How Do You Bypass A Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid?

One of the most common problems with the Delta Touch Faucet solenoid is sudden malfunctioning, which can prevent you from using your faucet.

But you don’t need to call a plumber or replace the entire faucet just yet. Bypassing the solenoid is a simple and cost-effective solution that can save you time and money.

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In this article, we’ll show you how to bypass the solenoid on your Delta Touch Faucet using various methods so you can continue using your faucet with ease.

What’s the Difference Between a Touch and Touchless Solenoid?

High-tech kitchen faucets grace modern kitchens in two distinct forms: touch and touchless. It’s easy to muddle up the two, so we'll explain the differences first.

Touch faucets require physical contact with the tap to start or stop the water flow. A simple touch activates the solenoid, which controls the water flow.

They're usually less expensive and straightforward, making them a good choice for many homes.

On the other hand, touchless faucets use sensors to detect your hand or an object under the spout, turning on or off without any touch.

These are more advanced and typically cost more due to the sensor technology. As we proceed, please note that we’ll be focusing on touch faucets in this article.

How to Bypass a Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid?

Did you think bypassing your Delta touch is a complicated process?

It’s actually quite straightforward and doesn’t require a call to the plumber or a full faucet replacement. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Turn off both hot and cold water supplies.
  2. Move the faucet handle to the off position to prevent any water flow.
  3. Take off the wires connected to the solenoid and remove the clips holding it in place.
  4. Use one of the removed clips to attach the hose directly to the faucet’s outlet.
  5. Gently pull down on the hose to ensure the connection is secure and attached properly.

The steps above usually work for Delta Touch2O. But if you have a Delta Lavatory Touch2O or the Touch2O.xt instead, the process is a bit different but still easy to do.

For this, you’ll need to turn on the water, and while it’s running, remove the battery box from the solenoid. This will switch your faucet to manual mode, allowing you to use it like a regular faucet without the touch features.

For a visual guide, watch this helpful walkthrough video.

How to Bypass a Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid with a Bypass Kit?

If you have an older model of a Delta Touch Faucet, using a bypass kit can be a quick solution. Follow the simple steps below to switch your faucet to manual mode.

  1. Buy a bypass kit online.
  2. Take off one clip from the top of the solenoid.
  3. Put the bypass piece from the kit in place of the solenoid.
  4. Put the black plastic piece and the top piece back on.

If you’re looking for a specific bypass kit, users have claimed that the Delta Faucet RP60090 Kit is a practical choice.

Just note that this kit is not compatible with Delta Touch2O models.

Learn more on Amazon.

If the clip doesn’t fit, one user on Amazon shared a workaround using zip ties.

You can use two cable ties (zip ties) to hold the hose securely. This will hold the connection and prevent it from popping off due to pressure.

In case you're experiencing a loose handle with your Delta faucet, consider checking our guide on the topic for a step-by-step walkthrough.

How to Bypass a Delta Touch Faucet Solenoid that uses an RP60520 Adapter?

If you have a Delta Touch faucet that uses an RP60520 adapter, such as early models of Addison, Trinsic, and Ashton faucets, here’s how you can bypass it:

  1. First, open the cap where the batteries are kept to stop power going to the faucet.
  2. Disconnect the sensor hook(s) from the spout and/or valve shank to disable the touch functionality.
  3. Take off the hose clip and then remove the hose to clear the way for your work on the solenoid and adapter.
  4. Remove the metal solenoid clip, followed by the solenoid, to access the adapter.
  5. Take out the adapter from the valve outlet tube to reveal the valve outlet nipple, as the hose can’t connect to the adapter.
  6. Now, connect the hose directly to the valve outlet nipple using the clip.

Why Does My Delta Touch2O Faucet Turn On By Itself?

Your Delta Touch2O faucet might turn on and off on its own for a few reasons.

It may have pick-up signals from nearby gadgets like blenders or laptop chargers, especially when used near the faucet​.

It can also be due to the built-in auto shut-off feature to conserve water.

According to Delta, your faucet may turn off automatically after 4 minutes in kitchens and 1 minute in bathrooms if there’s no activity.

Making sure the faucet isn’t electrically touching the sink can also help prevent it from turning on and off unexpectedly.

Can My Delta Touch Faucet Work Without Batteries?

Delta Touch faucets rely on batteries to operate their touch-control functionality, and without batteries, the touch feature will not work​.

If the batteries run out or if you choose to remove them, you can still use your faucet manually by bypassing the solenoid following the steps we’ve shared above.

Closing Thoughts on Solenoid Bypass

Now that you know how to bypass the solenoid valve on your Delta touch faucet, you can take control of your water flow and enjoy a more manual experience. 

If you're having trouble with your Delta touch faucet, it’s always a good idea to check the batteries and connections before bypassing the solenoid valve.

In some cases, a simple battery replacement or cleaning of the connections can solve the issue.

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