How To Fill Gap Above Fridge

The space above your fridge may be one area you focus on when rearranging or redesigning your kitchen. But what's the best way to make use of that space? Don’t worry, we did the research so you could figure out what to do with the space above your fridge.

Installing a cabinet over your refrigerator is a great idea, particularly if you need more storage. This would be a great place to keep your kitchen equipment and other necessities. Here are some cabinet ideas for the space above your fridge:

  1. Pull-out cabinet
  2. Doorless cabinet
  3. Tray dividers cabinet
  4. Wine rack cabinet
  5. Rustic cabinet

Adding cabinets above your refrigerator gives it a nice and clean appearance. Continue reading to learn more information and factors to consider when installing a new cabinet. And to know what type of cabinet is perfect for the space above your fridge.

Modern gourmet kitchen interior, How To Fill Gap Above Fridge

Cabinet Styles to Go Over the Fridge

Pull-out Cabinets

A pull-out cabinet might be a lifesaver for people who have small kitchens. A kitchen with a pull-out cabinet installed over the fridge will definitely be one of the most useful things in your home. This design functionally covers the space above the fridge, allowing you to store your stuff there as well.

Person's hand pulls out a pull-out empty furniture drawer

Having a pull-out cabinet in your kitchen can make cooking much more convenient. That is an extremely useful feature that should be in every home.

Doorless Cabinets

Doorless cabinets can create a great look above a fridge. It can be an amazing way to use it as a place to showcase your favorite decorative pieces while keeping them completely organized.

If the cabinet does not have a door, ensure that when you open and close the refrigerator, it does not shake excessively, ensuring that the contents of the cabinet remain safe.

Interior taped off prepared for painting, sanded and patched purple walls, empty oak cabinets, and a doorless pantry

Tray Divider Cabinets

Tray dividers are a typical use for the above fridge cabinet. Baking sheets and trays, shallow roasting or baking pans, chopping boards, and serving platters are ideal for storing in this location and manner. Instead of stacking the trays in the drawer, it would be ideal to arrange them above the fridge cabinet, where they would be conveniently accessible.

Modern kitchen, Open drawers, Set of cutlery in kitchen drawer. Utensil divider for drawers

See this tray dividing rack on Amazon -available in various finishes, such as bronze and chrome.

Wine Rack Cabinets

A wine rack cabinet is another idea for above your refrigerator. You should realize that your refrigerator may generate a certain amount of heat surrounding and above it, which may affect the quality and longevity of the wine bottles placed there.

wine cabinet filled with wine bottles

You could be creative with several designs of wine rack cabinet alternatives. You can leave it open or add doors.

Rustic Cabinets

Kitchen Detail in Newly Remodeled Home Hardwood Floors

Embrace the beauty of natural ambiance with a rustic style. A warm and attractive rustic style would be ideal for your kitchen. The rustic design is strongly associated with a natural ambiance. It provides both warmth and the beauty of nature's touch.

To embrace the rustic style, expose the natural hue of wood on the kitchen cabinet. You only need to stain it to bring out the grain and color of the wood.

Combine it with the rustic cabinet knobs and hinges. It also enhances the appearance of the kitchen. Furthermore, the black countertop would look nice with the rustic cabinet.

What to consider when installing a new cabinet?

Bottles on the shelf in old pharmacy

Besides the design that appeals the most to you, we also recommend considering these two important factors when installing new cabinets:

Material(s) Used

Real wood was preferred over medium-density fiberboard (MDF) as cabinet material. MDF cabinets can look good during initial installation and are less expensive. The issue is that, unlike wood cabinets, they are not made to last. They are also challenging to refinish and vulnerable to water damage, especially if near the sink.

DIY Vs. Professional Installation

When you make the decision to get new kitchen cabinets, you must pick a trusted team to install them. A well-built cabinet can last for many years, and good build quality never goes out of style. Spend as much as necessary on installation. Even expensive cabinets can look overpriced and tacky with poor installation.

We do not recommend taking on installing new cabinets as a DIY project unless you already have extensive experience with woodworking in general and cabinetry in particular. Improperly installed cabinets won't look right and they can also be dangerous since they could fall.

Should there be a space between the fridge and the cabinet?

interior design of new decorated wooden kitchen in luxury home with black granite counter top

Despite being an eyesore, the space between your refrigerator and cabinets is important. Refrigerators depend on proper ventilation to keep your favorite foods and beverages cool. The space around the refrigerator also keeps the motor from overheating.

Your refrigerator requires space around it for ventilation. The compressor overheats if proper ventilation is not provided. This results in costly repairs and a shorter appliance lifetime.

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How deep are fridge cabinets?

The fridge cabinets are also a little deeper, with a typical depth of 24 inches. The standard height of an overhead cabinet is 30 inches, but 36- and 42-inch cabinets are also available, allowing you to raise the cabinets all the way to the ceiling to increase storage space.

Is it OK to put things on top of the fridge?

You shouldn’t put things directly on top of your refrigerator. It’s generally not recommended by manufacturers, so most manuals caution against placing anything on top of a refrigerator. This is why cabinets are recommended above the fridge, to securely house stored and displayed items. 

Listed below are some reasons why you shouldn't put things on top of the fridge:

Items Can Suddenly Fall

Each time you open and close the refrigerator, a small amount of movement occurs, and any things you place on top of the refrigerator may also move. They can move closer to the edge and eventually fall.

Head injuries could result if something falls while attempting to get something from the refrigerator. Glass and utensils, for example, should not be placed on top of the refrigerator due to this. 

Heat Not Able to Escape

The top of the refrigerator is designed to let heat out. Even small objects placed on a refrigerator can prevent heat from escaping. If heat cannot escape, your refrigerator’s compressor will have to work harder to maintain a cool interior and preserve the freshness of your food. You will end up using more energy as a result.

On top of that, your food may expire more quickly if your refrigerator is old and unable to keep up with the increased demand. The refrigerator can also start to make a noise or get damaged.

It Can be a Fire Hazard

A serious fire hazard might result from anything falling behind or onto the edges of your refrigerator. Avoid putting anything flammable on top of a refrigerator. The area above your fridge may become warm depending on where it is placed. A fire can be avoided most effectively by not putting anything flammable on top of the fridge. 

Can you plug a fridge and microwave into the same outlet?

The 2020 National Electric Code states that you cannot connect a refrigerator and a microwave to the same circuit because each of these appliances has a separate dedicated circuit that is not shared with any other appliances. As a result, you shouldn't plug it into the same outlet if you cannot plug it into the same circuit.

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Final thoughts

Modern gourmet kitchen interior

If you are thinking about how you will fill the gap above your fridge, consider one of the ideas listed above. The space above your refrigerator can be used in an aesthetically pleasing way, but you may need to get a little creative. You get to choose which design will look best in your kitchen.

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