixer. I cannot remove the 5.5 quart stainless mixing bowl. It will not turn counter clockwise or clockwise. It will not budge. I would like to clean the mixing bowl before using. Any suggestions?

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