What Color Kitchen Cabinets Goes With Gray Floors?

Do you have gray floors in your kitchen that are creating a cabinet coordination dilemma? Gray is a neutral color, making it easy to pair with just about any other shade, leading to a hard choice and indecision. You've come to the right place. We've put together this inspirational post to provide you with some ideas and give you a direction to pursue.

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Natural Wood
  4. Yellow
  5. Contrasting Grays
  6. Blue
  7. Red
  8. Orange
  9. Green
  10. Purple
  11. Pink

So how will each of these colors affect the space? And are specific colors better at making the room seem bigger or smaller? Keep reading to learn about these colors' impact in a kitchen with gray floors.

A luxurious and modern inspired kitchen with gray flooring, white countertops and gray cabinets and white cupboards, What Color Kitchen Cabinets Go With Gray Floors?

How To Choose A Cabinet Color For A Kitchen With Gray Floors?

Gray floors in the kitchen can be tricky to work with, and most homeowners tend to lean towards white when faced with this dilemma because it's an easy and safe choice. White is an excellent option for gray flooring, but some people prefer more color or want a warmer, cozier look for their home.

Luxurious and contemporary designed kitchen with black countertops and gray tiled flooring

Try sticking with softer, more moderate tones if you have dark gray floors. Light gray floors will look great with bright colors and darker hues. You will also want to consider the color of your walls and ceiling when you choose a cabinet color.


White against gray is always a safe and elegant option. Whether your floor is dark or light gray, white cabinets will help to create contrast between the cabinets and the floor. It creates a more modern feeling in the kitchen and contributes to an airy atmosphere.

A narrow and modern kitchen area with white glass cupboards and whit cabinets and gray flooring

Prestige Flat White Interior Paint

This pure white paint will work great for kitchen cabinets. It is designed to work as a primer and paint all in one to save time.

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Black cabinets paired with gray floors will make the floor seem lighter in comparison. This is a great option if you are trying to tone down a dark gray floor. Using black can make the room seem cozier and will benefit from white accents to brighten things up and break up the darkness.

Krylon Black Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is a fun way to use black in the kitchen. Use this on your cabinets to achieve a new look with multiple purposes, like shopping lists, to-do lists, or daily menus for a fun twist.

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Natural Wood

Natural wood cabinets with gray floors combine rustic and modern designs for a unique and interesting feeling. You can choose from multiple wood tones for differing aesthetics, like a knotty wood for a more rustic look. Natural wood is always a safe choice because it is a neutral, earthy tone.

Kitchen cabinets made from wooden planks

MyGift Artificial Succulent Arrangement

Adding green decor to a kitchen with gray floors and natural wood cabinets will add more natural color to the space. This succulent centerpiece would be a great way to add a pop of color.

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For a bright pop of color against a gray floor, yellow is a perfect choice. It's bright and cheerful, creating a retro-contemporary combination in a gray room. It looks fantastic with light or dark shades of gray.

A retro themed condominium apartment with yellow cabinetries and gray countertop

Microblend Interior Paint Sunny Outlook

This bright yellow paint will brighten your kitchen and inspire a cheery atmosphere. This color would look great with light or dark gray flooring, adding much-needed color.

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Contrasting Grays

Using a contrasting gray color on your cabinets will create a sleek look for your home. Use a shade lighter or darker than your floor to create contrast. Using a lighter color than your floor will make the room seem larger.

KILZ Tribute Interior Paint Motor Gray

This dark gray paint will contrast nicely against lighter gray shades, giving the room depth. Choosing hardware with gold tones will add some warmth to the room.

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Navy blue or grayish-blue cabinets will add faint amounts of color to a kitchen with gray floors. It has a classy feeling that complements both light and dark gray shades nicely. Gold accents will make this look pop by adding something bright and shiny to help break up the darker shades.

Goldenwarm Gold Cabinet Pulls

These cabinet pulls will look beautiful against dark navy blue and gray tones, adding warmth and interest to the space. You can get them in different size packs hanging from a single handle up to a pack of thirty, which should be enough to do the whole kitchen.

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Pairing gray floors and red cabinets make a bold statement, adding a ton of color to the kitchen. The result is a stunning combination of colors and neutral tones.

Old Village Interior Paint British Red

This dark red paint has a hint of gray undertone, which will look great with gray floors. This tone will work best will dark gray flooring since it is such a deep tone.

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Gray and orange make another interesting color combination. The orange introduces color into the room, and the gray floor helps tone it down and keep it in check. It creates a very modern facade with an intriguing balance.

Yellow cabinets and a gray flooring kitchen area

Willbond Artificial Mini Orange Decor

This bowl of fake miniature oranges will be the perfect piece to set on the kitchen table or island to help tie the whole room together. Scattering small pieces like this across the room as decoration will create consistency.

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Dark green cabinets will add subdued color to a kitchen with gray flooring. Bright green shades will add a loud pop of color to brighten up the room. Green is a natural tone that can add some liveliness to an area with ease.

A spacious and green themed kitchen with a breakfast bar with a hood on top

Prestige Interior Paint Garden Sage

This green paint has strong traces of gray mixed in, toning it down to make an exceptional pairing with gray floors. Use this color to add some vibrance to your kitchen without going too bright.

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Try a lavender-gray shade with gray floors for a stunning and toned-down addition of color. A deep plum hue will add tons of color and nicely complement a dark gray floor. Break up the color by adding white walls or backsplash to the kitchen.

Microblend Interior Paint Lavender Bush

This combination paint and primer is a gorgeous mix of purple and gray, making it the perfect option for your kitchen cabinets. This muted purple shade will look great with light or dark gray flooring.

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Mixing gray and pink will result in the perfect balance of masculinity and femininity in a space. This color combination in your kitchen will add color and contrast. Use a light pink for muted color and bright pink to make your kitchen into a statement piece.

KILZ Tribute Interior Paint Angelic Pink

This pale pink shade will look great with light or dark gray floors. It's a paint and primer all in one, making it quick and easy to apply.

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Kitchen Coordination

Now that you've seen the best cabinet colors for kitchens with gray floors, you're ready to start planning your next project. Experiment with different shades of each color to see what is best for your home by getting multiple swatches from your local hardware store. Good luck, and have fun redecorating!

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