17 Amazing Kitchens With Light Wood Cabinets

Deciding how to decorate your kitchen can be quite the undertaking. Do you have light wood cabinets but don't know what other colors will look good with them in your kitchen? You're not alone! We're here to help inspire you with some ideas.

Working with light wood cabinets is easier than it seems. Generally, using other light, neutral colors will work nicely with your wood cabinetry. On the oth`er hand, choosing dramatic patterns and accents is also a good way to make your cabinets stand out in your space.

As we begin, we will cover all things kitchen cabinets and show you our top decorating ideas. Whether you want to give your space a modern design or keep it classic, we've got you covered. With that said, let's jump right into this post!

modern kitchen interior with light wood cabinets and matte black walls. 17 Amazing Kitchens With Light Wood Cabinets

1. One With The Earth

First, we have this stunning nature-inspired kitchen using light wood cabinetry. If you prefer using earth tones, we think light wood will work well and give your space a clean, green feel.

Wide angle view of unoccupied modern kitchen with rustic style including wooden kitchen island and hanging pendant lighting.

That said, we also love how this design went with the green and black accent walls and patterned tile flooring to add some color.

2. Modern Scandanavian Design

Scandinavian interior design of kitchen and dining room with white and wooden elements

Next, we have a modern Scandanavian kitchen idea that is super bright and cheerful. Although different colored cabinets aren't for everyone, we think the white upper level works perfectly with the bottom wood cabinetry.

3. White Subway Tile

Loft kitchen interior with a concrete floor, light wooden countertops and a wooden table with black chairs

Third, we have another modern kitchen design that we think is perfect for a remodel. Using simple, white tiles in your kitchen is a great way to open your space up and reflect tons of natural light.

Another detail we like is the similar wood finish table and chairs that tie the space together nicely.

These white subway tiles are ceramic, come with 100 pieces, cover 12.6 square feet, have a glossy finish, and are made in the USA.

See these tiles on Amazon here.

4. Ambient Marble

kitchen and living room with ambient marble light wood design

Another kitchen idea we have for light wood cabinets is this sleek marble design. Whether you love the luxurious look marble has or want to brighten up your kitchen, we think marble is the perfect choice for wood cabinetry.

We especially want to point out the ambient lighting this design went with; it does an excellent job of setting the mood.

These LED strip lights have warm white light, are 13 feet long, connect to a wall outlet, and come with a remote controller.

Check these LED lights out on Amazon here.

5. Classic Wood Look

This modern kitchen gives a wide view showing the wood floor and cabinets. classic wood look

Fifth, we have a traditional way to design your light wood cabinets in the kitchen. This design, in particular, does a nice job of incorporating classic elements like the counters with newer features like stainless steel appliances.

We also like how this kitchen went with slightly warmer wood floors to give the space a welcoming, homey feel.

6. Matte Black Accents

modern black kitchen with wood built in. matte black accents

Next up, we have a dramatic matte black kitchen idea to try with light wood cabinets. Like our Scandanavian example, this kitchen also has different colored cabinetry, which we think works well with the lighter wood.

7. West Coast Inspired

west coast inspired light wood interior kitchen

Seventh, we have a west coast inspired design for your light wood cabinetry. When it comes to decorating cabinets this lightly, we recommend incorporating subtle pops of color with your decor and finishes.

This design did a nice job of adding color by using greenery and gold accents, which is something to consider for your kitchen.

8. Rustic Wood Design

luxury (stylish) domestic kitchen interior with rustic elements, rustic wood design

Next up, we have a charming, rustic way to decorate your light wood cabinetry in the kitchen. In general, light wood has a somewhat rustic look, so choosing this design style should be pretty easy.

That said, we love the white oven featured in this space and the hanging wall shelf that makes this kitchen feel like home.

This three-tier rustic storage shelf has a mahogany wood finish, is easy to assemble, and comes in two colors.

Click here to see it on Amazon.

9. Black And Stainless Steel

Modern kitchen with hardwood cabinets and floor. black and stainless steel concept

Ninth, we have a classic-style kitchen design that works well for light wood cabinetry. This kitchen's design went with sleek black counters, which we like, and stainless steel appliances to modernize the room.

Although this kitchen does feel up to date, it still has that family-style charm.

10. Perfect For Small Spaces

Bright wooden kitchen in beauty luxury house, small spaces

Another kitchen design idea we have for light wood cabinets is this ultra-modern concept. For anyone working with a smaller space, using your cabinets to your best advantage is always a good idea. We especially appreciate the modern silver details throughout this kitchen, which tie it together nicely.

11. Black And Gold Light Fixtures

Coming in at 11, we have this beautiful, well-lit kitchen idea for light wood cabinets. Kitchen lighting often tends to be very simple, so we like how this space threw in some unique fixtures.

Color-wise, we think the gold and black finishes throughout this space work well together and give this kitchen a modern feel.

This black sconce takes a 60-watt bulb, is hardwired, and measures 4.5 x 5.88 x 9.25 inches.

Click here to view it on Amazon.

12. Using White Appliances

Next, we have an all-white appliance idea for anyone with light wood cabinets. Although white appliances can be a hit or miss, we love how this kitchen turned out and think the white brightens up the room nicely.

For those wanting to try this look at home, we recommend also choosing bronze handles to give your white appliances an upscale look.

13. Plenty Of Storage

Thirteenth on the list, we have this super organized kitchen that is perfect for those who cook. Especially for anyone in a smaller kitchen, it is essential to utilize your storage space, whether it be using extra shelving or even a freestanding cabinet.

14. Mixing Tiles

Next on the list, we have a colorful and tile-filled kitchen concept for light wood cabinets. Mixing up your tile patterns and colors is a great way to add variety to your space and give it a one-of-a-kind look.

We especially love the floral tiles above the stove that contrast the white backsplash and darker flooring nicely.

15. High Ceilings

Another idea we have this bright and spacious kitchen design for light wood cabinets. Choosing to go with taller ceilings in your kitchen is a great way to open a space up and make it feel bigger.

A detail that also caught our eye is the glass cabinets above the counters that are a nice touch in this space.

16. Dark Appliances And Flooring

Coming in at 16, we have an idea for light wood cabinets using darker floors and appliances. If you want your kitchen to have a dramatic look, choosing black appliances and deeper wood flooring will make your cabinets stand out in your space.

17. Bright Ranch House

Last but not least, we have a bright ranch house design for lighter wood cabinets. Although this design is on the simpler side, we love the luxurious look of the marble counters and backsplash, which brighten the room up quite a bit.

Another detail that stands out is the three hanging glass light fixtures that add just the right amount of modernness to this space.

This modern pendant light has a 10-inch glass shade, is brushed metal material, and has an adjustable length of up to 59 inches.

Follow this link to check it out on Amazon.

To Wrap Things Up

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen or need some inspiration, working with light wood is pretty easy. From what we found, using earth tones and light, neutral colors will look good with light wood cabinetry.

Another good idea for light wood cabinets is to use marble and different types of tile for your backsplashes and flooring. Generally, we think most colors will look good with light wood cabinets, but going with darker appliances and fixtures will give your kitchen a dramatic, sleek look. Regardless of your taste or budget, don't forget to have fun with your lighting, and make sure to find a color scheme that works for you.

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