3 Types Of Pie Pans To Know

When cooking pies, it may seem like all pans are created the same. However, there are a variety of different pie pans with different features. The type of pan you need will depend on the type of pie you are cooking. For example, if you are baking an apple pie, the filling will need to cook longer, so you will need a pan that will evenly distribute heat.

Below, we will discuss the three main types of pans:

  1. Ceramic
  2. Glass
  3. Metal

Keep reading to discover the differences between each type along with our top picks in each category.

A freshly baked meat pie in a pie pan, 3 Types Of Pie Pans To Know

1. Ceramic Pie Pans

Red and white ceramic bakeware

Ceramic pie pans come in a range of exquisite styles, colors, and designs. They are fairly heavy but extremely durable. Some come equipped with handles, while others have non-slip bottoms. Ceramic plates are usually the most expensive of the pie pans, but they last for a long time and evenly distribute heat for a well-cooked pie with a crust that doesn't burn before the inside is ready.

Emile Henry Made in France 9" Pie Dish

If you want a stylish pie pan, the Emile Henry 9-inch Pie Dish is for you. It is made in France and comes in a variety of colors, boasting a beautiful, ridged rim. It only weighs 2.4 pounds, and since it is dishwasher safe, cleanup is a breeze. Its even heat diffusion and retention qualities mean your pie will cook evenly and stay warm long after you take it out of the oven.

The durability and scratch-resistant properties make for worry-free potlucks and cookouts. It is safe for use in the microwave, broiler, or oven. It is also resistant to extreme temperature changes, meaning you can take it directly from the freezer and place it in the oven without consequence.

You can purchase an Emile Henry 9" Pie Dish on Amazon.

Koov Ceramic Pie Dish

This beautifully designed pie pan is the perfect size for baking individual pot pies for everyone in the family. They weigh roughly one pound each and come in a set of six. The slip-resistant bottom allows you to place them anywhere without the worry of them sliding or knocking them off the counter.

The KOOV Ceramic Pie Dish is 6.5 inches around and 1.8 inches deep, holding approximately 14 ounces of filling. It is safe for both the dishwasher and microwave. This little pan can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and takes well to being transferred from one extreme temperature to the next.

You can purchase the KOOV Ceramic Pie Dish on Amazon.

Emile Henry Made in France 10.5" Ruffled Pie Dish 

The Emile Henry Ruffled pie dish is made in France and displays an elegant design. It's a bit larger than your average pie plate at 10.5 inches around and 2.5 inches deep; however, it is lightweight and easy to carry at only 2.5 p0unds, making it ideal for parties and gatherings.

Choose between three colors, including burgundy, blue, and charcoal. Cleanup is easy with its nonstick and dishwasher safe characteristics. You can use it in the broiler, oven, or microwave at temperatures up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit. Pies will cook evenly, and it retains heat, so they will stay hot for longer once removed from the oven.

You can purchase the Emile Henry Ruffled Pie Pan on Amazon.

ZONESUM 10.2" Pie Pan

If you're tired of dull pie dishes, spice up your kitchen with the ZONESUM 10.2-inch pie pan. Not only is it colorful, but it also has beautiful designs along the outside and inside of the plate. It holds 52 ounces, making it suitable for pies, cakes, and much more.

It's easy to take along to parties, weighing roughly 3.2 pounds, and it is dishwasher and microwave safe. Bake at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wide rim makes removal less difficult.

You can purchase ZONESUM 10.2" Pie Pan on Amazon.

OISSI Blue Floral 10" Pie Pan

Are you clumsy? If so, this pie pan will make your life much easier! It comes with handles on the side for easy retrieval from the oven. This pan is dishwasher and microwave safe, and you can also use it in the freezer. The 10-inch, porcelain design is non-stick and crack resistant.

You can purchase OISSI Porcelain Pie Pan on Amazon.

2. Glass Pie Pans

Glass container for baking

Most glass pie pans are plain and simple. However, since you can see through them, it makes it easier to tell when your pie is done. Unlike the metal pans, glass pie dishes evenly distribute heat, helping you avoid burning the crust when working with fillings that need to cook for longer periods. While glass pans are heavier than metal, they are lighter than ceramic dishes.

OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid

If you enter your pies in competitions or take them to gatherings, you understand the need for a lid. The OXO Good Grips Pie Plate makes for easy traveling with its included cover. The lid features clasps around the rim, creating a secure fit. Don't worry about condensation; the plastic, BPA-free lid features slits that let moisture out, preventing a soggy pie. It is also dishwasher and freezer safe.

You can purchase OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid on Amazon.

MCIRCO Deep Glass Pie Pan Set

This glass pan has it all. You get notches for easy fluting and handles to help avoid accidents when moving from the oven to the table. It comes in a set of four different sizes that stack neatly into one another for seamless storage.

