What Can I Use Instead Of A Turkey Baster?

Whether it's for Thanksgiving or Sunday dinner, turkeys are a well-known tradition. While there are many different ways to cook a delicious turkey in this day and age, using a baster is one of the most traditional. However, what happens when your baster breaks or you simply realize that you don't own one? We have looked into this issue for you to see if there is more than one way to baste a turkey!

There are several different things that you can use in place of a turkey baster. All that's required for a replacement tool is that it can pick up and transport hot liquids a short distance. Here are some different and convenient options:

  1. Spoon
  2. Ladle
  3. Liquid measuring cup
  4. Coffee cup
  5. Brush

Even if you don't happen to have a turkey baster in your kitchen, the chances are very high that you own one of these other items. If for some reason you don't own any of these, they can be easily purchased at a local store or off Amazon. Before you pop your turkey in the oven and grab whatever is closest to you for basting, there might be more you need to know. Make sure to keep reading below to help you choose the best baster alternative!

Roasting a turkey with oranges and other breads on the side, What Can I Use Instead Of A Turkey Baster?

Alternative Turkey Basters

Some of the choices for alternatives may seem like a stretch but they'll do the job in a pinch. It's good to know the ins and outs of each baster replacement so that if you have all of them, you can pick the best for you.

1. Spoon

Choosing to use a large cooking spoon is a great choice. They are arguably the most common item that you can find in a kitchen on this list. While you could use a smaller, standard spoon, a larger spoon is better for safety's sake. With a long cooking spoon, you can easily transfer the turkey's juices.

Simply open your oven, dip your spoon into whatever marinade or juices are in the pan, and distribute the juices evenly across the top of the turkey. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until the top of the turkey is adequately moistened. Another bonus with using a spoon is that you can wear an oven mitt while still holding the spoon for added safety.

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2. Ladle

Ladles are a close second choice to spoons for this job. The reason for that is because they are just a little less common to find in every kitchen. However, as far as the job of basting goes, ladles are even better suited than spoons. This is because of their ability to pick up more liquid.

Since ladles are better designed for picking up and holding liquid, you'll have to use them fewer times than a spoon. They also have a long handle so you can do the job from a slightly safer distance.

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3. Liquid Measuring Cup

Liquid measuring cups are possibly even better suited for this job than spoons or ladles. This is because they can obviously hold more liquid. With that ability, you'll have to make even fewer trips from the liquid to the top of the turkey.

However, since it doesn't have a long handle you'll have to be just as careful as you would with a baster. Maybe even more so since doing the scooping motion will put your hand even closer to the very hot pan, turkey, and liquid. A dry measuring cup could be used in a pinch too but it will be less effective.

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4. Coffee Cup

A coffee cup is an option if you're in even more of a pinch. If you don't have any of the above options, then this one will work similarly to a liquid measuring cup. However, it won't have the pour-friendly design or larger handle. It probably won't be as big either. You'll also have to be even more careful when using a coffee cup to scoop up the liquid.

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5. Brush

A silicon cooking brush or regular cooking brush will do for this replacement! Just make sure the paintbrush is completely clean. This choice may seem obvious since its job in the kitchen is to spread marinated and juices across different meats. However, that doesn't mean everyone owns one. To use this tool, simply dip it in the liquid and then spread it across the turkey. As with all of the other options, just be careful not to burn your hand.

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More Turkey Basting Questions

After you pick up your basting tool, you may have some other questions cross your mind. Here are some other things to think about for cooking the most flavorful turkey possible!

What Is A Turkey Baster Used For?

You may know how to use a turkey baster but do you know what its purpose is? The process of basting your turkey is meant to keep the whole thing moist and flavorful while cooking. The way turkeys cook in an oven the bottoms of them are covered in liquid. However, the tops are exposed to the oven and prone to drying out. Continuing to baste your turkey will stop that drying out from happening.

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How Do You Baste A Turkey?

Using a turkey baster is a fast and easy process. Simply place the end of the baster into the liquid in the pan and gently squeeze the bulb. Once the baster is full, you can stop squeezing the bulb. Then move the baster over the top of the turkey and gently squeeze the bulb again to distribute the liquid. Repeat as needed.

With the alternative basting tools, the process is a bit different. For most of the replacement tools, you simply scoop up the liquid and then carefully pour it over the top of the turkey. When using the brush you just have to dip it in the liquid and then brush the top of the turkey.

How Often Should I Baste A Turkey?

Figuring out how many times to baste a turkey is a bit of a balancing act. The reason for this is that opening the oven a ton of times is going to slow down the cooking process. Many say that you should baste your turkey once every half an hour. Others say to push that to once every 40 minutes. It can also depend on how big your turkey is and how quickly you need it to cook. If you have a bit of wiggle room for when you need it to be done, then you might want to do it more frequently just to be safe.

Can You Cook A Turkey Without Basting?

Just like there are several ways to baste a turkey, there are several ways to cook it too. The most obvious one is to cook it the same way but not baste it. However, this will probably give you a dry turkey. That's why it's important to have a few different cooking methods in your back pocket.

You can also cook the turkey in a bag, pressure cooker, or fryer. Any of these methods will ensure that no part of the turkey is exposed. This way it won't dry out and there's no need for the basting. There are some other methods as well such as injecting. This method uses a special tool to put the juices inside the meat instead of on top of it.

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Final Thoughts

If you plan on basting your turkey, then you don't necessarily need to worry about having a baster. Many different kitchen utensils can do the job. They just have to be able to transport the liquid from the pan to the top of the turkey in some way. Just make sure that when you plan out the cooking time for your basted turkey that you leave a little room. This way if the cooking process is slowed down from opening the oven to baste, it won't put you behind. All that's left to do after that is enjoy your delicious turkey!

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