17 Types Of Bundt Pans To Know

With their intricate patterns and distinctive donut-esque shape, bundt cakes can be just as much an artful centerpiece on the dining table as a part of the meal. To create one of these stunning masterpieces in your own kitchen, a good bundt pan is a must.

Bundt pans, sometimes described as fluted tube cake pans, are easily recognizable by their round shape, sculpted sides, and trademark hole in the center. They come in a wide range of materials, sizes, and shapes, and are ideal for baking dense cakes like pound cake.

For your convenience, we've put together this post on types of bundt pans just for you, broken down by material, size, and shape. Without further ado, let's get into it!

Sliced bundt cake placed on a wooden table, 17 Types Of Bundt Pans To Know

Bundt Pan Material

The first feature to consider when looking for a bundt pan is the material it is constructed of. What it is made of will determine the ease with which a cake releases from the mold, how evenly it bakes, and how it should be cared for. Continue reading as we take a closer look at aluminum, silicone, ceramic coated, glass, and cast iron bundt pans.

1. Aluminum Bundt Pan

Stainless steel bundt cake molders and other utensil on a container

Aluminum is the classic material of choice for bundt pans since they hit the baking scene in the 1960s. It has retained its popularity and remains the most common type of bundt pan available today, boasting a sturdy construction.

Because aluminum is an excellent heat conductor, bundt cakes baked in aluminum pans have an even finish and rise well. On the downside, while its surface is typically nonstick, an aluminum bundt pan will require thorough greasing and flouring to release cakes intact.

2. Silicone Bundt Pan

The challenge to pulling off a great-looking bundt cake to dazzle your friends and family is getting it out of the pan intact. The highly flexible silicone bundt pan is known for its ability to release a cake cleanly. The same feature that makes it great at releasing a cake, however, does invite criticism for being much more unstable than its metal counterparts.

Silicone bundt pans do tend to bake less evenly as well. On the bright side, silicone comes in lots of fabulous colors and is dishwasher safe, keeping clean up as simple as possible. Click here to see the above silicone bundt pan on Amazon.

3. Ceramic Coated Bundt Pan

Bundt pans also come with ceramic coating. This type of finish gives the pan a sophisticated look and is nonstick for easy release after baking, a feature of highest importance when baking a bundt cake. Ceramic coated pans do require delicate treatment to avoid scratching the nonstick coating. To prolong its life, avoid using sharp utensils on the pan and skip the dishwasher in favor of handwashing. Click here to see the above ceramic-coated nonstick fluted cake pan on Amazon.

4. Glass Bundt Pan

A Chef preparing a bundt cake

For bakers who are suspicious of nonstick coatings on their cookware, bundt pans are available in glass as well. Glass is durable, bakes evenly, cleans easily, and allows you to easily see the cake rising while it is baking. The biggest challenge of a glass bundt pan is adequately greasing and flouring for a clean release of the cake.

5. Cast Iron Bundt Pan

The cast iron craze isn't just for skillets. Cast iron lovers extend their devotion to even bundt pans. While more challenging to find, cast iron bundt pans are known to produce beautifully browned and evenly baked cakes. Bundt pans made of cast iron do require greasing just as the other types do. Be sure to follow standard cast iron care tips when washing and storing a bundt pan.

Bundt Pan Sizes

In addition to being made of a variety of materials, it is important to note that bundt pan sizes are not uniform. The three most common sizes that you will come across are the 12-cup, 6-cup, and mini bundt pan. We will discuss those below. Here's a pro tip for you regarding bundt pan size: always check how the manufacturer has labeled the pan size, and be sure to match up the size of your recipe with the size of your pan.

6. 12-Cup Bundt Pan

A man cooking freshly baked chocolate bundt cake


If you are making a bundt cake to feed a crowd, a 12-cup bundt pan is what you will need. Typically 10 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 inches high, this is a traditional size bundt pan.

7. 6-Cup Bundt Pan

Not every occasion calls for a full-sized cake. If the 12-cupper is too much for you, you've got other options. The 6-cup bundt pan usually measures 7 1/2 x 3 inches and makes a perfect medium-sized cake. A fun feature of the 6-cup bundt pan is that it can even be used to bake a cake in an electric pressure cooker. Click here to see this 6-cup bundt pan on Amazon.

