Does The Cuisinart Air Fryer Have A Rotisserie?

Suppose you own a Cuisinart Air Fryer. You probably have tried several different recipes and find yourself wondering what else this multifaceted appliance could do? Does it work for rotisserie cooking? Also, can home cooks use string inside the air fryer? If so, what type? These are excellent questions. We've completed the research and have found informative answers for you!

No, the Cuisinart air fryers do not have rotisserie attachments or settings. Instead, the Cuisinart company engineered convection toaster ovens equipped with a rotisserie attachment and plenty of space for roasting whole poultry or large joints of meat. 

Have you wondered what types of foods you could prepare in an air fryer rotisserie basket? Perhaps you are wondering which types of meat you could cook with rotisserie? Or how to reheat cold rotisserie chicken in an air fryer? Please continue reading this post; we have a lot of helpful information to share with you!

A delicious chicken being cooked inside a rotisserie, Does The Cuisinart Air Fryer Have A Rotisserie?

Cuisinart appliances with rotisserie features

Although the Cuisinart company's air fryers do not have a rotisserie attachment or cooking setting, they do offer other small appliances with rotisserie capabilities. The most popular option is the Cuisinart rotisserie convection toaster oven that has 12 cooking settings, and it is large enough to roast a four-pound chicken or a five-pound duck.

How to use the convection toaster oven rotisserie

Firstly, prepare your meat, make sure the oven's inside is clean, and move the oven rack to the first position.

Next, slide the chicken onto the rotisserie skewer attachment. Open the oven door and connect the rotisserie to the attachment brackets on the right and left sides. Set the baking pan under the meat to catch any drips. Close the door, select rotisserie, enter the temperature or choose a preset oven setting and press "start."

How to use the vertical countertop rotisserie

Another promising option for at-home rotisserie is the Cuisinart vertical countertop rotisserie with touchpad controls. This small but mighty appliance offers several promising features, easy-to-clean brushed non-stick interior, five preset oven temperature settings, touchpad controls, and an eight-pound capacity. 

The vertical rotisserie is very simple to use. Double-check the interior to ensure that it is clean before placing your food inside. Then, tap the "temp" button. It will illuminate, then select the desired temperature.

Set the cooking time by pressing the hour or minute button to activate the timer. Press "start" to begin the rotisserie process. The timer will beep when it is done!

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What is the best meat for Rotisserie?

Cooking by rotisserie is one of the oldest methods of preparing meats, used by humans for several centuries. The continual rotations allow the meats to roast in their own juices, which prevents the meats from drying out.

Typically, this process would only occur in an open-fire grill outdoors. In today's advanced world, rotisserie is 100% possible on your kitchen countertop with convection cooking to ensure quality taste paired with modern convenience.

Generally, the rotisserie method is used for cooking large joints of meat or the whole animal-- chicken, duck, turkey, or pig. Moreover, any type of meat could be cooked rotisserie style if it fits on the spit or in the basket.

Determining which type of meat is the best for rotisserie cooking is entirely based on the cooks' personal preferences, tastes, and the capacity of your rotisserie cooker. Chicken is the most commonly used type of poultry for a rotisserie in both commercial and home kitchen settings --mainly because the chicken's meat cooks quickly, fits easily on the spit, and tastes fantastic!


Beef is excellent for rotisserie-style cooking. For the best results, select cuts of meat that are uniform in size and have a considerable amount of marbling.

The uniform shapes ensure that all sides of the beef are cooked evenly and to the proper temperature. Also, the natural marbling found in beef contributes to the tenderness of the meat; it is very important to choose marbled beef for quality flavoring.


Poultry products are another excellent option for your new rotisserie. Most whole chicken, duck, turkey breast, small goose, guinea fowl, and partridge will slide onto the spit easily. Suppose you have cornish game hens; those will need to be trussed before attached to the spit or skewer.


Pork products are another great option for rotisserie cooking. When you are shopping for pork, choose the cuts that are uniform in shape and have ample connective tissues. Similar to beef, the uniform cuts will cook more evenly, and the connective tissues provide juices for the pork to self-bast while cooking.


Seafood is a popular favorite for indoor and outdoor rotisserie cooking. Larger fishes like cod, escolar, flounder grouper, haddock, and trout should be cooked on a spit or skewer. Moreover, if the seafood products are small like filets or shrimps, those will need to go in a rotisserie basket to prevent the smaller items from falling to the bottom of the grill or oven.

Word of caution—always check the temperature of your meat with a food-grade meat thermometer to ensure that it is cooked fully before serving. Consuming uncooked meats is hazardous to human health and safety.

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What can I cook in an air fryer rotisserie basket?

Using your air fryer's rotisserie basket is simple, and there is an extensive range of foods that you could prepare in a matter of minutes. Brussel sprouts, chicken tenders, chips, fries, hot dogs, potatoes, southern fried chickens, roasted nuts, pork chops, and wings are commonly prepared in the rotisserie basket.

However, one aspect that makes air fryers such versatile appliances is the freedom of creativity in the kitchen. Create some of your own recipes with the rotisserie basket and see how those turn out!

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What kind of string can you use in an air fryer?

Butcher's twine is the best option because it is food-grade, heat-safe, and plastic-free, making this product an excellent option for the high temperatures inside the air fryer. Considering the twine is 100% cotton, it won't melt or change the flavors of your foods.

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Do not use any twines labeled for only decorating or crafting purposes because those will contain plastic and the fibers are not food-safe: only purchase food-safe and heat-safe twine for the best food safety practices in your home kitchen.

Please note that the following twine is not explicitly directed for use in the air fryer by the Butcher's Code company. Rather, home cooks and professionals have attested to its durability for use in an air fryer.

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How do I reheat a cold rotisserie chicken in an air fryer?

According to the Food Network, the best way to reheat cold chicken is to allow the chicken to warm up to room temperature while the air fryer preheats to 375 F degrees. Then, place the chicken pieces single file onto the air fryers pan, and cook for two minutes.

Flip the chicken pieces and cook for another two minutes to ensure that your chicken reheats evenly without losing its crunch. The cook time is four to five minutes in total. You could use more or less time depending on the amount of chicken you are reheating.

Shredded chicken on a green plate

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In closing

The Cuisinart air fryers are a long-term investment for your home kitchen that will significantly save you valuable time. If in doubt whether a food item should go in the air fryer or on the rotisserie spit, check the company's website or reference the owner's manual guidelines for further instructions. Please visit soon for more factual information that will help you attain your culinary goals!

Please, be sure to check out some of our other posts to further your culinary knowledge base and inspire the next adventure in your kitchen!

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