25 Awesome Corner Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

When it comes to decorating your home, anything goes. Most decisions, both aesthetic and structural, are almost entirely up to your personal preference. However, one universal thing is the desire to make the most of the space you have.

With some kitchen cabinet and counter layouts, you are sometimes left with awkward spaces. You don’t want to lose your space, so you want to make sure as much space as possible is utilized. People used to turn these into “dummy” cabinets or drawers that don’t open, but that’s a waste of valuable space and a definite downside.

Rotating Lazy Susans are a great way to use this space. However, you don’t always get to take advantage of all the available space to you.

We’ve compiled 25 images for you to use for inspiration. These are sure to provide you with a solution for how to turn even the smallest and most difficult spaces into storage havens!

Detail of drawers in the corner of the kitchen cabinet. 25 Awesome Corner Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

1. The Ultimate Swiveled Lazy Susan

When you have a pesky corner cabinet, one of the easiest ways to maximize your space is to turn it into a rotating shelf known as the Lazy Susan. The one shown here, with chrome and detailing, gives it a modern look. Instead of this one rotating all the way around, it swivels out, which is a fun and non-traditional take on the concept.

Solution for a kitchen corner storage in a cupboard. A corner unit with pullout shelves for cookware. ultimate swiveled lazy susan

2. Alternating And Adjustable Shelves

Mimicking a setup like the one shown here is a great way to use as much space as possible. You can store whatever you need from all the way in the back of the cabinet up to the front. You don’t lose any space with a setup like this.

By alternating the directions of the shelves and keeping them adjustable, you can store your tallest or smallest kitchen appliances in this cabinet.

3. Wild About Wired

Solution for a kitchen corner in a cupboard. The angular opening with corner hinges

Here we have another example of a Lazy Susan. The wire detail in this one keeps everything open and visible. By using wire, you’re more likely to use more of the space available to you. Wire also helps to keep the appearance look more modern.

4. Make The Most Of Your Corners

Sometimes in your kitchen, you have a corner that doesn’t have cabinets built-in. At the risk of under-utilizing this space, you can consider purchasing a corner shelving unit. It’s the perfect solution to display pots, pans, cookbooks, or cumbersome kitchen appliances.

Available in all sizes and finishes, it’s a great way to make sure you have cabinet storage available for everything else you need as well.

Check out this corner-standing shelf unit on Amazon.

5. A Little Squiggle Never Hurt

an pulls a kitchen carousel out from the bottom drawer of a cabinet in a modern kitchen. squiggly drawer

Similar in concept to the first example we showed of the Lazy Susan, this singular shelf slides out once your cabinet opens. This example provides a great way to store taller kitchen appliances like blenders, coffee makers, or juicers with only one shelf and all the open space in the cabinet.

You could also use the space to stack paper goods or perhaps store a countertop broiler or a roasting pan that may take up valuable space elsewhere.

6. Stash The Dining Sets

Not everyone has the space (or even wants) to have a hutch or curio to display their fine china and dining sets. Sometimes, the places we would least think to store our service sets for eight, ten or twelve, end up being the best. This image shows us a great way to maximize this space by piling up dining plates and cups.

7. Create A Corner Counter Top

small, fashionable and affordable domestic kitchen interior

Here we have a wonderful way to make the most use of your corner spaces. They’ve opted for a countertop with coordinating bar stools to create a perfectly cozy breakfast nook.

By doing this, this small kitchen instantly appears to increase in size. It adds a fun and charming element to the atmosphere. Plus, the additional small counter space is the perfect spot to place your novelty coffee pot or bowl of fresh produce.

8. Just Hanging Around

Instead of stacking your pots and pans, you could always take an approach like the one seen here. With two notched, rotating levels, you can hang your kitchen cookware in your corner cabinet.

Doing something like this allows you to easily see all of your pots instead of having them stacked on top of and inside one another. This way, whatever you need to reach for is right there and easy to grab.

Take a look at this 7-hook utility hanger on Amazon for your pots and pans.

9. A Beautiful Display

Kitchen in new construction home. A beautiful display

The cabinets shown here have glass fronts instead of wooden doors. This allows you to showcase some display pieces. You can show off your favorite vases, fine dining china, or maybe even your collection of coffee mugs! You can even display little nicknack items that you don’t want to clutter up your countertop. The possibilities are endless!

10. Platters And Pots And Pans

Another version of a pull-out Lazy Susan, this idea shows how you can store your platters and serving bowls, along with a few pots and pans. With two shelves, you can stack things plenty high with a setup like this. The space is not the best utilized in this example, and you could fill this space with so much more cooking equipment.

11. Angled Drawers

Opened angled drawer with organizer, ideal solution for corner cupboards

You may think that the corner where your counter and cabinets meet would disqualify the option of having any drawers. This is a clever way to integrate the look and storage of drawers if you aren’t crazy about a rotating corner cabinet.

These drawers in the kitchen can make perfect “junk” drawers (admit it—we all have one!), utensil storage, or spice storage. You could also even use it for notepads, pens, and other miscellaneous paper goods.

