Where Is The Viking Refrigerator On/Off Switch?

Viking refrigerators are known for their aesthetic appeal and quality craftsmanship. Suppose you have a Viking refrigerator or consider purchasing one for your kitchen. Do you wonder where the on/off switch is located? Or how does the Sabbath mode work? We've researched these questions and have found substantial research results to share with you!

Generally, the on/off button is located behind the access panel left of the center at the very top of the refrigerator. Remove the access panel, and the on/off switch is easy to access. 

Are you ready to learn more about Viking refrigerators? Do you wonder which temperatures are deemed safe for food storage? Or what issues would cause it to stop working correctly? Please continue reading this article. We have well-researched answers to share with you!

A semi rustic inspired kitchen with white countertop and white cabinets, Where Is The Viking Refrigerator On/Off Switch?

Where is the Viking refrigerator on/off switch?

Viking refrigerators are manufactured to offer homeowners and professionals a crisp and polished appearance, with excellent engineering to keep your foods at the best temperature possible.

To maintain an uncluttered aesthetic, the on/off switch is located to the left of the center behind the access panel at the very top of the appliance. To access the on/off switch, pull the access panel forward, and just left of the center, you will see the on/off switch.

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