8. Mini Bundt Pan

Delicious freshly baked mini bundt cakes

A favorite among bakers because it is just so adorable, mini bundt pans come sized for an individual. Often, they resemble cupcake pans, with 6 bundt molds per pan. They can also be found as single molds, made of various materials we discussed above and in a plethora of designs. Mini bundt pans do produce a larger cake than a standard cupcake, so depending on your audience, keep in mind that they may actually be big enough to share.

Bundt Pan Shape

Finally, we've made it to everyone's favorite feature of bundt pans: their shape. The most distinctive feature of a bundt cake is the beautiful grooves and crevices adorning its surface. These intricate patterns are created by the shape of the bundt pan.

Today's bundt cake bakers are fortunate to have a vast selection of shapes available to them. From a traditional shape to floral motifs to holiday themes, there is surely a bundt pan suitable for any occasion. Keep reading as we take a look at some of our favorites.

9. Traditional

A light blue colored bundt cake molder

As shown above, the most classic shape for a bundt pan is round with wide, rounded vertical flutings nestled between narrow, sharp vertical flutings. This pan produces the bundt cake you remember your grandma serving. If vintage and nostalgic are your vibe, you can't go wrong with having one of these pans in your kitchen cupboards.

10. Floral Bundt Pan

If you are making a spring cake, you will want to take note of floral-shaped bundt pans. The hole in the center of the pan becomes the center of the flower, with petals spilling out across the sides of the cake. You can even take your pick of a bundt pan shaped like a flower blossom, a magnolia flower, or a rose. Click here to see the above rose-shaped bundt pan on Amazon.

11. Swirl Bundt Pan

A green color bundt pan molder

A twist on traditional bundt pan shapes is the fun-filled swirl. The flutings on this type of pan fan out from the center in an elegant swirl. Shown here with pointed flutes, swirl pans can also have rounded flutes and vary in the degree of their swirl pattern.

12. Vintage Star Bundt Pan

Another stunning type of bundt pan is the vintage star shape. Rather than solid vertical flutings, this spectacular shape consists of overlapping points flayed out like a star. As such, a vintage star bundt pan produces a geometric cake with so much visual interest that it doesn't even need a dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of glaze. Click here to see the above vintage star bundt pan on Amazon.

13. Chiffon Bundt Pan

Who would have imagined ruffles adorning a cake? Yet, that is exactly what a chiffon bundt pan features. Reminiscent of a patriotic bunting draped across the town square on the Fourth of July, this festive cake shape screams Americana. We recommend using a chiffon bundt pan to bake a berry topped cake for perfect for a summer backyard BBQ. Click here to see the above chiffon bundt pan on Amazon.

14. Jubilee Bundt Pan

One more type of bundt pan is the jubilee shape. The jubilee shape features an intricate diamond pattern etched into the sides of the cake, and careful observers will be delighted to discover a heart pattern created by the diamonds. This one is undeniably a show-stopper! Click here to see the above silicone jubilee bundt pan on Amazon.

15. Stained-Glass Bundt Pan

If you are looking for an exquisite bundt pan, look no further than the stained-glass shape. As the name suggests, it takes inspiration from stained-glass windows and is sure to elevate your baking game to new heights. Layers of concentric geometric shapes rise vertically from the edge of this pan to its center hole. With so many grooves and crevices, be sure to sufficiently grease this pan for the best results. Click here to see the above stained-glass bundt pan on Amazon.

16. Castle Bundt Pan

While most bundt pans are elegant and geometric in design, bundt pans do know how to have fun. As you can see, imagination runs wild in the castle-shaped bundt pan shown above. Featuring a brick castle wall, towers, and a gate, this delightful pan reminds us of sandcastles and carefree imaginative play. A castle bundt pan would be an excellent choice for a child's birthday or if you just need to let your inner child run free for a day. Click here to see the above one on Amazon.

17. Holiday Wreath Bundt Pan

Lastly, let's take a look at a seasonal favorite, the holiday wreath bundt pan. This pan will create a cake that is sure to warm your home with holiday cheer as it features a pinecone-studded wreath topped with a bow. Dust the cake with powdered sugar to accentuate the wreath pattern and really make it pop. Click here to see the above holiday wreath bundt pan on Amazon.

In Closing

Bundt pans come in an exciting array of distinct choices. It is important to know the options because the material it is made of, the size of the pan, and its shape will all affect the outcome of your cake. Whether you are using an aluminum, silicone, glass, or cast iron pan, be sure to grease it well in all the crevices for a clean release and beautiful presentation that showcases whatever intricate design you have chosen.

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