The World’s Largest Ice Cream Delights [It’s Scoops of FUN]

Do you think there always needs to be more ice cream? Then, get ready for record-breaking creations that will blow your mind and make it hard to resist eating the entire thing, no matter how big they get. Because it's true: there's never enough ice cream.

Tip: You might want to serve yourself a bowl of ice cream right now because as you learn about these mind-blowing creations, you'll crave the cold, creamy, mouth-watering treat big time (and we mean BIG).

The Biggest Ice Cream Sundae

Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae With Sauce, The World’s Biggest Ice Cream

Some people have an insatiable appetite for ice cream, and one group decided to take it to the next level. So, they set out to create the Biggest Ice Cream in The World and succeeded. This massive frozen treat was so large that it had to be airlifted to enter the record books.

This sundae was a sight to behold. It comprised over 500 gallons of ice cream and various toppings, including chocolate chips, sprinkles, and nuts. It took over 10 hours for the team of chefs and engineers to assemble this mammoth dessert.

After completing the sundae, it had to be carefully transported by helicopter to make its way into the record books. Once there, it became an instant sensation and has since been featured in various media outlets worldwide.

The Tallest Ice Cream Cone

Empty Waffle Cup for Ice Cream. Empty Sugar Crunchy Icecream Waffle Cone. Street Fast Food Creative illustration Isolated on White Backdrop

The world's tallest ice cream cone has been created by a Norwegian family-run company, Hennig-Olsen. This towering treat stands an impressive 3.08 meters tall and weighs almost a ton. According to Guinness World Records, it contains 1,080 liters of ice cream, making it the biggest ice cream cone in the world.

The record-breaking cone was made from a combination of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors. The base was made from waffle cones and filled with layers of ice cream before being topped off with a generous helping of whipped cream and sprinkles. The entire structure was then held together with metal rods for extra stability.

It took over two hours to assemble this giant confectionary masterpiece!

The Longest Ice Cream Sundae

Everything's bigger in Texas!

At the Spirit of Texas Festival, 500 gallons of ice cream, 300 gallons of syrup, and a candy crunch chocolate swirl were used to create the world's longest ice cream dessert—totaling over a mile long! In only half an hour, the 4,000 festival-goers finished the entire sundae.

This impressive dessert was created to celebrate the spirit of Texas and its citizens. The sheer size of this sundae is a testament to the creativity and dedication of those involved in its creation.

It is remarkable how so many people could enjoy such an enormous treat in 30 minutes. The Spirit of Texas Festival has set an example for other festivals worldwide to follow when creating unique and memorable experiences for their guests.

The Largest Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate chip mint ice cream cookie sandwiches. Extreme shallow depth of field with selective on

Talk about supersized! A team of 30 extraordinary ice cream makers from the Hy-Vee store in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, secured their place in history.

After five hours to make their mammoth ice cream sandwich creation, these heroes exceeded everyone's expectations with an eye-watering large 2,960-pound version of an ice cream classic—officially a Guinness World Record size.

Who knew this small-town grocery store had what it takes to become a record-breaking legend? Now, all we need is someone brave enough (and hungry enough) to try and finish off this sweet monstrosity.

The Largest Ice Cream Facility

Dreyer's manufacturing facility.

When Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream made the wise move to expand its Bakersfield Operations Center, it became one of the sweetest success stories! This ambitious project cost a cool $100 million and resulted in an incredible 650,000 square feet facility that produces—wait for it—70 million gallons of ice cream and 98 million dozen frozen snacks every year.

Not only did this expansion secure their spot as the largest ice cream emporium, but with milk sourced from nearby dairies, they created a dreamy turnaround time—less than 24 hours between a cow and a cone!

With towering scoops and decadent toppings, these ice cream creations are truly one-of-a-kind. Even better, we've just scratched the surface, with imagination being the only limit when crafting record-beaking desserts. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the world's most impressive ice cream treats. And if all that reading left you wanting more, go ahead and snag yourself an extra scoop or two—no judgment here!






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