Does Parchment Paper Burn In The Oven?

You've probably used this paper a number of times when baking in the oven—whether it's cookies or roasting fish, parchment paper is a quick and easy-to-use liner for your pan. Parchment paper is a friend to bakers and cooks alike because of its versatility, and you've probably wondered if it has the tendency to burn in the oven. We've taken a closer look at parchment paper to find out.

The good thing about parchment paper is that it does not burn in the oven. Most brands of parchment paper have listed its allowable temperature as up to 450°F when in use. However, it can also be used at higher-than-recommended temperatures without fear of burning and releasing dangerous chemicals, but manufacturers highly advise not to do this.

Parchment paper is a versatile material that you can use while cooking at home. You may have a few questions about it like safety us and other alternatives. Fortunately, we've researched extensively on these topics so we do hope you keep on reading to know more about them.

Unrolled parchment paper on a dough table, Does Parchment Paper Burn In The Oven?

Does Parchment Paper Burn In The Oven?

Parchment paper (or sometimes called baking paper) is a very popular paper liner that is used for either baking or cooking. It is heat-resistant, which is why a lot of bakers and chefs prefer using this paper to line their pans while cooking in the oven.

Delicious pizza with cheese, tomatoes, and squid balls on a parchment paper

This versatile paper is also used for other purposes like piping frosting or even as a non-stick paper funnel when transferring ingredients.

To start, you might be wondering what parchment paper is and what it is made of. Parchment paper is a silicone-coated food-safe paper that is greaseproof, non-stick, and heat-resistant, making it an indispensable material in the kitchen.

When shopping around for parchment, you may find two types—brown unbleached parchment paper or white parchment paper, which is chemically treated to remove the color.

With its versatility in the kitchen, parchment paper is widely used in both baking and cooking. Since it is heat-resistant, you can use this paper in the microwave or the oven for up to 450°F, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations. Because it can withstand high heat, parchment paper will not burn in your oven when you use it for cooking.

Will Parchment Paper Catch Fire?

Aside from its versatility, parchment paper is versatile and resilient to use. Parchment paper is heat-resistant, and it is well-used in the kitchen, but one thing that needs to be remembered when using it is that parchment paper is not heat-proof. In the presence of a flame, parchment paper will still ignite.

One mistake a lot of people make when using parchment paper is that they think that it will not catch fire. However, it is still paper, and exposing it to an open flame will immediately cause the parchment to ignite. It is also fairly thin which makes it easy to light with a flame.

When using parchment paper, always remember to keep it away from your heat source. Try to place your dishes or pans with parchment paper away from any of your oven's heating elements because just having a small corner of your parchment touch this heat source may cause a fire.

Kinds of Parchment Paper To Use

Woman unrolling parchment paper on a blue table

If you are looking to get parchment paper for your cooking and baking needs, you may be surprised at the different kinds available on the market. Aside from bleached and unbleached kinds of parchment paper, it also comes in rolls or pre-cut, depending on your need. Here are some parchment papers you can try:

Grid-lined parchment

This parchment paper is great for any use, and the grid lines make it easy to cut according to size. It also helps in spacing out cookies on your baking sheets, ensuring that they spread out evenly.

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Pre-cut sheets

If you find having to unroll parchment and cutting them to size a little troublesome, then this is perfect for you. Pre-cut parchment paper is easy to use, and it is very convenient because all you need to do is to slide in on your baking pans.

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When Shouldn't I Use Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper can be used at very high temperatures because of its heat resistance, but as discussed earlier, it can catch fire. There are circumstances when parchment paper is highly advised to be used, but there are also certain times when it is best to use something else.

Freshly baked bread with parchment paper with eggs and flour on the side

It is good to remember that parchment paper is highly advised NOT to be used in enclosed spaces such as broilers or oven toasters. The small space often causes the appliance to be hotter than normal, and sometimes the edges of the paper end up touching the heat lamps of the appliance. This is quite dangerous as it will ignite the parchment quickly.

Also, remember that parchment paper has a limit on the heat resistance it can handle. While manufacturers have said that using parchment at very high temperatures will not cause it to burn or release fumes, doing so for an extended time can be dangerous. It can catch fire due to the excess heat, so it would be best to use an alternative to parchment immediately.

What Can I Substitute For Parchment Paper?

Unrolling parchment paper needed for baking

We all know that parchment paper is an indispensable material for cooking and baking at home, so it shouldn't be a surprise if you find that you've run out of it fairly quickly. If you find that you've run out of parchment paper, but you need it for cooking, here are some substitutes that you can use.

Silicone Baking Mats

If you need to line your baking sheets for baking cookies or roasting vegetables, a great alternative to parchment paper is silicone baking mats. These durable, non-stick baking mats are heat-resistant for up to 500°F.

It can be used in the oven, microwave, and freezer, plus it is also reusable, making it a great choice for those who are looking to use fewer single-use materials in the kitchen.

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Wax Paper

For instances in which you need to use parchment paper for wrapping or working out dough on surfaces, a great alternative to use is wax paper. This paper is a great option if you are looking to wrap items like bars, brownies, cheese, or bread to keep at room temperature.

You can also use wax paper as a substitute for parchment paper if you ever need to roll out dough.

A note of caution about wax paper: this material is very different from parchment paper, even though they may sometimes look alike. Wax paper is covered in a layer of paraffin which easily melts at around 120°F, so it is not advised to be used in the oven.

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Greased Baking Sheets

Parchment paper is also widely used in oven roasting and baking, and one great substitute for parchment is a well-greased baking sheet. You can do this by greasing your pans by putting on a thin layer of softened butter on your baking sheets using your fingers. Doing this method will give your pans a non-stick surface for the food that you will be cooking.

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Oiled Aluminum Foil

If you are expecting to cook at very high temperatures or you will be working with a broiler, a good alternative to parchment paper is a lightly-oiled aluminum foil layer on your pans. Aluminum foil is not non-stick like parchment paper, so a little help from fat is needed to ensure that your food will not stick once it finishes cooking.

Delicious pizza with cheese, tomatoes, and squid balls on a parchment paper

Similarly, aluminum foil can also be used for wrapping and storing food items, just like parchment paper. Wrap the foil snugly over your food items to ensure that it keeps the air out to keep your food fresher.

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Non-stick Pans

Non-stick pans are now widely available in many stores and are used by bakers and chefs everywhere because it eliminates the need to add grease or lining papers to their pans. These non-stick pans are a little bit on the expensive side, but the benefits do outweigh the cost of this investment.

You can generally cook anything on non-stick pans from cookies to roast chicken, depending on the size and depth of your chosen pans.

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In Conclusion

Unrolled parchment paper on a dough table

It is a versatile material to have at home, whether you'd like to use it for baking or cooking, parchment paper is one of the must-have items to always keep at home. Generally used for baking and cooking in the oven, parchment paper is almost always used because it is heat-resistant and will not burn in the oven when used.

It's a great material to use not just for cooking, but also for other things like crafts and packaging as well.

Parchment paper is quite indispensable in the kitchen, and you might be wondering how else to use it. It's a good thing we've got a couple of articles that you might find interesting:

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