12. Take Out The Trash

In this case, it’s to conceal the trash. This is the perfect solution to not wasting floor space on a garbage pail. This example shows trash and recycling bins stored in their corner cabinet, which is a great way to maximize floor space and cabinet space.

13. Adding Dimension

red wall in kitchen with dark brown and beige cabinetry

Who doesn’t want an aesthetically pleasing kitchen? Now, we understand this look isn’t for everyone! Alternating colors for your cabinets add dimension to your kitchen and give it a modern and upbeat feel. Having that top corner cabinet in the lightest color automatically gives the kitchen a larger appearance and adds depth.

14. Shelves, Shelves, Shelves!

This example shows shelves galore, both on the cabinet door and inside. The shelves on the door give you the perfect storage solution for spices or condiments that don’t require refrigeration. The shelves inside can hold paper plates, plastic storage bags, tin foil, and items of that nature. Going in a totally different direction, you could also turn this into the snack cabinet of anyone’s dreams!

Click here to look at these Lazy Susan shelves on Amazon.

15. There’s A Light

dark kitchen cabinets above granite kitchen sink with down lights

This kitchen’s gorgeous dark cabinets are accentuated with recess lighting. Dark cabinets or paint can make a space look smaller, so illuminating the area helps add depth and make it appear larger. The corner cabinets in this kitchen are above and below the sink, which are perfect spots to store kitchen cleaning supplies and things of that sort.

16. Spice Up Your Life

If you have a corner set up like this, fear not! This little wall in the corner turns into the perfect little spice exhibit with a few simple shelves.

In this particular case, the shelving unit slides out, so they are not constantly on display. Either way, this is sure to free up space in your cabinet or pantry while also utilizing the space on the wall.

17. Coffee Corner

itchen corner storage unit with pullout shelves for cookware.

Even the biggest coffee fan at heart may not want to keep their entire coffee selection out in the open. If you want to camouflage your coffee corner, storing it all in your corner cabinet is the perfect solution.

Let’s be honest, a coffee pot or single-pod coffee maker and all the accessories that go with it can take up a lot of room. This saves counter space while making the most of an awkward corner cabinet!

18. Simple Shelves

While not the most aesthetically pleasing, the simplicity of this example gets the job done. The shelves have a high enough lip to stop anything from falling out and are full of measuring cups, baking tools, and the like. Like any of these examples, you can take this idea and make it your own, according to your own needs! Sometimes simple is better, and this is a perfect example of that.

19. Dress Them Up!

Modern kitchen design details, featuring efficient corner drawer units in kitchen cabinetry

Just because your corner cabinets or drawers may be a little awkward in size or shape, it doesn’t mean they need any less TLC! They deserve to be dressed up just as fancy as any of your other cabinets. By using fun knobs and handles, it dresses them up. It also gives the appearance of more cabinet space by placing a knob or handle on either side of the cabinet.

Check out these vintage-style drawer knobs on Amazon.

20. Sliding Into Home

These sliding shelves are the perfect solution to avoid this awkward-shaped storage area. By sliding out, it eliminates you having to uncomfortably bend over or reach in to get what you’re looking for. The sliders also add a modernized touch to your kitchen. Who can argue with ease, convenience, and aesthetics? Not us!

21. Continuing On To The Counter Top

dark colored kitchen cabinet with corner section continuing on to the counter top

This unique take on the kitchen gives the appearance of some never-ending cabinets. Filling the gap between the wall-mounted cabinets and the countertop is a little cupboard. It continues with the same finish and style as the other cabinets, giving it a streamlined appearance.

22. Drawers With Depth

Here we have another take on angular drawers. This version, however, shows how deep the drawers are. They can store not only cooking pots but bottles and condiments as well.

Once again, the drawers add to the appearance of the cabinets, alluding to additional storage. Squirreling the larger pots and pans away in drawers gives you more space on your countertop and in your other cabinets.

23. Thoroughly Modern

Home Interior. Kitchen - Opened Door with Furniture. Wood and Chrome Material, Modern Design

This slide-out cabinet has an ultra-modern look, between the finish on the cabinets and the chrome interior shelves. A layout like this one is not only easy on the eyes but also extremely practical. With a generous amount of space and shelving, the possibilities of what you can do are limitless!

24. Perfectly Cut Corners

Maybe most people wouldn’t think to store produce in a cabinet, but never say never! This image shows an example of storing produce and cooking and baking powders out of sight. Instead of a swivel or rotating shelf, this idea utilizes the perfect right angle and simplifies storage.

25. Corner Organizer

Once again, we have an example of embracing the corner or angle of the cabinet. An under-the-counter organizer like this one can hold anything necessary. It’s a perfect way to ensure your cabinets not only look good on the outside and are stunning on the inside as well!

In Closing

Anything goes in the name of cabinets, organization, and what to do. There is never a right or wrong answer, but it is always up to your personal preference and available space. We hope that we provided inspiration for your upcoming kitchen project and that you can take some ideas away from here and make them your own.

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