How Much Water Does A Keurig Hold?

A Keurig is one of the more ubiquitous and user-friendly coffeemakers available on the market. It would be helpful to know the capacity of a Keurig coffee maker and how it will keep up with the demand, be it in a home kitchen or an office breakroom. We’ve explored some of the Keurig products, and we will share more details to help you determine which is best for you in this post.

Keurig offers a range of models that hold different water capacities depending on your needs. These models cater to various consumption scales, from single-cup drinkers to small office groups. Some examples are:

  • K-Mini Plus is a portable model that brews only 1-2 cups of on-the-go coffee.
  • K-Classic has a removable 48-ounce reservoir and can brew up to 6 cups before refills.
  • Keurig K-Elite has a 75-ounce water reservoir that can make up to 9 cups of coffee, so refilling too often won’t be necessary.
  • Keurig K155 OfficePRO® Premier Brewing System has an extra-large 90-ounce water reservoir best for office use.

It can be intimidating to figure out which of the many Keurig models to acquire. Keep on reading as we take a closer comparison of the different models to help you decide which one is most suited for you and your needs. 

An empty glass of coffee machine, How Much Water Does A Keurig Hold?

How Much Water Does A Keurig Hold?

If you are an avid coffee drinker, having access to the stuff as conveniently as possible to keep caffeine levels up is a plus. Whether it be at home or on your office coffee break, having a Keurig helps make a quick cup.

Keurig coffee machine and Keurig cups on the side

However, what if you need more than a cup now, with your meal, or during your break? Wouldn’t it be better to have a model which has the capability to satisfy your needs? 

Keurig for the Single Cup or On-The-Go Drinkers 

K-Mini Plus

This is your best option for brewing a single serving of coffee. Its removable reservoir holds up to 12 ounces of water. It also has a strong brew function to increase the strength of your coffee. 

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Keurig for the Leisurely Drinker


With a 36-ounce water reservoir and a push button that brews within a minute, you can have consecutive cups, no problem. 

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A bestseller of the Keurig line, this features a 48-ounce water reservoir that allows brewing 6 cups of coffee before refills. 

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One of the larger home coffee maker models, this holds up to 75 ounces of water letting you make up to 10 cups of coffee in one go. 

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Keurig for the Office

Keurig K155 OfficePro Premier Brewing System

Easily make 18 cups of coffee for the office floor with this model. It also features touchscreen controls for your perfect cup of joe. 

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Still don’t know what to choose? Keurig offers a quiz for you to find out what best matches your requirements and coffee preferences.

Which Keurig Holds the Most Water?

A commercial Keurig model like the Keurig K155 OfficePRO® Premier Brewing System is your best bet if you want to maximize the number of cups per brew, as this has a reservoir that can hold 110 ounces of water. However, if space is an issue, an average-sized Keurig like the K-Classic would be sufficient as this will still give you at least 6 cups of coffee per brew. 

How Much Water is in Wach Keurig Setting?

Most Keurigs have settings that can brew cups with 6, 8, or 10 ounces of liquid. 

Do All Keurigs have a Water Filter?

A small coffee machine on top of a wooden countertop inside a rustic kitchen

Most Keurig models employ a water filter to minimize build-up of excess minerals that can muck up your machine. However, the smaller models (K-Mini, K-Mini Plus, and Rivo) do not have these water filters. For these, it is recommended that you already use filtered water to brew your beverage. 

How Tall of a Cup Can Fit Under a Keurig?

Woman taking a glass full of water

Drinking coffee can be a personal activity for each one and we tend to use our own drink holders to enjoy the beverage. Keurig coffee makers typically brew 6, 8, or 10 ounce. However, cups and mugs come in different shapes and sizes.

In the office, you may have a personal mug that you use at the breakroom. At home, you have mugs or cups that you may match to the rest of your home décor, or each cup may be unique and quirky. You might even prefer using travel mugs.

On average, Keurig machines can fit cups which are 4-5 inches tall. Those with a removable drip tray can even accommodate travel mugs up to 7 inches.

In Summary

An empty glass of coffee machine

Keurig comes with a wide selection of models with different capacities. Most models will brew multiple cup sizes — 6 ounces, 8 ounces, and 10 ounces.  Some have smaller reservoirs that hold only around 30 to 40 ounces of water, or you can get a commercial model with larger reservoirs that hold up to 110 ounces of water. Whatever you may need, Keurig will have something for you. 

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