Where To Store A Blender In The Kitchen [An Exploration Of Options]

For all of you cooking enthusiasts, your kitchen is like your sanctuary, so it only makes sense that you would want your kitchen to be organized as efficiently as possible. Even if you aren't a culinary master, you'll still want a kitchen that is orderly and user-friendly. One appliance that makes an appearance in most kitchens is a blender. But where exactly do you put a blender? Do you keep it on your counter? Do you put it in a cabinet? It's a tough call for sure, but we understand your predicament and have compiled all of the information you need to find the perfect spot for your blender!

There are several different options for storing your blender, but most experts agree that the placement of your blender in your kitchen depends on your usage of it. If you use your blender often, you might want to keep it on the countertop for easier access. However, if you are someone who only occasionally or rarely uses your blender, you might want to put it inside of a cabinet out of sight since it will only take up counter space the majority of the time.

Blenders are a kitchen appliance most of us use at least once in a while, and proper placement of your blender is essential since you don't want to overcrowd your counters. If you want to learn more about where to store your blender, below are some helpful tips, so let's get organizing!

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Blender Basics

If you're like most of us, you don't have unlimited counter space in your kitchen, which is why you want to organize your counters in the most efficient way possible. Along with your toaster, coffee maker, and maybe even your microwave, do you have room for much more? The answer is probably no. So what should you do with your blender? The answer depends on you and your usage of your blender as compared to your other appliances.

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Blender Worshiper

If you love making smoothies and protein shakes, or if homemade milkshakes are your go-to evening snack, then you probably use your blender a lot. If that's the case, you likely want to keep your blender on the counter for easy access.

Instead of under it, storing it on the counter will save you time because you won't have to drag your blender out and then put it away every time you use it. As a rule, only appliances that you use often should take up your precious kitchen counter space.

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Barely Blend

If you have a blender and only use it for the occasional frozen drink or a once-a-month hummus craving you're having, then you might want to consider leaving the blender in a cabinet or a pantry.

The less you use it, the higher up or further back in the cabinet it should go. If it's seldom used, then put it up on a high shelf, so it's not taking away space from those appliances and other kitchen gadgets that you do use often. If your cabinets are pretty deep, you could also place it behind something you use more frequently. Remember, organizing your kitchen should be about what works best for you!

How Do You Store A Blender?

So once you've found the perfect place for your blender, whether it is on the counter, below it, or above it, how do you store it? Experts recommend that your blender should always be clean and dry wherever it is stored.

It's important to clean the entire blender, which includes the jar and the lid, the blades, and the base-- although you don't want to put the base in water. Thoroughly dry it too. And make sure that your storage area is free from moisture as well. Always unplug your blender when you aren't using it.

Where Should I Put My Kitchen Blender?

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If you decide to put your blender on the countertop in your kitchen, you probably want it located where there is plenty of room to prepare whatever it is that's going in the blender. You will want it within close proximity of an outlet since you need to plug your blender in. Avoid keeping it near the sink to prevent water from being splashed on it.


If you opt to put the blender in a cabinet, put it somewhere with plenty of space so that you don't damage any parts of it. As discussed before, you will want it in a dry place away from moisture. If you use your blender once a week or so, keep it close and put it in a cabinet with easy access.

How Do You Hide The Blender On The Counter?

A blender isn't the largest countertop appliance when compared to toaster ovens and coffee makers, but the idea of another appliance on the counter might cause you to grimace. So how exactly can you hide a blender on the counter? One option is placing it in a corner as far back as possible. If you don't have the counter space to do that, you could always put something in front of it, like a bowl of fruit or even a vase of flowers.

If you only use the blender to whip up small portions, then you might consider a personal blender that only makes one serving at a time. They are much smaller and can be hidden on the counter a lot easier.

This Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is great for making smoothies, and it's easy to travel with. Best of all, you can drink right out of it!

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There are also appliance covers that you can purchase that are designed to cover and hide your small appliances. Although they won't exactly make the appliance invisible, they will offer a more uniform look on your counter if you get matching covers for all of your appliances. This black Ritz Blender Appliance Cover is not only attractive and goes with many different kitchen decors, but it will also protect your blender from damage while it's on the counter.

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How Can I Hide My Countertop Appliances?

If you have a lot on your counter and you just don't like the clutter, there are a few viable options to make your counters look neater and more aesthetically pleasing. As previously mentioned, you can opt for appliance covers. They come in various colors, patterns, materials, and sizes, so you are bound to find the perfect ones for your kitchen decor.

Here is a mixer cover with a modern design that's guaranteed to add some pizzazz to your counter. This cover also comes with pockets so you can store utensils or other kitchen essentials in it.

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Another idea is something called an appliance garage. Appliance garages look like little houses for small appliances, and they fit onto your counter and hide the appliances from view.

This appliance garage is a great-looking addition to any kitchen, and it keeps your small appliances completely hidden.

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One more idea for small appliances is to put them in a kitchen carousel if you have one. These are corner cabinets in the kitchen that feature rotating shelves. Although it involves taking your appliances off the counter, they are still very accessible and entirely out of view.

In Closing

Blenders are a great appliance to have on hand, and even though they can take up a good amount of space, there are countless options for storing them. Just remember to follow the guidelines for washing and drying them, and always unplug your blender when it's not in use. In the end, it's your kitchen, and you should do what works best for you and your gadgets!

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