Can You Cut On A Marble Cheese Board?

The cheese board is a unique kitchen accessory, and marble is always an appealing material. So, if you’re taking out the cheese board, you are probably doing so for a special occasion. This means that you want to purchase the right cheese board or take care of the one you invested in. Marble is also a unique material, with very particular rules. We have carefully researched if you can safely cut on a marble cheese board.

It is not a good idea to cut anything on a marble cheese board. To begin with, a cheese board is not intended for food preparation. More importantly, marble is too smooth and tough for you to cut on. It is unsafe to do so because you are likely to slip against the smooth surface while cutting with a knife. The marble will also certainly damage your blades, no matter how durable your knives are.

A cheese board is a visual treat and a great way to serve your guests. However, you still need to treat the board and your knives with the proper care. If you need to prepare food, you should also learn about cutting boards. This means you should keep reading to learn about the purpose and maintenance of cheese boards or cutting boards.

Different cheeses on marble cheese board, Can You Cut On A Marble Cheese Board?

Is a cheese board the same as a cutting board?

A cheese board and a cutting board both look very similar; the purpose of each board is quite different.

What is a cutting board used for?

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A cutting board is primarily known for being used in the kitchen. They are available in a variety of materials. Therefore, you can use the cutting board to prepare any food. Cutting boards can be very durable and versatile.

Some models are even designed for fields other than cooking. For example, you can cut tough and inedible materials like leather on some cutting boards. Cutting boards are also widely known as chopping boards, which makes their purpose very clear. Cutting boards are selected for their function over their style.

What is a cheese board used for?

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A cheese board is not used to prepare food. Instead, cheese boards are used to serve food. This is why cheese boards are also known as serving boards. The point of a cheese board is to highlight the presentation of your food. This traditionally means a few different kinds of cheese and accent pieces of food in between.

Since the cheese board is used to create a special presentation of your food, it should not be subjected to cutting. Scrapes and damage will defeat the purpose of the cheese board. If you're going to prepare the cheese yourself, you can read this post about the best kind of knife for cutting cheese.

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Is marble good for a cheese board?

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Marble is a fantastic choice for your cheese board. Marble usually has an appearance that is unique from one board to the next. It can also come in a wide variety of colors, making it ideal for many occasions.

Marble is also great from a practical point of view. The smell of all your cheese can easily soak into a wooden board. Marble is more resistant to these odors, which are likely to accumulate pretty quickly.

Like steel or glass, marble happens to be much easier to clean. So even when a marble cheese board does need some maintenance, it won’t be nearly as much of a hassle.

Marble cheese boards are exceptionally durable, too. They can maintain a long lifespan and are too tough for knives. Again, this is why you should not use a cheese board as a cutting board. Marble can even chip rigid or carbon steel blades. Reliable sources like F.N. Sharp agree that marble can dull the knives. Traditional stainless steel knives are less likely to be chipped, but they will also be worn down nonetheless. Meanwhile, the cheese board can potentially remain intact.

Another thing to consider is temperature. If the occasion ends up on a hot day, you should consider a marble cheese board. Marble can absorb heat much better than most other materials. This means that any cheese you place on the board is more likely to remain cool for a more extended period of time.

How to use a marble cheese board

The only way to misuse a cheese board is to treat it like a cutting board. You should only use the cheese board to serve food, like a platter. The cheese board should be decorated with food in any way you like.

That means you can use a marble cheese board the same way you would use a serving board of any other material. Since a cheese board is used for artistic preparation, there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to use a marble cheese board. That being said, several things go into using any cheese board effectively.

What should I put on my cheese board?

The first thing you want to consider is the balance on your board. There should be a nice variety of food, but you also want to keep the look relatively simple. Otherwise, the cheese board can look messy. Fortunately, cheese boards come in a wide variety of materials and sizes. You can read this post about what size your cheese board should be.

The best way to strike the right balance is to limit the kinds of cheese you will be using. Select only two to four different cheese types. If you aren’t sure what type of cheese to use, then consider the strength levels.

Some cheese is richer, so make sure there is a good selection for any guest. Also, you can cut the different kinds of cheese into the same shape to create a nice consistency on your board.

The rest of the food can be considered a garnish. Fill in empty spaces by getting creative, but do not undermine the cheese. You can choose from traditional cured meats, fruits, or nuts. However, you can also use bread and spread to take up more space without cluttering the board.

Can you use marble for a cutting board?

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Because marble is so durable, it is a useful material for your cutting board. Since cutting boards are often used daily, all of the advantages of marble become even more useful. You can feel sure that the board won’t take much damage and will be easier to clean at the end of your day.

Since marble absorbs heat well, it is also ideal for chopping more complicated meals. Bear in mind that marble will still be tougher on your knives, though. And it can still be slippery. You can read advice from professionals like Cutco about safely chopping with knives.

What grain should I use for my cutting board?

If you plan on chopping food, then a cutting board is right for you. And one of the first things you should consider is the kind of grain you will be purchasing. It can drastically change the price tag or durability of your cutting board.

There are three different types of grain for your cutting board. These types include the face, edge, or end grain. The grain type refers to which side of the wood will be used to make your cutting board. Each grain has its advantages or disadvantages, so the best one is up to you.

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End grain is the most expensive choice because it is the most durable board while remaining easier on your knives. It’s composed of the ends of the lumber. This means that the end grain will look like a collection of squares on the surface, effectively hiding damage.

The face grain is the widest section of the lumber. This will look the nicest at first, but it isn’t very hardy. Worse, face grain will eventually reveal more dings over time.

Edge grain is the middle ground between these choices, as it is somewhat tough but will still show scrapes and damage.


A cheese board is a perfect way to serve food with the right mood. Serving boards can be gorgeous without a flashy design. They can be decorated in countless ways, limited only by your creativity. And the variety of materials allows you to use your cheese board with any dinnerware style. Now that you know how to treat your marble cheese board, you can build the perfect board that will put some smiles on your family or guests.

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