The recipe you're cooking calls for garlic, and you want to grate it, but can you grate garlic? You've grated cheese, but that's a huge block, and garlic is so tiny. So we've researched to find some great ways for you to grate your garlic in this post.

Garlic can be grated, and here are some excellent tools and techniques to use:

  • An old-fashioned grater
  • A micro-plane
  • Use a grater plate
  • Try a garlic grater with a handguard
  • Use a fork

Let's take a look at each one of these tools and the techniques for grating garlic with them. We'll also explain how to grate garlic without grating or cutting your knuckles. Then we'll talk about minced garlic and if it's the same as grated garlic, or not, how many teaspoons is one clove of minced garlic, and if minced garlic can be storebought, and if so, if it's as good as fresh garlic. So please, keep reading.

Garlic being grated and placed on a small container, Can You Grate Garlic?

Techniques And Tools For Grating Garlic

Garlic is an aromatic bulb from the genus Allium, related to the onion, the leek, chives, and shallots. It's a staple of many cuisines as it provides a distinct flavor. Some people love it, some not as much, but many recipes call for it.

If your recipe calls for grated garlic, this post is here to guide you in how to go about grating fresh garlic. But, first, let's take a look at some of the techniques and tools for grating garlic.

Old-Fashioned Box Grater

You've probably seen the classic grater. It's like a box and has different types of grating surfaces to create different-sized grated foods. For example, you can use this type of grater for garlic by simply rubbing a peeled garlic clove along its surface.

The problem with this type of grater is that you may end up damaging your skin if your garlic gets small. So, you'll need only to grate a partial clove, which is a tad wasteful.

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A Micro-Plane

A small micro-plane or zester grater is a handy tool for grating garlic. Because of its design, the grated garlic collects on the backside of it, making it easy to dispense into your recipes. Much like the regular box grater, you will still need to be careful about grating with bare hands as you could nick or unintentionally grate your fingers. However, the barbs on the micro-plane are smaller and not as aggressive as on the larger box grater.

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Use A Grater Plate

Grater plates are handy little gizmos designed with garlic in mind. These ceramic plates are made with ridged bumps on the surface of the plate. They are not metal and jagged like a traditional grater but will still grate garlic. Rub the garlic clove over the surface of the grater plate and, voila, grated garlic.

The additional bonus is that it will hold all of the oils and liquids you might lose with other grating tools. And it won't scratch your fingers.

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Try A Garlic Grater With Hand Guard

Some graters take into consideration that it can be challenging to grate small items without nicking your skin. That's why graters with hand guards and food containers were made.

These graters have a special attachment where you drop in the garlic and grate without getting your fingers or knuckles near the serrated edges. They also have handy attachable containers for collected the grated garlic.

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Use A Fork

You don't want to use anything special but still, need to grate your garlic. This life hack makes it easy for you. Use a fork. That's right, a plain old fork out of your silverware drawer. Hold your fork flat against a cutting board, then rub your peeled garlic back and forth across the tines. You'll end up with nicely grated garlic, along with a lovely odor on your fingers.

How Do You Grate Garlic Without Cutting Yourself?

As we mentioned above, a few devices will keep you from cutting yourself, namely the grater plate and grater with the handguard. But beyond that, what can you do? If you have corn forks that you put in your ears of corn to hold them, you can poke one into the garlic to use instead of your hand.

You could wear sewing thimbles to protect your fingers.  Or you could invest in some cut-resistant gloves for your kitchen. These could come in handy for more projects than grating garlic.

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Is Grated Garlic The Same As Minced?

Though grating garlic and mincing garlic are similar, they are not the same. Grated garlic tends to give you a bigger chunk, suitable for a more pungent garlic flavor, whereas mincing is a tinier texture, good for dressings.

If you've ever used a garlic mincer, you know the result is a bit mushier and less distinct in form than grated garlic. But using a mincer like this ensures no cuts and keeps the garlic smell off of your fingertips. It's also a bit milder in taste for your recipes.

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How Many Teaspoons Is A Clove Of Garlic Minced?

A medium-sized clove of fresh garlic is equivalent to about 1/2-3/4 of a teaspoon. Of course, this will vary a bit from clove to clove, and it's a good idea to measure out the garlic for your recipe as you mince it. The more you use, the more pungent the taste. Which, to some folks, is pure perfection.

Can You Buy Minced Garlic?

If you're a chef who likes to do things the quick and easiest way, then you're in luck. Minced garlic is available in most supermarkets. Once opened, it's important to refrigerate it for increased shelf life. Some are preserved in only water and ascorbic acid. Other brands have a bit of olive oil mixed in; what you choose is up to you.

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You can also buy dried minced garlic for long shelf life and easy use in recipes. It's less pungent than fresher versions but is excellent if refrigeration is an issue for your space and you love garlic.

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Is Fresh Minced Garlic Better Than Pre-Packaged Fresh Garlic?

You might be wondering if the convenience of having pre-minced garlic will affect the flavor of your recipes? Is there an advantage to using fresh over pre-minced? As with all things food-related, fresh is often better. And we think that's also true of garlic if you're a garlic lover.

Fresh minced is going to give you bolder flavor than pre-minced. However, the convenience and the minimal difference may not be of concern to you.

Get Your Garlic Grated

Now that you have a list of the tools and techniques available for grating garlic decide which one works best for your kitchen. You'll be grating your garlic like a pro in no time.

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