Are Shun Knives Single Or Double Bevel?

Shun knives are timeless, handcrafted by the Japanese Kai Corporation. These knives have a long-standing, 111-year-old history of quality craftsmanship. But, if you are considering which Shun knife to add to your cutlery, you probably want to know if they are single or double bevel. To help you make the right decision, we have thoroughly researched this topic.

Single bevel knives are angled on one side of the blade's edge, whereas double bevel knives are angled on both sides of the blade's edge. Most Shun knives have double bevel edges, with the exception being Shun's Classic Pro Series featuring a single bevel edge.

Shun’s double bevel knives include:

  • Classic Series 
  • Sora Series 
  • Kanso Series 
  • Dual-Core Series
  • Premier Series 
  • Blue Steel Series 
  • Hiro Series 
  • Classic Blonde Series 

So, what are the advantages of single bevel versus double bevel knives? To know whether a Shun knife is the right kitchen tool for you, and choose the correct blade, keep reading as we delve into these quality knives. You will learn how to care for Shun knives as well as get a comparison to similar Global knives.

Collage of Shun knives with set of knives on the background, Are Shun Knives Single Or Double Bevel?

Are Single Bevel Knives Good?

Single bevel knives are popular with Japanese chefs because of their ability to make delicate cuts, such as those used when preparing sushi or thinly sliced vegetables for stir fry dishes. In contrast, double bevel knives are uncommon among Western-style cutlery but do offer many advantages for cooks ready to handle them.

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Single bevel knives are considerably sharper and more precise than double bevel knives, especially useful when preparing a variety of professional dishes. Great skill is required to use single bevel knives properly, with additional advantages being easier and quicker to sharpen, and requiring minimal maintenance. Comparatively, double bevel knives are easy to use, durable, and generally more affordable than single bevel knives.

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Shun has a good selection of both styles of knives that would benefit every serious cook.

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What Angle Are Shun Knives?

According to the Kai Corporation, each side of the hardened steel blade on every Shun knife has a 16-degree angle. For a double bevel Shun knife, that translates to a combined 32-degree angle. Compared to most Western-style cutlery, angled ranging from 17 to 25-degrees, Shun's smaller angles give blades greater precision.

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However, the smaller angle also makes Shun blades prone to damage, so Take extra care to ensure that the knife is being used and maintained correctly. Kai Corporation instructs Shun cutlery owners to practice proper cutting techniques, found here. These tips include:

  • Avoid using Shun knives to cut through bones, joints, and frozen foods.
  • Hand wash Shun knives immediately after use and dry thoroughly by using an absorbent cloth.

As with any product, following the manufacturer’s recommendations is the best choice to protect your investment for the long-term.

What Angle Should Shun Knives Be Sharpened At?

Sharpen Shun blades at a 16-degree angle. Using a whetstone is best to sharpen knives, but either an electric or manual sharpener is an alternative method. Shun sells a sharpening set, found here, and an electric sharpener. Shun also offers free sharpening service to owners.

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Are Global Knives Single Or Double Bevel?

Made in Japan, every Global blade is carefully hammered by hand. Instead of the bevel, the blades on Global cutlery have a convex edge. Because Global knives are sharpened on both sides of the blade, the edge comes to a sharper point with a straighter edge. Global explains that this unique, convex design keeps blades sharper for longer than typical bevel edge blades.

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Angles on Global knives range between 10 and 15-degrees, significantly smaller than Shun's angle. Global refers to this angle as “razor-sharp,” and cautions owners to use care when handling blades.

Just as with Shun knives, Global knives should be used properly and cared for appropriately. Gently hand wash with mild dish detergent and avoid using the blade to cut frozen foods, bones, and joints. Global recommends using either a water whetstone or a ceramic whetstone to sharpen yours on occasion.

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Alternatively, use either a ceramic sharpening rod or a diamond sharpening rod in-between sharpening as needed.

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Choose Your Next Shun Knife

Shun knives will prove a lifetime of worth in your kitchen. Now that you know more about single versus double bevel edges, you can be sure to pick the right knife to chop, slice, and dice your way into the next delicious meal.

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