21 Best Wallpaper Ideas For Kitchen Walls

Wallpaper is back! Maybe you have anxiously awaited the return of this classic wall covering, or perhaps you find modern wallpaper interesting and classy. But either way, you are on a journey to find the perfect kitchen wallpaper.

Kitchens see a lot of use, all day, by the whole family. In addition, guests almost always see the kitchen whether they come for dinner or drop by. This frequency makes the choice of kitchen wall covering all the more important.

It is not easy to choose a simultaneously interesting, attractive pattern that matches the overall design scheme. This post presents 21 of the best wallpaper ideas for kitchen walls to help make that process easier.

As you will see, the choices range from subtle to bold, from black-and-white to color, and from geometric to organic in the pattern. While all the selections shown here are worth considering, only one or two will likely fit your design preferences.

Square patterned kitchen backsplash beige cabinet drawers and a small cooktop and range hood, 21 Best Wallpaper Ideas For Kitchen Walls

1. The Retro Look

A kitchen wallpaper post would be incomplete without a nod to the origins of kitchen wallpaper design. The repeating floral pattern and green undertones perfectly complement the classic green cabinetry and backsplash shown in this photo. This wallpaper makes an excellent choice for those with a flair for nostalgia.

A retro inspired kitchen with cyan colored cabinets, red retro chairs and tables and checkered flooring

2. Textured Beige

Mid century inspired kitchen cabinets with rustic marble countertops and a chandelier

Notice how well the wallpaper on the left of the above photo complements the granite countertop and backsplash. The sandy textured beige wallpaper blends seamlessly into the rest of the kitchen design for a timeless solid look.

3. Abstract Flowing Slashes

Purple stainless steel kitchen cabinets inside a luxurious kitchen

The wallpaper in this example incorporated broad strokes that present a feeling of movement. Without being overbearing or gaudy, this wallpaper perfectly matches the bold burgundy cabinetry. Further, this example seems organic without leaning heavily on the classics of floral or vegetation patterns.

4. Gray and Textured

Rustic inspired kitchen with wooden and steel furnitures, blue painted cabinets and white brick wallpapers

What is great about gray? Well, for one, it matches almost everything. Notice how the gray textured wallpaper looks great with the blue cabinets, the natural wood counters, and the white throughout the room. With this wallpaper, you can rest assured that any kitchen additions will match.

5. Another Play on Gray

Vinyl plank flooring inside a luxurious modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and gray tables

The wallpaper featured in this kitchen is similar to example number four. Once again, gray is shown to match very well with natural wood motifs. Further, the textured nature of the wallpaper adds interest and depth to the room's overall design.

6. Bright and Vertical

A white countertop inside a small kitchen with brown cabinets, brick wallpaper backsplash and a stainless steel range hood

The bright vertical bars of the wallpaper in this kitchen function to make the ceiling look tall and the space bright. In addition, the colors tell everyone that this is a kitchen for a good time, loud laughing, and creative cooking. Welcome to the party!

7. Humble and Stylish

Classic designed kitchen with brown countertop, white kitchen cabinets and a small window opening

Here we see another take on vertical bars running from cabinets to ceiling. However, the colors here are warm and subtle. Overall, the wallpaper in this example imparts a stylish and subtle nod to past kitchen design in a way that comes out as modern.

8. Why Not The Ceiling?

A small kitchen area with white countertop, white drawers, and a white countertop decorated with small plants

We expect wallpaper only to be used for walls, but why not the ceiling? In this example, there are bold ceiling dots for a retro look. Normally, people do not spend much time looking up in a home. This ceiling wallpaper will be sure to change that, a choice that adds dynamism and space to a room.

9. Red and White

Retro inspired kitchen with red stainless steel drawers, white countertops, white backsplash area nd white kitchen cabinets

The red and white impressionist vibe of this wallpaper is sure to impress. While the colors are more specific than grey or beige, this wallpaper makes a statement if matched to the space. Namely, that floor-to-ceiling coordination makes a kitchen pop!

