What Kind Of Fish Is A Branzino? [& Is It Edible]

There are numerous salt and freshwater fish, and branzino in particular has been growing in popularity. But what kind of fish could it be, and is it edible? We've done the research, and here's what we've found.

Branzino is more than just edible; it's amazingly delicious! In fact, branzino is well-known in restaurants across the globe, especially in Greek and Italian cuisine. Branzino is the Italian name for the European or Mediterranean sea bass, a saltwater white fish with a sweet taste and flaky meat.

Now that you know that branzino is a delicious European bass, let's broaden our knowledge about this fish. We'll tackle some of the most common questions about branzino. We'll also cover how to store and prepare branzino as well as what food goes best with this scrumptious fish. Read on to learn more!

What Is A Branzino Fish And Can You Eat It?

Branzino, aka European or Mediterranean sea bass, is widespread in Greek and Italian restaurants. It is a white fish that thrives on the coast of Europe, Africa, and the Mediterranean ocean.

European bass

Branzino isn't a fast-growing fish. It takes many years for it to reach complete maturity. A fully adult branzino can weigh around 5 kg and can reach up to 1 meter long. The branzino's appearance is silvery grey with occasionally a dark-bluish color on its back.

Branzino is also named "The wolf of the sea" since it can get ravenous and has a carnivorous diet of fish and shellfish. It's also comprehended for its adaptability as it can endure and thrive in temperatures as cold as 41°F.

What Does Branzino Fish Taste Like?

What does branzino taste like that people absolutely love it? Chefs around the world adore its flaky, mild, and lightly sweet taste. Branzino tastes quite comparable with various kinds of sea bass and halibut.

What Is Special About Branzino Fish And What Are Its Health Benefits?

What makes branzino special and beneficial? Besides being delicious, versatile, and containing Omega-3 and protein, branzino is packed with multiple vitamins and minerals.

These are the vitamins branzino has which are vital for immunity:

  • Calciferol (Vitamin D)
  • Retinol (Vitamin A)
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Minerals branzino has that help the body sustain a healthy balance:

  • Calcium
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc

FAQs About Branzino

European seabass ready to cook

Let's address some of the most frequently asked questions about branzino.

Is Branzino Farm-Raised?

Although wild branzino still exists, commercial branzino is mostly farm-raised to keep up with the supply and demand.

Can You Eat The Skin Of A Branzino Fish?

Fish such as snapper, salmon, and mackerel have tasty skin when cooked until crispy. You can eat the skin and all of these fish when you cook them perfectly. And branzino is one of these sorts of fish you can roast the skin until nice and crispy.

Is Branzino Bony?

Branzino isn't as bony as many other types of fish. And the best thing about its fishbones is that they're high in cartilage. It means that when the flesh sears, it dissolves the cartilage rather than drying it out so that the meat remains juicy even after the fish gets the proper temperature.

Is Branzino High In Mercury?

Mercury in fish can cause several health problems, especially for growing fetuses and young kids. It's safe to say that branzino contains relatively low levels of mercury, so it's safer than other fish for your young kids.

How To Prepare And Serve Branzino Fish Properly: The Six Rules

How To Prepare And Serve Branzino Fish Properly The Six Rules

There are several guidelines for serving branzino, whether in restaurants or at home and eating it. Here are six of them:


Branzino should be eaten immediately and never left outside at room temperature for more than two hours. So, if you're going to store raw branzino, keep them in the refrigerator for a day or two or in the freezer, where it can keep for two to three months.

For cooked branzino, you can put it in the fridge, where it can last up to four days, or up to four months in the freezer.


Surprisingly, washing raw fish before cooking can actually spread bacteria, so refrain from rinsing branzino.

When cleaning branzino, lay it on a cutting board or flat surface. With one hand, grab it by the tail, and with the other hand, scrape the scales off the branzino with a knife from the tail to the head.


