What Color Cabinets Go With Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

Dreaming of a new kitchen? Or just hoping to remodel your old one? A refresh of either appliances or cabinets is a great place to start. But which colors should you choose? If you've decided on black stainless steel appliances, we've done the research and can let you know which color cabinets will go best with them.

Cabinet colors that go with black stainless steel appliances:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Gray
  4. Light natural wood
  5. Dark brown wood
  6. Blue
  7. Green
  8. Yellow
  9. Red

Keep reading for more information on the best cabinet colors to choose when you have black stainless steel appliances. We'll also let you know whether black stainless steel is a timeless choice, whether you can mix black and regular stainless steel appliances, and whether all kitchen appliances need to be the same color. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Color compatibilities of kitchen cabinet and black stainless appliances, What Color Cabinets Go With Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

Cabinet Colors to Use With Black Stainless Steel Appliances

1. White

Classic combination of white cabinets on black appliances

You can't go wrong with a classic combination like black and white. Contrasting light cabinets with dark appliances creates a nice balance and a look that will never go out of style.

And white cabinets truly go with any kitchen color scheme or theme. Whether your dream kitchen is modern urban chic or country farmhouse, white cabinets are a terrific choice.

2. Cream

Cream Kitchen combination to black appliances

Almost white but not quite, cream is another lovely cabinet color for pairing with black stainless steel appliances.

It offers the same light-dark balance that white does but with a little extra warmth and softness. If pure white is a little too stark for you, consider a pretty cream that evokes the sweetness of a vanilla ice cream cone instead.

3. Gray

Gray Combination cabinets with black appliances

For a choice that's modern and trendy yet feels ageless, go with gray. Black and gray make a stunning match whether you opt for lighter or darker shades. Gray provides a versatile backdrop that you can dress up or keep plain and simple.

Though both black and regular stainless steel appliances are popular choices that can work in almost any kitchen, this is one case where black might be the better choice. You can avoid a monochromatic look by opting to pair black stainless steel appliances with your gray cabinets.

4. Light Natural Wood

Light natural wood kitchen cabinet combine with black appliances

Light wood cabinets look lovely when paired with black stainless steel appliances. Whether your desired kitchen style is Scandinavian minimalist or fresh and airy, opting for cabinets in a light-colored wood is a natural choice.

And black stainless steel appliances provide a nice contrasting accent for a clean and seamless look.

5. Dark Brown Wood

Brown Combination of kitchen cabinet and black stainless appliances

Black stainless steel appliances can also work beautifully with darker wood cabinets. If you prefer the cozy warmth of medium or dark browns, they are a great choice for your kitchen cabinets. Choosing to pair them with black stainless steel appliances adds a touch of refinement and sophistication.

If you're concerned that black and brown together might be a little too dark, simply lighten things up by opting for a lighter color for your walls, backsplash, or countertops.

The right light fixtures and uncovered windows that let in lots of natural light can also make all the difference in setting a different tone for any space.

6. Blue

Blue kitchen cabinets combination with black stainless appliances

Though many people opt for traditional neutral colors for their kitchen cabinets, you can definitely bring some personality to your home by opting for bright or bold shades instead. Black stainless steel appliances provide the best balance to colorful cabinets of any shade.

A beautiful bright blue is featured in this fun and stylish kitchen. More muted shades like light blues or navy are also wonderful cabinet color choices for pairing with black stainless steel appliances.

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7. Green

Green Kitchen Cabinet with black staineless appliances

Green is another unique cabinet color choice for combining with your black stainless steel appliances. Choose a muted shade like sage if you'd like a country or rustic vibe with a modern twist.

Opt for darker olive if you'd prefer a more formal or refined look that's still fun and unexpected. Or go with lime or bright grass green if you want a kitchen that's truly fresh and different.

No matter which shade of green you choose to paint your cabinets, they'll all look spectacular when you couple them with black stainless steel appliances.

8. Yellow

Yellow Cabinets combination with black appliances

Sunflowers and bumblebees know that yellow and black always make an ideal match. And your kitchen is no exception. Refresh your cabinets with sunny yellow paint, get some new black stainless steel appliances, and you'll create a delightful kitchen you'll love to walk into each morning.

9. Red

Warm red kitchen cabinets combined with black appliances

For one of the boldest cabinet color choices of all, consider red. It's unique, stylish, unexpected, and fun, plus it looks amazing when paired with black stainless steel appliances. From dark cherry reds to brighter raspberry, all shades of red make an amazing match with black.

You might want to consider red-adjacent shades as well, like lighter pinks or darker purples, plums, and violets. All will look magnificent with black stainless steel appliances.

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Is Black Stainless Steel Timeless?

While they might seem like they could just be the latest fad, black stainless steel appliances are a timeless choice. First, black itself is a timeless color that's unlikely to ever go out of style no matter how or where you choose to use it.

Plus, the color black goes well with almost anything. So no matter what colors you choose for your cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and walls, you can rest assured that they will work well with black. If you decide to repaint, you probably won't need to replace your appliances.

Rustic kitchen interior design with black stainless steel appliances

Black stainless steel appliances are also easy to keep clean and don't show fingerprints and smudges as much as other finishes do.

However, because the black color is just a coating over regular stainless steel, it can get scratched if you aren't careful and might be difficult to touch up. But if you take good care of your black stainless steel appliances, you can continue to enjoy them for years as other trends come and go.

Can You Mix and Match Black and Stainless Steel Appliances?

You don't have to sacrifice functionality for color when choosing your stainless steel appliances. Black and regular stainless steel can almost always be mixed in the same kitchen without clashing.

Because regular stainless steel appliances often have black knobs or accents and black stainless steel usually has silver ones, the two types of stainless steel can appear together seamlessly in most cases.

If your perfect dishwasher is all black but your dream oven is regular stainless steel with a black control panel, get them both and it's likely that no one will notice the differences.

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Should All Kitchen Appliances Match In Color?

Color compatibility on cabinet

If black and regular stainless steel can be mixed and matched, what about other colors of appliances? Can you mix them, too? Like with most home decor choices, it depends!

Black and White

If your kitchen has all white cabinets and mostly black appliances, you can easily include a white microwave or other white appliance without it seeming awkward or out of place. The same is true for the reverse as well. And a kitchen with gray cabinets would also be a logical fit for mixing black and white.

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Placement Matters

If your cabinets are a bold or bright color like a sunny yellow or fresh green apple, for instance, mixing appliance colors is still possible, but you will want to consider both placement and balance.

If the two pieces sit side by side, the difference in finishes might be more noticeable than if they are on opposite sides of the room.

Additionally, if most of your appliances are regular stainless steel but only one is white, it might stick out in an odd way. But if half of the appliances are one color and half of them are another, it will look more like an intentional choice.

Pop of Color

Appliances don't only come in the standard neutrals of black, white, and silver. If you'd like to add a pop of color to your otherwise plain kitchen with a bright red fridge, you absolutely should. And you don't have to feel obligated to also find a red oven, red dishwasher, and red everything else.

Keep the other appliances a standard black or stainless steel, and let the gorgeous refrigerator stand out as the star of the room.

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In Closing

Color compatibilities of kitchen cabinet and black stainless appliances

For appliances that are timeless and trendy, choose black stainless steel. They will work whether your desired kitchen style is classic or contemporary.

Plus, you can match black stainless steel appliances with virtually any color cabinets you like. Choose black stainless steel appliances and make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.

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