10. Subtle and Floral

Oak kitchen cabinets with a marble countertop inside a small kitchen with floral wallpaper on the wall

This wallpaper again has subtle curving designs that cascade up and down the kitchen walls. The choice of plants on wallpaper adds a natural and homey vibe to the entire kitchen. Also, the subtle colors match most other design choices.

11. Concentric Squares

Square patterned kitchen backsplash beige cabinet drawers and a small cooktop and range hood

The concentric rounded boxes of this wallpaper complement the standard squared edges of countertops and cabinetry. Further, the pattern will serve to mask the inevitable buildup of grime that all kitchens experience. Again, this pattern imparts a timeless kitchen look.

12. A Splash Of Color

A black and white inpsired kitchen with white caibnets, stainless steel fixtures and a striped backsplash

The wallpaper in this example visually connects the backsplash to the cabinets and is one of the only sources of color in the room. While forest green usually does not claim a place as colorful, that all changes when the main scheme is black and white. This shows how wallpaper truly can be used to add a dynamic splash to kitchen design.

13. Just Peachy

A light and small kitchen area with beige painted cabinets, white floating cabinets, and a white countertop

The brushed peach wallpaper exhibited here brings brightness and cheer to this kitchen. Further, the peach color is appropriate for all seasons and will match your changing seasonal decor. These light walls also help to add space to the kitchen.

14. Above Cabinet Accent

Hardwood kitchen countertop and white kitchen cabinets with an electric induction cooker

Like many of the examples here, the wallpaper is used to accent the space above the cabinets. Wallpaper makes an excellent means to accomplish this goal. Often, the space above the cabinets and range hood are left out of design considerations. That is not the case here.

15. Put A Bird On It

This kitchen wallpaper is bold, modern, and colorful. This is an excellent choice if you want the wallpaper to be the center of attention and conversation. The fruit accents and hummingbirds make the scene vibrant and bright, resulting in a very cheerful kitchen.

16. Green and Oranges

The dark green leaves, bright oranges, and muted background give this kitchen wallpaper significant contrast and appeal. When paired with an understated all-around style, this wallpaper is sure to impress and bring in compliments from guests and family alike.

17. Moroccan Flair

This wallpaper is designed to mimic bright Moroccan tile work. As you can see here, the panoply of colors and patterns is vibrant and enjoyable. This wallpaper will cut down on the visibility of messes and is sure to make your entire kitchen feel more illuminated.

18. Black and White Floral

If you are looking for a natural look without the bright colors of many other wallpapers, this is just the ticket. The black and white pattern remains interesting and eye-catching without being in danger of being overbearing or too much. The depth of this pattern also will seemingly add space to your kitchen.

19. A Wall of Citrus

As you can see, citrus fruits are a popular theme for modern kitchen wallpaper. This particular example incorporates a thick and healthy lemon tree laden with lemons. This pattern is sure to inspire passionate cooking and a comfortable in-home atmosphere.

20. Bold and Repeating

This wallpaper's bold and repeating patterns do more than just pop; they demand attention and expand the room. Further, this dark pattern will hide dirt and distract the eye from all messes. As shown by the picture above, the eye is drawn across the room into the kitchen with this bold look.

21. Is that Tile?

Are you interested in tile without all the hassle? Well, installing wallpaper that mimics the look of tile is a great option. The repeating pattern and neat lines remain without the extraordinary price tag of tile. Wallpaper also has the advantage of being much easier to replace compared to tile.

In Closing

The above post provides just a glimpse of what it takes to design and decorate a kitchen properly. For additional reading, consider these great articles from Kitchen Seer:

In this post, we provide a guide to some of the best kitchen wallpaper options out there. With 21 different wallpaper pictures and overall kitchen designs, we provide an excellent starting point for choosing the right type of wallpaper for you. In addition, we provide links to other helpful kitchen design articles. Good luck!

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