At What Temperature Should A Deep Freezer Be Set?

If you have a deep freezer, finding the right temperature to set it to can be tricky. Do you want to make sure your food stays good for a long time but don't know how cold your deep freezer needs to be? Well, we've done some research and have the answer for you. Let's discuss.

You want to keep your deep freezer at zero degrees Fahrenheit to preserve the food inside. Food that you store at zero degrees or colder will last indefinitely in your deep freezer, so keeping its temperature low is essential.

As we begin, we will cover all things deep freezers and discuss how to keep your food edible longer. Whether you haven't ever used a deep freezer or need advice on food storage, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

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What Is The Best Temperature For A Deep Freezer?

Ideally, you want to set your deep freezer to zero degrees or below freezing. To properly work, a deep freezer needs to be very cold, or your food might spoil.

Luckily, many deep freezers are programmed to stay at zero degrees or lower, so you won't usually need to adjust them too much.

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How Long Does Food Last In A Deep Freezer?

You can typically expect the food in a deep freezer to last you between 12 and 24 months. states that frozen food continuously kept at zero degrees or below can last indefinitely, which is good to know.

They also mention how meats like fresh beef, veal, lamb, and pork can all stay good for around 12 months in freezing temperatures, so it's important to keep your deep freezer chilly.

What Does A Deep Freezer Do?

Generally, a deep freezer will preserve food's quality longer and more effectively than a traditional built-in refrigerator option. Deep freezers are more common in industrial settings, like restaurants or grocery stores, although many choose to buy them for their homes.

Unlike a regular freezer, deep freezers won't have shelves and can hold more items inside. A deep freezer also gets to colder temperatures than a built-in refrigerator option, which is better for long-term food storage.

Do Deep Freezers Keep Food Longer?

Yes, a deep freezer will keep food longer than a standard built-in refrigerator option. By design, a deep freezer won't let out its cold air as easily as a traditional freezer, which keeps food good for longer.

That said, a full deep freezer will do a better job of staying cold than an empty/barely filled one, so keep that in mind.

What Is The Difference Between A Freezer And A Deep Freezer?

A deep freezer with lots of meat and other contained food

Generally, a regular freezer is better for storing food you plan to eat in a few weeks, while a deep freezer works better for long-term food storage. Another big difference is that a regular freezer will only hold around 150 liters, while some deep freezers can hold closer to 500.

Deep freezers will also keep your food fresher for longer and won't be as difficult to keep at zero or below degrees, which makes a huge difference.

Which Is Better: A Standard Freezer Or Deep Freezer?

Between the two, we recommend using a deep freezer for long-term food storage. Although you can keep frozen meats and fish in your refrigerator's built-in freezer, they won't last as long as those kept in a deep freezer.

Another reason we prefer deep freezers is that they can stay cold for up to three days without power, meaning less spoiled food for you.

Can Your Freezer Be Too Cold?

Although a freezer should be kept cold, we don't recommend going overboard. As we said, a deep freezer, specifically, should stay at around zero degrees Fahrenheit. You don't have to set your appliance much lower than that.

Especially if you are working with a built-in refrigerator-freezer, you don't want to set it too cold, or you might blow out your entire appliance. It's also likely your electricity bill will go up if you set your freezer to a super cold temperature, so doing this isn't always beneficial.

How Full Should A Freezer Be?

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Generally, you want to try and keep your freezer between 70% and 85% full. Although this isn't required, the more food you keep in the freezer, the better it stays frozen, which is important.

Keeping your freezer filled will also cut back on energy usage, which in turn could mean a smaller electric bill each month. Of course, that's not to say you have to jam-pack your freezer with food, but try to keep it at least two-thirds full.

How Do I Know If My Freezer Is Cold Enough?

As long as your freezer is keeping your food completely frozen, its temperature is fine. Although this varies, a freezer will often have settings ranging from one to five or an actual thermostat you can adjust.

As we covered above, you don't necessarily need your freezer to be negative 20 degrees, but it should register around zero/freezing. That said, an easy way to test your freezer's temperature is to place a thermometer inside and check it after 30-45 seconds.

Is 10 Degrees Cold Enough For A Freezer?

Generally, it's better to keep your freezer at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Although ten degrees won't cause your food to spoil, it will take longer to freeze it. And that isn't good for its shelf life.

Keeping your freezer at zero degrees will also temporarily inactivate bacteria and mold, which can end up saving the food inside. Of course, this isn't a permanent solution, but it will keep your food safe to eat while you store it.

How Much Does A Deep Freezer Cost?

Typically, a deep freezer will cost you between $150 and $500, depending on how big it is. For a smaller deep freezer (3-4 cubic feet), you can expect to pay just under $200, while a larger option (6-8 cubic feet) can be anywhere from $400 to $600.

Of course, this comes down to what you plan on storing in your deep freezer and where you plan to put it, so not all options will be super expensive.

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Is A Deep Freezer Good For Home Use?

If you like to hunt or store food for long periods, having a deep freezer in your home is a great idea. Although deep freezers can be costly, they will extend the life of your food, which in our opinion, is priceless.

There are also plenty of smaller deep freezer options. This means you don't have to clear out a huge space to have one. So if you plan on freezing larger cuts of meat or fish for more than a few months, we recommend looking into a deep freezer for your house.

How Long Does A Deep Freezer Last?

Generally, a deep freezer will last you between 15 and 20 years. Deep freezers, most times, are very durable and won't require much maintenance, so expect to have yours for a while.

Freezers, in particular, are one of the longer-lasting kitchen appliances. They have an average lifespan of around 15 years, so you won't need to replace yours often. That said, most deep freezers will come with a warranty of some kind, usually lasting between one and ten years.

Is Having A Deep Freezer Worth It?

When it comes to being worth it, a deep freezer is great for those who love to cook. Besides extending the shelf life of your food, having a deep freezer can save perishable items during a power outage.

Deep freezers are also long-lasting, so you can consider having one as an investment.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you have a deep freezer or want to buy one, it's essential to keep it cold. From what we found, a deep freezer should be set to zero degrees or below freezing to work correctly. Maintenance-wise, try to keep your freezer two-thirds full and don't open it if the power goes out. You also want to make sure you regularly clean your freezer so it can last you decades to come.

Regardless of what you store in it, make sure to keep your deep freezer at zero degrees or lower. And don't forget to find one with a warranty.

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