The sizes are 7, 8, 9, and 10 inches around, and they hold 45, 35, 32, and 21 ounces of filling. They are dishwasher safe and non-stick, making for easy cleanup. The heavy-duty material is durable and lightweight but resists heat up to 560 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can purchase MCIRCO Deep Dish Glass Pie Pan on Amazon.

Pyrex Glass Bakeware Pie Plate Pack of 2

For a thinner pie with less filling, the Pyrex Glass Bakeware Pie Plate is an excellent choice. You'll get a large, 10-inch pie pan that is only 1.5 inches deep. It is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe and comes with a two year warranty. At 1.8 pounds, it is lightweight, making it great for cookouts and parties. This non-porous pan repels food odor and flavor, and it is also stain-resistant.

You can purchase Pyrex Glass Bakeware Set on Amazon.

Anchor Hocking 9.5" Embossed Pie Plate

If you want a glass pie pan but prefer something a little less plain, the Anchor Hocking Embossed Pie Plate is for you. This beautifully embossed pie dish comes in a lovely rose color. It is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe; however, it can only withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The wide rim makes for easy transfer from oven to table, and the ridged edges aid in fluting pies.

You can purchase Anchor Hocking Embossed Pie Plate on Amazon.

Pyrex Atlantic Blue Pie Plate 

Add a little color to your kitchen with the Pyrex blue pie plate. It is 9.5 inches around and 1.6 inches deep, with ridges along the rim to assist with fluting. This pan will evenly distribute heat for perfectly cooked pies and won't retain odors or flavors.

Even more, it has non-stick and stain-resistant qualities. The wide rim allows you to easily transfer from the oven to the table, and it's dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup.

You can purchase the Pyrex Atlantic Blue Pie Plate on Amazon.

3. Metal Pie Pans

Round metal non-stick baking dish

Aside from disposable pans, metal pie dishes are typically the cheapest. They can last a long time, and you don't have to worry about them breaking if they fall. Additionally, many have non-stick coatings; however, this can be both a pro and a con. Certain utensils can scratch the surface of non-stick metal pans, creating an unappealing plate that no longer keeps food from sticking to the bottom.

Metal pie pans are extremely lightweight and great for fast-cooking pies, creating a crisp, brown crust. However, metal pans do not cook evenly, so it can be a problem when baking pies that need to cook longer in the center, causing the bottom to get done before the rest of the pie.

Tosnail Nonstick Pie Pan

This non-stick pie pan is not ridged on the top. Instead, it is ridged along the sides with a removable bottom for easily displaying and serving your beautifully fluted pie. While it is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer recommends hand washing instead. At just 13 ounces, the carbon steel design is extremely lightweight and withstands heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can purchase the Tosnail Nonstick Pie Pan on Amazon.

Deep Dish Non-Stick Pie Pan

While most metal pans do not cook pies evenly, this one changes the game with its small holes, allowing heat to radiate evenly across the entire pie for a crispy, golden crust all the way around. It is not dishwasher safe, but the non-stick qualities will make for easy cleanup. The bottom also comes out for easy serving and cooling purposes.

You can purchase a deep dish non-stick pie pan on Amazon.

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Pie Pan

This sturdy pan is made with commercial-grade aluminized steel with a non-stick, silicone coating. It is 9.5 inches around and 1.5 inches deep. The ultralight design comes with a lifetime warranty, and all products from this brand are made in the U.S.A.

You can purchase USA Pan Bakeware Pie Pan on Amazon.

Lindy's Stainless Steel Pie Pan

Unlike other metal pans, this stainless steel pie plate is heavyweight and built to last. Unlike aluminum, it won't rust and provides a more even cooking experience. You can take it from one extreme temperature to the next without consequence, and it's safe for use in the freezer. Its polished finish gives off a shine that keeps food from sticking to the pan.

You can purchase Lindy's Stainless Steel Pie Pan on Amazon.

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Hi-Dome Covered Pie Pan

This pan is one of our favorites because it is lightweight, at only one pound, and comes with a lid. The cover is high enough to protect your pies without touching the top or smashing your dessert. It is made strong enough for commercial use but affordable enough for baking at home.

You should never place it in the dishwasher; however, the non-stick capabilities aid in easy cleaning. There is also no need to worry about rust, and the heavy-duty, steel rim ensures the pan doesn't warp or bend, leaving you with a sturdy product that will last for years to come.

You can purchase Nordic Ware Natural Covered Pie Pan on Amazon.


With so many products on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right pie plate for your needs. Using our recommendations can help you decide on a pan with the highest quality and value that will work best for the type of pie you are making.

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