High-End Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – What Brands Should Every Homeowner Know?

Planning out all of the details in a kitchen's design can be super exciting. Do you want to find high-end cabinet hardware for your space but don't know which brands are the best? Does brand matter when choosing kitchen cabinet hardware? Well, we scoured the net to provide you with the best answer!

For those wanting to stick with a high-end brand for their kitchen cabinet hardware, there are plenty that you can choose from.

Some of our top choices for hardware include:

  • Amerock
  • Emtek
  • Atlas Homewares
  • Lew's Hardware
  • Baldwin
  • Schaub & Company
  • Jeffery Alexander

Of course, you don't always need to spend a ton to have a high-quality kitchen, but sticking to nicer brands can ensure your project turns out great.

As we start, we will cover all things kitchen cabinet hardware and discuss which high-end brands you should shop through for your project. Whether you're renovating, building from scratch, or need ideas for the future, we're here to assist. So, let's dive right into this topic!

Big selection of handles cabinets parts, High-End Kitchen Cabinet Hardware—What Brands Should Every Homeowner Know?

Luxury Cabinet Hardware Brands For Your Kitchen

As we have mentioned, there are plenty of options, but we have seven brands that truly stand out. Let's see which brands perform best for kitchen cabinet hardware.


Our first recommendation for your kitchen cabinetry is Amerock. Although this brand has a more low-key image, they produce amazing hardware and don't cost too much.

Furthermore, Amerock is a division of Newell Rubbermaid Inc, one of the country's top cabinet hardware and storage systems manufacturers.

You can find these handles/pulls at major retailers, often costing between $10 and $20 per piece. It's also worth mentioning that Amerock products are produced here in the USA—if you want to stay national, they're a great choice.

Door handles in a kitchen showroom

Amerock | Cabinet Pull | Matte Gold

This cabinet pull from Amerock has a matte gold finish, an aluminum base, a center-to-center design, includes mounting hardware, and a complete limited lifetime warranty.

Check out this gold hardware on Amazon.


Another great luxury brand to shop through for your kitchen cabinets is Emtek. Sticking with an American-made theme, this company custom builds each piece of hardware in their Southern California factories.

Emtek also prides itself on being fully customizable. If you want a specific handle, knob, or pull that you don't see on the site, they will likely make one for you.

Price-wise, Emtek handles will retail between $15 and $20 a piece, making them around the same price as Amerock. Hence, if you're looking for a more luxurious experience, we recommend using this company.

Emtek Select Knurled Cabinet Pull

This exclusive cabinet pull from Emtek has a satin brass finish and a sturdy brass base. It measures 5.75"L x 1.38"W, has a center-to-center design, and comes in various sizes.

Follow this link to see this product on Amazon.

Atlas Homewares

Coming in third, we have another exclusive brand for cabinet hardware: Atlas Homewares.

Like our other suggestions, Atlas Homewares will be a bit pricier than a standard option but certainly makes up for its quality and overall design.

According to the brand's website, they offer over 1,500 different hardware options, so you're bound to see one you like. You can also find this brand at major retailers, making things easy.

Pricing for these handles, pulls, and knobs will be between $10 and $20, so this isn't too bad. It's expected, though, that you'll pay more per hardware if it's high-quality, which is important to remember while budgeting.

Atlas Homewares Malin Collection Pull

This high-end pull from Atlas Homewares has a zinc alloy base and a warm brass finish. It measures ‎5"L x 5.04"W and comes in various colors.

Follow this link to view this product on Amazon.

Lew's Hardware

Next, we have another high-end brand for cabinet hardware with Lew's. One notable thing about this company is that its hardware comes from award-winning designer Lew Dolin, giving each piece its own unique touch.

Lew's Hardware is also a bit more experimental than traditional brands. If you want to try something different in your space, this is certainly a good option.

Regarding pricing, this hardware typically retails between $15 and $25, which is on par with the other brands we have covered.

You can also typically find these pieces at major retailers and specialty sellers, making them readily available to purchase.

Lew's Hardware Polished Brass Bar Series Drawer Pull

This hardware has a polished brass finish and a sturdy brass base, measures 5 inches, includes mounting screws, comes in various sizes, and has excellent customer reviews.

Follow this link to see this product on Amazon.


