Can You Grind Meat In A Ninja Blender?

The Ninja blender is a versatile kitchen tool. You can use it as a juicer, mixer, food processor, and more, but can you grind meat in your Ninja blender? We've done the research to find the answer and are happy to share it with you here.

The answer is yes. You can definitely grind meat in a Ninja blender. You only need to cut the meat into small pieces and work in batches. Lean meat will be easier to grind than fattier pieces of meat.

Now that you know a Ninja blender can grind meat, let's find out how you can do it. We'll also talk about the other functions of a Ninja blender and if buying one is worth it. We've also included some of this year's most recommended Ninja blenders. Read on to get the full grind!

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How To Grind Meat In A Ninja Blender

Blenders aren't as powerful as meat grinders, but they can be used to get a similar result. And yes, any Ninja blender can shred meat, for they are not ordinary blenders. For best results, be sure not to overfill your blender, so work in small batches.

To grind meat in your ninja blender, just follow these simple directions:

  • Use fresh, lean meat (less fat).
  • You can use chilled or frozen meat.
  • You can also use boiled meat.
  • Slice the beef, pork, or chicken into 1-inch cubes.
  • Put a few portions at a time.
  • Press the pulse button.
  • Repeat until you get the desired consistency.

Grinding meat on your Ninja blender may seem hard at first. But once you've perfected the formula, grinding will be a breeze.

What Is A Ninja Blender?

 Ninja blender on an on an isolated background.

Ninja blenders are designed to work not only as blenders but also as food processors. It means that these appliances can do many things beyond just blending food.

Ninja blenders can do multiple jobs depending on the model or unit. These blenders can multitask, doing everything from crushing ice, kneading bread, and making smoothies to shredding vegetables. You can do almost anything with a Ninja blender and for a more affordable price than other brands.

What Are The Other Functions Of A Ninja Blender?

Besides blending fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of food, here are the other functions of a Ninja blender.

Chopping Vegetables

Chopping vegetables is one of the most useful features of Ninja blenders. Using the pulse button will help you achieve the correct thickness of your veggies. Otherwise, they will likely get pulverized. Pressing the pulse button at least twice can do the job.

Pureeing Foods

Auto-IQ Food Puree is one of Ninja professional blender's best features. This setting is developed to make dips, hummus, soups, and pureed food.

Juicing Fruits And Vegetables

Yes, you can juice with a Ninja blender. Just pick your favorite fruits and veggies and blend them in your Ninja. Strain them to remove the pulp and get all those juice-y goodness. You can also drink it as it is to get all the healthy fiber.

Making Baby Food

Making your own baby food is a terrific way to guarantee that they receive healthy and nutritious meals. And what's great is you can make it in a Ninja blender.

Ninja blenders like the Ninja Foodi have strong motors that handle hard ingredients like sweet potatoes and carrots. It has various settings and parts, making it effortless to puree food to the preferred viscosity.

Making And Kneading Dough

Another great function of a Ninja blender is making and kneading dough. The Ninja Foodi comprises a kneading and mixing wheel. There are settings like time and temperature; you can also choose how long you can bake your homemade bread.

Crushing Ice

A Ninja blender contains double blades that spin at high speed when used. These dual blades allow it to work more quickly and efficiently. This makes crushing ice in your Ninja blender a breeze.

Grinding Coffee Beans

When grinding coffee beans in a Ninja blender, it's best to have the blender on full blast for around 30 seconds. How long you want to grind your beans depends on how fine you want them to be.

Use the pulse setting when using a standard single-serve cup to blend your coffee beans. And try using the pulse blend about 12 times for an excellent fine grind.

Making Whole Wheat Flour

A Ninja blender can also grind or blend whole wheat and turn them into flour. The flour/mill setting is one of the most unique features of a Ninja blender.

To make whole wheat flour, you must:

  1. Put one to two cups of whole grains or wheat berries in the pitcher.
  2. Set to flour/mill, and click start to commence.
  3. Let the flour cool down before using it.
  4. You can place it in a tight-lid container in the refrigerator for two months.
  5. You can also keep it in the freezer for six months.

