Where To Hang Kitchen Towels – 5 Great Ideas!

A kitchen towel is a major necessity in the kitchen. They serve many functions in the kitchen, from simply drying your hands to cleaning up spills, drying dishes, covering foods, and holding hot plates. They are a great way to cut down on paper towel usage. But, where can you place them within easy to reach yet not in the way or just thrown haphazardly on the kitchen counter? Good news, we've found five great ideas for where to hang your kitchen towels!

Here are our top five ideas we've found for hanging kitchen towels:

  1. Magnetic hooks on the fridge, microwave, or dishwasher
  2. Bar holder placed on the side of an island or cabinet end
  3. Inside the cabinet on a hanging rack
  4. Over the door bar holder for cabinets
  5. Simple towel clip to secure to the oven handle

Thinking about which option would work best for your kitchen? Continue reading for more information about these five great ideas we've researched! You'll find some basic practices to avoid and incorporate with hand towels. Plus, answers to common questions about dishtowels and decorative towels.

Hanging kitchen towels and kitchen utensils, Where To Hang Kitchen Towels - 5 Great Ideas!

Kitchen Towel Don'ts

You'll want to avoid balling up kitchen towels and leaving them on the counter. Not only is this not pleasing aesthetically this doesn't allow the kitchen towel to dry between uses and allows mold and mildew to form in the dark wet surface of the towel. This is not only unsafe, but it also results in stinky towels. This is why hanging the towel is your best option.

Red and white crumpled dish towel

Kitchen Towel Dos

Kitchen towels hanging on hooks

You will want to place your kitchen towels where they're easy for you to reach and able to dry out between uses. Never use a used kitchen towel to dry your dishes. You should always grab a fresh, clean kitchen towel to dry your clean dishes. This avoids any cross-contamination from dirty towels.

Ideally, you should be washing your kitchen towels every few days or a minimum of once a week to make sure they are not harboring bacteria.

1. Magnetic Hooks

These magnetic hooks can be used on a multitude of surfaces, not just the fridge! They enable you to hang the towel on any magnetic surface, whether it be a microwave, stove, or dishwasher. This makes the towel easy to reach yet still allows for it to air dry between uses!

Check out these magnetic hooks on Amazon.

2. Bar Holder

This is a great simple place to hang your kitchen towels if you have an island or a blank cabinet end in your kitchen that you'd like to spruce up. They're conveniently located on the side and out of the way yet easy to get to! You simply install the bar on the end of an island, the top portion of a cabinet end, or the bottom cabinet end.

Check out this hand towel holder on Amazon.

3. Cabinet Rack

This one is a hidden option. It allows you to hide your towels under a sink on the interior of the cabinet. You simply mount the rack to the backside of whichever cabinet you chose; it allows the towels to be out of the way.

Check out this cabinet rack on Amazon.

4. Over The Door Bar Mount

This is probably the most popular kitchen towel mounting option. It's aesthetically pleasing; you can choose any cabinet you like. You don't have to know how to use a screwdriver or drill to install, and if you decide you don't like the location or another cabinet works better, it's no fuss to move!

Check out this over the door towel bar mount on Amazon.

5. Towel Clip

This is another very easy no-fuss option. One of the easiest ways to dry and display a kitchen towel is to simply hang it on the oven handle. Many people who have used this option without a clip have noticed it's very hard to keep the towel on the oven handle though, especially with certain handle designs, they tend to fall off very easily. These clips allow for the towel to be secured and never fall!

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Where do you display kitchen towels?

If you'd like to display seasonal or other decorative towels in the kitchen, we recommend using the simple towel clip to display on the oven or the bar on an island or cabinet end. The oven is usually a main focus in the kitchen, so it will place the towel where anyone walking into the kitchen will easily spot!

How do I keep my kitchen towels from falling down?

This is where the towel clips come in handy! You can clip them to the oven handle, cabinet, or your towel rack if needed. They are an easy, simple no-fail way to keep your towels from falling!

How to hang decorative kitchen towels

If there is a single image on the bottom part of the decorative kitchen towel, it's best to fold about a quarter of fabric on either side to center the decorative image and then hang it on your bar or oven handle.

You can also invest in a countertop display rack for decorative towels, placing them on the counters for guests to see.

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Where should hand towels be placed in the kitchen?

Liquid blue soap in a transparent plastic dispenser beside hand towel

Many people like to keep hand towels as close to the sink as possible or within a turning radius of the kitchen sink for ease of use when drying their hands. Under the sink, a drawer beside the sink, a caddy next to the sink, or simply on the counter next to the sink are all great options for fresh, clean towels.

How do you hang dish towels in the kitchen?

You have a few options here. First, always wring out your dishtowel as best as you can once you are done using it, and it's ready to be dried. Then you can either hang the towel right next to your kitchen towel, or you can choose to hang a dishtowel in the sink on the sink divider.

If you have no divider or your sink is full, you can hang the dishtowel on the faucet arm, letting it thoroughly dry between uses. There are also racks available for purchase to hold dish towels or sponges next to the sink.

Check out this next to the sink rack on Amazon.

Where do you hang kitchen towels to dry?

Stylish light gray kitchen interior with modern cabinets and stainless steel appliances in new home

Any of the hanging options will work to hang your kitchen towels to dry as this is the best way to store them between uses. You will want to make sure to wash your towels a minimum of every week, ideally every few days. Simply folding them in half and putting them on the bars or rack will allow any moisture left in them to dry up. If using hooks, placing the top of the towel on the hook allowing the main body of the towel to dry is best.

In Summary

Kitchen towels are a great budget-conscious and eco-friendly alternative to using paper towels. We hope you've found these five hanging ideas useful and practical for your kitchen.

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