Are KitchenAid Mixer Bowls Interchangeable?

KitchenAid mixers are a well-cherished kitchen equipment staple that has graced many home cooks and professionals with their durability and quality craftsmanship. If you are reading this article, you could either attest to the versatility of this mixer, or you are researching whether purchasing one of these mixers is a goal in your future. Curious if you could interchange your mixing bowls? Or how to determine if you are purchasing the correct bowl? We've extensively researched these topics and have helpful information to share with you.

No, the bowls are not interchangeable between different models of mixers. The bowls are engineered to fit one of three stand mixer models: bowl-lift, tilt-head, or mini tilt-head. Moreover, each mixer model offers interchangeable bowls that vary in capabilities, sizes, and materials—for example, a glass bowl with a pouring spout or stainless steel bowl with a sturdy handle. Also, depending on the material, there are mixing attachments that go with those bowls as well. 

Are you a KitchenAid fan? Interested in learning more about KitchenAid mixers? Wondering how to choose the best option for purchasing an additional mixing bowl? Or if that extra attachment is worth the money, or why KitchenAid suggests it? We've researched these topics and have referenced information to share with you. Would you please continue reading to learn more about this exciting topic!

An up close photo of a kitchenAid food processor, Are KitchenAid Mixer Bowls Interchangeable?

What size bowl comes with a KitchenAid mixer?

The size that comes with the KitchenAid mixer depends on the model and if it is for residential or professional use.  Bowl sizes for residential use vary from three to seven quarts and professional ranges from four to seven quarts. Determining the mixer model and size is paramount for learning which mixing bowl will come with your mixer.

The KitchenAid line is comprised of mixers for residential and professional use, each with unique capabilities based on the trusted design and classic appearance. Also, three different types of three stand mixer models are bowl-lift, tilt-head, or mini tilt-head that require mixing bowls specifically for that model. Each model has additional mixing attachments and mixing bowls that vary in size and materials.

For example, if you purchase a glass mixing bowl, you will need to buy a beater attachment approved for use with glass. KitchenAid also offers various colors and styles that allow the buyer to customize to compliment the aesthetic of their kitchen.

A kitchenaid mixer bowl

Do all KitchenAid bowls fit all mixers?

No, not all bowls will fit each mixer. KitchenAid mixing bowls were designed for precision and to only properly fit the type of mixer three stand mixer models: bowl-lift, tilt-head, or mini tilt-head.  Each type offers mixing bowls that range in capacity from three to seven quarts and will only fit the type of model it was designed to fit.

Do not try to use a mixing bowl from a different brand or model of KitchenAid mixer. Generally, it will not properly fit the mixer and could damage the mixer or motor and injure the cook. Also, the beater attachments will not work to full potential with the incorrect-sized bowl.

Can you interchange KitchenAid bowls?

The mixing bowls are not interchangeable between different models of stand mixers. However, many bowls will fit within the category of the mixer model. Full-sized tilt-head mixers offer the widest selections of mixing bowls that are interchangeable.

For example, if you have a glass mixing bowl accompanied by bowl-lift stand mixers, it has non-standard beaters designed specifically for glass mixing bowls. And you decide to replace the glass bowl with a standard stainless steel KitchenAid mixing bowl. You will need to purchase the standard beater accessories as well. The beaters for the glass bowl will not work properly with the stainless steel bowl.

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Will a 6-quart bowl fit a 5 quart KitchenAid mixer?

A six-quart mixing bowl will NOT fit the five-quart Artisan mixer or the mini models. Those are too small to accommodate the six-quart bowl. However, depending on the type of mixer model, a five-quart bowl will fit a six-quart mixer. The smaller capacity bowls will fit a larger mixer only if the bowl was designed for that type of model. Do visit the manufacturers' website to ensure the bowl will work for your mixer.

If you have outgrown your smaller mixer, it may be time to upgrade and purchase a new mixer with a greater capacity. Many home cooks and professionals start with one of the smaller models and upgrade to a professional model as their skills develop and the needs of their customers or families continue to expand.

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Suggestions for storing KitchenAid mixers

Store the KitchenAid somewhere accessible and safe in your home kitchen. A lower cabinet serves well for an out-of-the-way space to keep your mixer clean, dry, and safe from accidental damages. On the countertop is another option for those with limited cabinet space or apartment dwellers. Consider purchasing a covering to protect the mixer from debris and dust.

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Advice for purchasing additional mixing bowls

When you are shopping for additional bowls, many websites carry KitchenAid mixing bowls and equipment. Some of these sites are a bit misleading for which mixer the bowls will fit. To verify if it will fit your mixer, you must know the exact make and model. To locate this information, check your receipt if you don't have the receipt or record of order information. The best option is to check the mixer.

Lay a towel on the countertop, unplug and set the KitchenAid mixer on its side opposite where the speed control knob and locking mechanism are located to avoid bending the small knob or accidentally locking the mixer.  The model and serial number will be located underneath the base of the stand mixer.

After obtaining the serial number, visit and enter it there. You will gain access to the models' information and exactly which accessories and bowls are designed for your mixer.

Basic safety precautions

Always unplug the mixer when it is not in use.  Do not allow the cord to hang off of the counter or table. The hanging cord could be easily tugged by a child or pet and result in injury and equipment damage. If you are using the mixer with children, never leave the children unattended with the mixer.

Do not use any attachments or accessories that Kitchenaid did not manufacture. This could result in an electrical fire, personal injury, or property damages. Also, do not use any damage to the electrical cord or if the mixer is having motor issues. Suppose any of those issues occur. Call the KitchenAid Customer Satisfaction Center at 1-800-584-4315.

In closing

KitchenAid mixers are a brilliant addition to any cook's kitchen, with many reasons why these mixers are a cherished favorite. Aesthetic appeal, functionality, durability, and time-saving features are just a few reasons to invest in one of these mixers. We hope this article has helped you learn more about KitchenAid mixers and inspired you to mix up your favorite batch of cookies. Please visit soon for more fascinating content!


  1. I just received my KitchenAid Stand Mixer KSM45-KSM200. I have used my Sunbeam MixMaster Heritage for literally years and loved it, but since most everyone had a KitchenAid, I chose this over another Sunbeam. I am having a difficult time adjusting to it for these reasons: there is an area in the bottom of the bowl that prevents the mixture from mixing properly…and requires one to lift the head, and scrape the bottom to continue mixing. No.2: there isn’t room to put a spatula in the bowl while mixing, so I had to lift the head and scrape……..No.3: My Sunbeam came with a smaller bowl for beating egg whites, etc. and I realize now that I have to purchase one from KitchenAid. These are just observations I wanted to share with you as a comparison to my old faithful Sunbeam.

  2. Just purchased KSM45-KSM200 KitchenAid. In comparison to the Sunbeam I have used many years, I find the following negatives: I had to lift the head to scrape the bottom of bowl before finishing mixing; also had to lift head to scrape sides of bowl as not enough room for spatula; Sunbeam included a small bowl for egg whites and I must purchase one for KitchenAid. I was disappointed for these reasons in my first use.

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