The World’s Largest Marshmallow

Hold on to your sweet tooth because we're about to embark on a journey to discover the world's largest marshmallow. So, get ready to stretch your imagination (and waistband) as we explore the fluffy world of a marshmallow monstrosity.

Two marshmallows being roasted over a campfire to make smores, The World's Largest Marshmallow

Berkhamsted School Wins the World’s Largest Marshmallow Prize

On October 22, 2019, the United Kingdom's Berkhamsted School stunned the world by creating a 205-pound marshmallow, setting a Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Marshmallow.

Per Guinness World Records, Josh Nunn, a student at the school, proposed to create the world's largest marshmallow in the shape of Pudsey the Bear's head. Belinda Clark, a confectioner, worked with Berkhamsted School to create the marshmallow, which ended up over three feet wide. Additionally, the school received donations from local businesses.

An auction was held to help raise donations for Children in Need, and how cool is this: the highest bid of £550 (about $650.00) was won by Irini Zortzoglou, a former Masterchef winner (2019). Zortzoglou then paid his winnings forward by distributing pieces of the marshmallow to raise "s'more." The proceeds went to the Jigsaw Children's Hospice Charity.

It's amazing what people can do when they come together with a common goal. Sweet!

More Magnificent Marshmallows

Two stretchy marshmallows roasting over fire flames. Marshmallow on skewers roasted on charcoals

But that's not all - there have been other attempts to make giant marshmallows worldwide.

The Viral Marshmallow

One TikTok user named Matt had made a giant marshmallow that went viral when he posted it. 

Matt is a popular creator on TikTok who posts videos of his culinary creations. For example, the above YouTube video states that Matt's monster marshmallow amassed over 17 million views.

The video gained widespread attention on TikTok, with many users in awe of the size of the marshmallow and the skill required to make it. It also spawned several other videos of people attempting to make their giant marshmallows.

Matt's success on TikTok has led to opportunities outside the platform, including collaborations with other brands and creators. He has also gained a large following on other social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

The 40-Pound Wonder

Another YouTube video shows how to make a DIY marshmallow weighing over 40 pounds.

And, you know, if you make the world's largest marshmallow, you can do a lot with it. For example, you could use it as a pillow, and when you dream about eating candy, take a bite. Or, you can snuggle up to your marshmallow on a cold night — carve it out and crawl inside.

Well, maybe not, but keep your world's largest marshmallow away from fire unless you want to end up with the world's largest campfire treat!


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