Branzino is so versatile that you can cook it in numerous ways. You can roast it, pan-sear, grill, bake in salt, or sauté it. You can also cook branzino whole or in fillets. To stay safe from food poisoning, thoroughly cook branzino, and cook to at least 149°F.


You can serve branzino whole or in filets.

To serve a whole branzino:

  1. Slice the fish in two halves from the head to the tail.
  2. Leave the tail and head untouched.
  3. Hold the fish with a fork and slice open with a knife the belly from head to tail.
  4. Gently open the fish into two parts.
  5. Arrange and distribute, respectively.
  6. Avoid serving random parts. Start serving from its head and down to its tail.
  7. Never turn over the branzino to get the meat on the spine's other side. Extract the meat underneath by carefully raising the backbone.

Pair And Don't Pair It With

Branzino can be paired with numerous food and drinks. But there are also some no-nos you must always keep in mind.

The Do's

  • You can pair branzino with steamed, fried, or roasted vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, and potatoes.
  • It's also excellent meat for pasta and risotto.
  • Branzino is also perfect with white wines such as Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Don'ts

  • Avoid pairing branzino with other meat and dairy foods.
  • Never add it to any pizza.
  • Branzino shouldn't be paired with red wine.


These are the must-dos when eating your branzino dish.

  • If you ordered a whole branzino, use the serving tools, get a few pieces of meat, and put them on your dish.
  • Consume your branzino with a fish knife and fork.
  • Never use the fish knife to cut the meat on the plate. Use it with a fork to slice the flesh into bite-sized chunks.
  • Keep an eye out for small bones, but don't fuss or focus on searching for them.
  • Upon finding a small bone in your mouth, secretly extract it with your fingers and put it in one spot on your plate.

10 Best Paired Food And Drink With Branzino

Sea bass served with lemon and lime wedges, and mashed potatoes with fried kale chips

We've included several perfectly paired foods and drink with branzino.

Baked Beans

One of America's favorite side dishes is baked beans. They are tasty, rather easy to make, and perfect with branzino.

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Dinner Rolls

This recipe is uncomplicated, and consistency is key to excellent dinner rolls. A light, flavorful, and soft roll with a crispy surface are all you can want in your rolls. Dinner rolls coupled with branzino, everything's superb.

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Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is one of the best side dishes for branzino. It's fairly simple to make with simple ingredients. Branzino and garlic bread gives a powerful, delicious flavor.

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Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is a classic dish that is simply delicious. Put in some additional herbs and spices to give it a little kick. And combined with branzino, this dish will surely elevate.

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Mashed Potato

Mashed potato is such a comforting and delicious side dish. You can opt for the authentic flavor or add some herbs and spices. Your mashed potato will taste even better when paired with branzino.

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Minestrone Soup

Minestrone contains veggies that go well with branzino. It's also easy to make, and you can adjust the taste according to your liking.

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Branzino risotto is like a piece of heaven on earth. Especially when you use fresh branzino, the combination will result in a subtle and creamy texture and flavor.

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Stir-Fry Vegetables

Stir-fry vegetables are packed with flavor and perfect complement to any fish like branzino. This dish is excellent for a weeknight dinner and amazing enough to serve visitors.

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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are the perfect appetizer for any affair. These fries boast of crunchy, tasty, and somewhat sweet flavor. A combination of sweet and savory is immaculate.

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White Wine

The perfect alcoholic beverage for branzino is white wine. Its light and lively flavor go well with branzino's light and flaky texture.

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Is Branzino Better Than Salmon?

Branzino and salmon are both low in fat and rich in protein. They also have Omega-3 fatty acids, vital for a healthy heart and brain operation. The only difference is salmon contains more Omega-3 than branzino.

Your Branzino Will Be Served

Sea bass baked with potatoes and tomatoes

Is reading facts and information regarding branzino make your mouth water? Then, you can either order branzino in a restaurant or find a fresh branzino and make one for yourself. You can pair them with sweet potato fries or cook risotto and drink them with white wine.

Whatever dish you choose, savor the taste of branzino. You'll never go wrong with this incredible fish.

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