Air Fryer Making Rattling Noise — What Could It Be?

The air fryer is quite possibly one of the most utilized appliances in modern kitchens today. These amped-up convection ovens can cook food conveniently, similar to a deep fryer. Unfortunately, air fryers can make quite a bit of noise; hearing a rattling sound is a bit startling. So, we've found the reasons why your air fryer might rattle to help you troubleshoot and solve the issue.

One reason for the noise is that debris from cooking might have been caught in the base of the air fryer, causing it to rattle while in use. Another reason may be caused by a loose component that has dislodged itself from the machine.

Knowing the reason why your air fryer is making a rattling noise simply requires some investigation and a little know-how on how to fix it. We've collected all the information you might need to figure out what that noise is, as well as some tips to keep it from happening again. Please do continue reading to learn more about what makes that sound in your air fryer.

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Why Is My Air Fryer Making A Rattling Noise?

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Air fryers generally make little noisew when being used. This is because air fryers use a fan to circulate the hot air at high speed. The mechanism used to do this task often causes the air fryer to make slight noises, and some users even liken it to hearing a vacuum cleaner being used.

If you hear a noise that sounds similar to an airplane's propellers while using your air fryer, this is most likely the fan running at a very high speed. Some air fryer brands have managed to make their machines a bit quieter. Others can be quite loud.

Fortunately, this noise is normal, and there is nothing to worry about because this is the sound that air fryers really make. However, if you find that there's a little rattle that comes with the regular sound of your air fryer's fan, then it might be time to investigate the cause.

Rack or Basket Touching Fan

More often than not, a rattling sound inside an air fryer is usually caused by the metal rack or basket hitting the machine as the fan spins. When this happens, make sure to properly close and lock your air fryer before use to prevent rattling sounds.

Debris Inside Basket

Another reason for air fryers producing a rattling noise is debris remaining inside the basket. There might be an obstruction that is hitting the air fryer's convection fan, causing it to rattle. Check your air fryer for loose debris before and after using the machine to ensure that nothing will get caught in the fan and heating elements.

Loose Parts

Rattling can also be caused by some loose parts from your air fryer. If you've checked and there is no debris or dirt inside that could be causing the noise, it would be wise to unplug the air fryer and check for loose screws and other parts. Make sure to tighten these screws or have your air fryer sent to the closest service center to be fixed.

Remember to always be vigilant with the noise coming from your air fryer. While it may be harmless most of the time, leaving the air fryer to work while there is an obstruction or there are loose parts may be dangerous to your home. It can cause a fire or damage to your kitchen, so it is best to check the appliance every once in a while.

How Do I Make My Air Fryer Quieter?

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Now that we know that air fryers do make quite a bit of noise, there are ways to make the sounds a little more bearable. However, some of these tips may not be suitable for all kinds of air fryers. So it would still be best to check your manual.

If you find that the air fryer is making sounds after you've placed the basket or rack, make sure to check the proper placement of these accessories on the air fryer. Due to long-time use, these parts may also start to become loose because of the moving parts of the air fryer.

Another startling air fryer sound is loud beeping. These beeps usually alert you during the cooking process.

Depending on the brand of your air fryer, some of them may come with a mute function which can help stop the noise. Remember to check on the food carefully to ensure that it has been cooked at the set time.

Types of Air Fryers

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Air fryers have become a popular kitchen appliance, making them one of the most sought-after items in stores. There are two basic types of air fryers to choose from: a pod-shaped air fryer and a convection oven air fryer. They are differentiated by their capacity, size, and ease of cleaning.

Pod-shaped Air Fryer

Pod-shaped air fryers are one of the most popular ones available. They are pretty small in size, and they can fit atop most counters without taking up too much space. This air fryer is a good choice for those who are looking to cook for a small group.

These air fryers come in different sizes and capacities. You can find a small capacity air fryer starting at around two quarts, and there are bigger options like six or seven quarts. The smaller size also makes this air fryer easy to clean.

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They also come with a multitude of functions, although the smaller ones tend to do just the basics. Bigger capacity air fryers come with presets and other functions, helping users take the guesswork out of cooking.

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Convection Oven Air Fryer

A convection oven air fryer looks like an oven toaster because it has a door that opens downward for use. Convection oven air fryers are also bigger in capacity, making them a perfect choice if you plan to cook for larger groups.

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Some convection oven air fryers go above and beyond just their air frying capabilities. Some brands come with broiling and dehydrating functions, making them a good choice for those who are looking for a multi-functional machine for their kitchen.

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What To Look For When Choosing An Air Fryer

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There are a number of ways to know which type of air fryer will best suit your home. A quick way to go about this is to answer for yourself:

  • How much food will you be cooking?
  • Is there space in your kitchen?
  • How much time and energy are you willing to devote to cleaning an air fryer?


For couples or small families, a small capacity air fryer is already a good option. A 2.6-quart air fryer is big enough to cook one or two meals, and air fryers of this size can often accommodate a small chicken or cuts of meat enough for the family.

For larger families who are looking to cook big cuts of meat or poultry, a convection air fryer may be a perfect choice. These air fryers can go up to 27-quarts—a size that's perfect for accommodating meals for lots of people.

Counter space

Pod-shaped air fryers are compact and mostly take up space vertically, so this is a good choice for kitchens that have limited counter space. However, if you have room to spare, a convection oven air fryer should be able to do all your air fryer needs and more in exchange for taking up more space in your kitchen.


Just like all kitchen appliances, cleaning is a must. Pod-shaped air fryers are easy to clean because it only needs the air fryer basket to be washed. Convection air fryers are a little bit more difficult, but most of their parts can be placed inside the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Final Thoughts

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Air fryers are one of the most functional appliances one could have at home. Sometimes, these machines make noise due to their constant use. A rattling sound can startle their users as if something is wrong. Fortunately, this can easily be remedied and checked to make sure that your air fryer still works as well as the day you bought them.

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