13 Types Of Food Containers You Should Know About

Glass boxes with fresh raw vegetables, 13 Types Of Food Containers You Should Know AboutWhether you're storing leftovers, meal prepping, or keeping fruits and veggies fresh, food containers are always a helpful tool! No need to let perfectly good food go to waste. Food containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and even colors. Who says food storage has to be boring?

You might wonder what the best type of food container is. Lucky for you, we created a list of 13 types of food containers to help you better understand the different options. Browse through the list and see which one best fits your kitchen needs. Let's get to it!

1. Plastic Food Containers

Plastic food containers are one of the least expensive storage options. They're very durable containers that are dishwasher safe. These containers usually come in large quantities, and the overall cost of production is relatively cheap. Another benefit of plastic food containers is that you don't have to be very careful with them. They can tolerate getting jostled around and still remain intact.

Over time, plastic food containers may get warped or degrade. They can also start to absorb scents, especially strong ones, that can't get washed out.

Rubbermaid and Ziploc are popular brands when it comes to plastic food containers. These brands have proven to have quality products with great durability and innovative design.

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2. Glass Food Containers

If you want food containers that look nicer, glass food containers may be the ones for you. It's no secret that food will look better in a glass container than in a plastic container. Glass containers are relatively durable, but many won't withstand being dropped.

Glass is non-porous and scratch-resistant, ensuring it won't look worn down, even after years of use. It's also easy to tell what food is inside since it's seethrough.

You can store your food in the glass container and directly heat it up in the same container. Things to consider when thinking of purchasing glass food containers are their weight and generally higher price point.

Pyrex has made a name for itself with all kinds of glass food storage and cooking containers.

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3. Stainless Steel Food Containers

Stainless steel containers have a  sleek, modern design. Most of these containers have plastic or silicone lids to completely seal off the containers and keep the contents fresh. When refrigerated, they can help keep the food fresher for longer periods of time. These containers are completely unbreakable.

Stainless steel is non-toxic, won't stain, won't absorb flavors, and doesn't react to acidic foods, making it useful for storing any type of food. If you decide you no longer want these containers, you can recycle them!

Keep in mind that stainless steel food containers cannot be microwaved. They're also a bit pricey, and when they're in the fridge, you won't be able to see their contents.

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4. Ceramic Food Containers

Ceramic food containers are typically the most decorative out of all the various types of food containers. Ceramic is a very sturdy and durable material, making it an excellent choice for food containers. It's generally non-porous and non-toxic. The ceramic food containers can be (without the lids) heated in the microwave, oven, and stove.

If faced with extreme temperature changes, ceramic food containers could become brittle and eventually break. With these containers, you won't be able to see the contents.

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5. Acrylic Food Containers

Acrylic food containers are a type of plastic. These food containers are BPA-free, ensuring that no harm is done from toxins. It's very difficult for these containers to shatter, so they're very drop-proof.

Acrylic food containers are see-through, so you can see the contents without having to open the lid. Some acrylic food containers have different sections, so they're perfect for storing whole meals and for meal planning.

It's recommended that acrylic food containers not be used in the microwave or washed in the dishwasher.

Rubbermaid is an excellent brand for all kinds of plastic and acrylic containers. The company is built on durability, innovation, trust, and proven performance.

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6. Vacuum Pouches

Whether you're looking to portion out food or preserve it, a vacuum-tight pouch is a great option. Seal freshness and flavor in, make seasonal foods last longer, and save money over time!

Air is the main thing that eventually spoils food, so these vacuum pouches remove all the air and use heat to create an airtight seal. These packs are clear, so you'll know exactly what's inside of each one.

FoodSaver is a popular brand for vacuum-sealed pouches. This home vacuum sealer keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer than other food storage containers.

Sealable Vacuum Pouches

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7. Metal Cans

Metal can food containers work best for things like sauces or other foods in small quantities. Of course, there are also larger sizes available. Metal cans are also moderately airtight, thus helping to preserve the contents for a longer period of time.

These food storage containers aren't microwave-safe, so don't even try it!

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8. Aluminum Food Containers

Aluminum food containers are a typical "throw-away" style of storage containers. Aluminum provides a good barrier between the food and light and air that could affect the food quality. These types of food containers can be recycled, too. Since it's a lightweight and plentiful material, it's relatively inexpensive.

There are lots of sizes available. You can also cook food in these food containers then proceed to store it in the same container.

An obvious disadvantage of aluminum food containers is that they are not designed to last very long, so they're a disposable option. Do not microwave these food containers.

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9. Styrofoam Food Containers

You probably think of styrofoam food containers when you think of your leftovers or takeout from your favorite restaurant. However, you can also purchase your own styrofoam food containers for home use. Styrofoam is great at maintaining the food's temperature, whether it's hot or cold. It's a rather inexpensive option and can be found in multiple sizes.

It's a known fact that styrofoam takes longer to break down, so it's not the best thing for the environment. But with that said, you can find some styrofoam containers that are safer for the environment and that do breakdown.

Foam Hinged Styrofoam Container

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10. Cardboard Food Containers

Cardboard food containers are disposable and recyclable, making them a great option if you don't want to go through the hassle of cleaning food containers every time they're used. These containers are microwaveable, so you won't have to worry about dirtying more dishes either. Store hot or cold items in them and don't worry about any leakage or other messes.

Store your food in these cardboard food containers and use them as disposable and transportable lunchboxes. While inexpensive when bought in bulk, costs could catch up if they are your only food storage containers.

50-Pack Food Containers

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11. Copper Food Containers

If you want to give your food storage containers a facelift, look no further than the use of copper food containers. Copper is a gorgeous, durable metal. You'll enjoy long-lasting food containers that won't absorb any odors from their contents. It's best to handwash these containers. They're oven-safe at a low temperature.

Godinger specializes in creating handcrafted items. Their items are made from high-quality metals and the company employs innovative designs.

5-Piece Hammered Copper Food Containers

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12. Silicone Food Containers

Silicone food storage containers have become increasingly popular. Many silicone containers are collapsible, meaning you'll save a lot of room when storing them not in use. Silicone containers don't absorb odors. Silicone food containers are safe, durable, and reusable. There are also reusable silicone zipper bags available. The silicone zipper bags are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Some silicone food storage containers are seethrough while others are not. A wide range of food types can be stored in these containers.

SuperDee Corp is known for creating great, durable silicone food storage containers. They offer versatile sets in lots of color and size options. All their products are non-toxic, odorless, non-stick, and easy to clean.

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13. Pyrex Food Containers

Pyrex food storage containers are well-loved. These glassware containers are durable and long-lasting. The containers seal in freshness and reduce waste. The design of these containers make it easy to stack them- both in the fridge or in storage.

Create a perfectly organized kitchen cabinet with the way these containers stack and store. There are both clear glass and decorative glass options.

Since it is glassware, it's a bit more pricey than other food storage container options. Take a bit more care with handling these products since they are breakable.

Pyrex is a brand that originated in 1915 with a line of carefully crafted glass kitchenware. Since its inception, they have greatly expanded and have a large selection of kitchen glassware.

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