Is A Ninja Blender Worth It?

A view of a Ninja blender appliance on display next to several packaged appliances at a local big box store.

After knowing what Ninja blenders can do, there's only one thing to say. They're definitely worth it. They can make challenging tasks brief and easy because of their versatility, so it's worth considering to save you time and energy in the kitchen.

Ninja blenders perform better than some other enormous blenders. And even when using frozen fruits and veggies, Ninja blenders are super swift at crushing and grinding them.

Ninja blenders almost have it all. Finding a blender with a Ninja's versatility, capability, strength, and attributes is virtually impossible. And the best part of it is they're more affordable than many other brands.

How Long Does A Ninja Blender Typically Last?

Ninja blender owners often question how long their blenders can last. According to several users and tests, a Ninja blender can last from two to four years of daily use.

How Long Do Ninja Blender Blades Last?

How long a Ninja blender's blades can last depends on how often you use it and how well you maintain it. Your Ninja blender's blades can last for several years if you use them regularly. If not often used, it may only last for a few months.

The material used in a Ninja blender's blades is steel, which makes them long-lasting, economical, and easy to sharpen. The Ninja blender's blades can be tricky to clean, so ensure to clean them with caution after every use.

What Is The Difference Between A Juicer And A Blender?

A juicer machine can only remove or separate the juice from fruits and vegetables. It can extract the juice from the veggie or fruit through grinding, crushing, or squeezing. And it leaves behind some of the healthy stuff such as fiber.

In contrast, blenders keep all the ingredients together, such as fruit juice and fiber. Blenders also have more functions, like creating smoothies, pureeing fruits and vegetables, and crushing ice.

5 Ninja Products You May Want To Try

Modern blender with fresh fruits and cutting board on table in kitchen

Listed here are five exceptional Ninja blenders that you must try.

Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System Set

Click here to see this power blender on Amazon.

The Ninja Foodi Ultimate System has a Hybrid Edge Blade Assembly for smoother blending. This blender set also contains an XL smoothie bowl maker and a nutrient extraction cup.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced food processing
  • It has variable speed and texture control
  • It has seven programs and functions

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Set BL770

Click here to see this mega kitchen system on Amazon.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is Amazon's No. 1 Best Seller. It has a total crushing pitcher and an 8-cup food processor bowl for flawless chopping.

Key Features:

  • Four versatile functions
  • Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts
  • On-the-go convenience

Ninja 1000 W Professional Countertop Blender

Click here to see this professional countertop blender on Amazon.

This Ninja Professional Countertop blender includes a 72 oz pitcher that's perfect for making smoothies for the family. It also includes a recipe guide for inspiration.

Key Features:

  • With total crushing technology
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe
  • 1000 watts of professional power

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

Click here to see this personal blender on Amazon.

The Ninja Nutri Pro includes a single-serve cup for on-the-go convenience. It also has nutrient extraction and frozen blending features.

Key Features:

  • Two versatile programs
  • Includes a 20-recipe inspiration guide
  • Compact, simple, and easy to use

Ninja Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

Click here to see this food processing blender on Amazon.

The Ninja Food Processing Blender is easy to clean, with dishwasher-safe and BPA-free components. You'll also get a 28-recipe inspiration guide to help you.

Key Features:

  • Four manual programs
  • Has nutrient extraction
  • 6-blade assembly for total crushing

A Ninja To The Rescue

 Ninja Juicer with bowl of apples on a table

Blend, juice, puree, crush, or grind to perfection your favorite food and drink with your Ninja blender. You can almost do anything with it. So it's one of the must-have kitchen appliances you may want to invest in.

Ninja blenders come in various models, functions, and features. Choosing the one that can help you the most in your day-to-day life will be a great idea. You can choose one from our recommendations above, or you can also do additional research. Have fun picking your Ninja blender!

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