How To Remove Beaters From A Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

A Hamilton Beach hand mixer is a helpful item to have in the kitchen. Like any cooking tool, it will need to be cleaned after each use. If you are ready to clean it and are wondering how to remove the beaters, we can help. We researched this appliance from multiple professional sources so that you'll know what steps to take.

You will be able to safely remove the beaters from the Hamilton Beach hand mixer by following these steps:

  1. Unplug the mixer from the electrical outlet.
  2. Press down on the speed control button.
  3. The beaters will be ejected from their ports.

Now that we know how to remove the beaters from a Hamilton Beach hand mixer, we'll look at each step in a bit more detail. You might also be curious about how long one of these mixers should last, or what the most reliable hand mixer is. For the answers to these questions and more, read on to see what our research has uncovered.

Removing the Beaters from a Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

Below are the steps to removing the beaters from this appliance. We give details about each step so that you'll be able to easily remove the beaters and get them cleaned and ready for their next use.

Unplug the mixer from the electrical outlet

Unplugging the mixer from the outlet is a crucial first step in removing the beaters from their ports.

When you're ready to take the beaters out and clean them, you will have already turned the operating switch to the off position. After the hand mixer is off, grasp the plug firmly and work it out of the socket. Don't yank the cord, as this can damage it and the plug.

Press down on the speed control button

On the top of the mixer, you will see the speed control button. This is where you'll find the numbered settings for the various mixing speeds. At the bottom of the speed control, you should see the number zero.

Using your thumb, push down here. This is the button that releases the beaters from their locked position.

The beaters will be ejected from their ports

As soon as your thumb hits that eject button, the beaters will become loose and ready to pull out of the hand mixer. Have your other hand ready to grab them!

Why Isn't My Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer Working?

It can be frustrating when you're ready to prepare a dish and discover that one of your appliances isn't working.

While this can sometimes mean the appliance needs to be replaced, it isn't necessarily the case every time. Let's take a look at the most common reasons why your Hamilton Beach hand mixer might not be operational.

Is it getting power?

These little gadgets need some juice from the grid to work. Surely, you've plugged it in, right? After double-checking that the plug has been placed firmly in the socket, try to work it again.

Still no luck? A breaker could be the culprit. Unplug the hand mixer and check your breaker box.

If you have a breaker that's been flipped, put it back into the correct position and start again. Plug the mixer back into the socket and fire it up. If it works, that's great! If not, then lack of power isn't your problem.

The fuse might need to be replaced

The hand mixer uses a fuse to work. This little piece is housed near where the power cord comes out of the mixer. Remove the housing and examine it. Just make sure the appliance has been unplugged first!

If the fuse is faulty, then it should be replaced. These are inexpensive and can be found at any hardware store.

The motor could be faulty

Lastly, the culprit could be the appliance's motor. These are backed by a two-year warranty by Hamilton Beach. If your mixer is more than two years old, you'll need to weigh out the cost of repair versus the cost of a new mixer.

As these appliances are fairly inexpensive, most folks will forgo repairing the motor and just purchase a new appliance. The older the hand mixer you have is, the more sense it makes to replace it with a new one.

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How Long Will A Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer Last?

Nothing lasts forever, right? Sadly, that is the case with every single gadget in your kitchen that you love. Thankfully, Hamilton Beach makes quality products that will last quite a few years before you need to replace them.

On average, the Hamilton Beach hand mixer should last at least five years. How long it operates will depend on a few factors, however:

Keep the hand mixer clean

To get the most out of your mixer, be sure that you take proper care of it. Keep it clean, as gunk building up over time can cause it to malfunction. Follow the basic maintenance and cleaning instructions in the owner's manual for the best results.

Frequency of use

Most folks don't use their hand mixers daily. In fact, some might only use these gadgets every few months. The less often you use them, the longer they will last.

The motors in these appliances are built tough and made to last. But frequent use will give this vital part some wear and tear over time. Even so, consumers who use these hand mixers regularly still maintain that they get at least five years of use out of them.

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How To Clean A Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

Earlier in this post, we mentioned that the Hamilton Beach hand mixer should be cleaned after every use. Keeping this appliance clean is not only for sanitation purposes. Cleaning also keeps it operating to the best of its ability.

Clean the beaters every time

By now, you know how to eject the beaters from the appliance. These will need to be cleaned in a sink with hot, soapy water or run through your dishwasher. When you're cleaning them, think of them like any of the utensils that you cook or eat with.

Don't forget to wipe down the mixer

The mixer itself will also need to be cleaned. No matter how careful you are when you mix, the machine will get spattered with whatever it is that you're mixing. Not to mention that the germs on your hand can lead to bacteria buildup.

A soapy cloth from your sink is all that's needed to clean the hand mixer. Be sure to get every inch of it. Some places might need a little bit of elbow grease applied with the rough side of a kitchen sponge.

A damp cloth can be used to wipe any soapy residue from the mixer when it's finished being scrubbed. Allow it to air dry before putting it back into its case.

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What Is the Most Reliable Hand Mixer?

There are probably more brands of hand mixers on the market than you can count. And nearly every brand has multiple models to choose from. Finding one that fits your needs can be a bit challenging, as the choices might seem overwhelming.

But when it comes to overall reliability, one model stands out more than the others: the Mueller 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer has consistently been a top-rated appliance.

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This hand-held appliance weighs an estimated 2.5 pounds and is easy to operate and a cinch to clean. There are a variety of colors to pick from as well.

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In Conclusion

kitchen mixer in a woman's hand. Woman's hand holds electric mixer on blue background. Clean new blender in female arm

The Hamilton Beach hand mixer is an easy device to use and clean. The beaters are simple to remove, only requiring the pressing of your thumb. Take good care of this mixer, and you'll find that it can last upwards of five years.

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