Another great high-end brand to shop with for your cabinet hardware is Baldwin. One of this company's standout features is that it has been hand-crafting cabinet hardware since 1946.

The brand is also regularly featured in publications like Architectural Digest, so it certainly lives up to the hype.

Price-wise, you can expect your handles, pulls, or knobs to retail between $25 and $50 per piece, placing this brand towards the top tier of the group.

Again, a higher cost usually means a better reward, which appears to be true in this case.

Baldwin 4-Inch Colonial Style Cabinet Pull

This cabinet pull has a colonial design, and a satin nickel finish. It is 4 inches across, comes in various colors, is solid brass material, and includes all required screws.

Check out this colonial pull on Amazon.

Schaub & Company

Moving across the pond, we have Schaub & Company kitchen cabinet hardware. This higher-end brand of pulls, knobs, and handles is hand-crafted in Italy, so their products are on the fancier side of the market.

One thing that sets Schaub & Company aside from its competition is their attention to detail. Every piece they create goes through intense quality inspection, which is nice.

You have to pay between $25 and $50 for your cabinet hardware, but this greatly depends on which of their collections you shop through.

You can also find this brand at most major retailers; thus, you have options for where to get them.

Schaub Siena Collection 8-Inch Pull

This cabinet pull has an ancient bronze finish, is zinc alloy material, follows an arched shape, measures 8-3/4 inches, and comes in a nickel option as well.

See this arched hardware on Amazon.

Jeffery Alexander

Last on the list, we have Jeffery Alexander cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

An interesting detail about this brand is that it's owned by Hardware Resources: one of the fastest-growing cabinet hardware manufacturers in the United States.

You can find endless designs for your hardware through them with the great variety they offer. For pricing, Jeffery Alexander pieces typically cost $10 and $20—they aren't quite as expensive as our most recent suggestions.

Jeffery Alexander Sutton Cabinet Pull

This modern cabinet pull has a satin bronze finish, is zinc alloy material, is 7.5 inches long, includes all required screws, and has great customer reviews.

See this modern pull on Amazon here.

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Before you choose an exact brand and hardware model, it's essential to figure out what type of style you want for your kitchen cabinets.

In general, the hardware throughout a home needs to be easy to grab and use. You surely want to consider that during the planning phase.

Usually, kitchen cabinet hardware should be big enough for all types of people to hold. You might as well try to avoid tiny options.

Furthermore, you want to purchase hardware that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Imagine the number of times you will touch, pull, and push on your cabinetry.

Low angle view of gray kitchen cabinet door handles inside a large beautiful kitchen

It's also worth noting that whatever hardware you find needs to be rust-proof.

Considering how moist the air in a kitchen can become. You don't want your pulls/handles to get rusty after a few months. Higher-end brands consider all these things. Choosing them won't require you to do much work.

Even if you aren't spending a fortune on your hardware, it's still a good idea to set a standard and spend a little extra time on details, material, and usability.

What Makes Cabinet Hardware High-End?

Retro metal cabinet knobs in the kitchen

First, you want to consider the material of cabinet hardware. Typically, higher-end options are made from brass material, as it's an excellent base for finishing.

In addition, finishes over brass hardware will last longer than those on cheaper alternatives, like zinc. Regarding aesthetics, you can also see how brass pulls, knobs, and handles all have a classier look.

Another great option that is usually high-end would be stainless steel hardware. Although it isn't quite as fancy as brass, stainless steel tends to handle finishes nicely and won't rust/age poorly.

Many experts also love stainless steel because of its versatility. Stainless hardware fits into both modern and more traditional designs, making it perfect for most households.

The key is finding an option with a good base and design. Even though you may not want to spend much on your kitchen cabinet hardware, that doesn't mean you want to use cheap materials/finishes.

To Wrap Up

Gold hardware on blue cabinets

Whether you want your kitchen to feel modern, classic, or somewhere in the middle, it's always good to plan out your cabinet hardware. We found that there are endless luxury brands for this, including Amerock, Lew's Hardware, Schaub & Company, and many others.

Price-wise, these companies all make pulls, knobs, and handles, retailing around $20 per piece—that's something to note for your budget.

As we said, a higher price tag generally means you get a better product, so don't be afraid to splurge on some of the details throughout your kitchen.

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