How To Properly Store A Mousse Cake Overnight

Ahhh, mousse cake, so light and airy! But you want to know what's the best way to store your mousse cake overnight. It would be horrible if it lost its delicious lightness by storing it improperly. Well, no worries, we've done the research and have the answers on the best way to store your mousse cake overnight or anytime.

The best way to store your mousse cake overnight is covered and in the fridge. If left out, it could get too soft and lose its airy texture. It might even get a bit runny, which could make it lose its delicious appeal.

Let's take a look at this more in-depth. We'll also talk about the ingredients that make mousse cake as special as it is, and we might even have a few recipe suggestions. We'll also cover how long a mousse cake will keep, how long you can let it sit out, and if you can freeze it. So please keep reading to find out more.

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How To Store Mousse Cake Overnight

Chocolate mousse cake dessert in a plate

Mousse cake is so delicious and airy. The mousse practically disappears in your mouth the minute you take a bite. But what happens if you have some leftover? Or what happens if you want to make a mousse cake the day before you're going to serve it? Surely it must need some special type of storage to keep it as delicious as it is.

The good news, it doesn't really take any sort of specialized storage other than your refrigerator. But it will need to stay cool overnight. If you have leftover cake, simply store it with a cake cover, as this will keep any toppings from being disturbed. These handy kitchen storage bins make keeping cake and pastry fresh super easy.

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If you've baked a mousse cake, you might choose to wait and assemble it on the day of serving. If you do that, simply wrap your cooled cake layers in plastic wrap and keep your mousse chilled in a bowl. This way, you can assemble them easily on the day of serving. If you've already assembled it, use a cake keeper like the one above. If you've prepared your mousse cake in a springform pan, simply cover the top of the cooled cake with plastic wrap and wait to remove the form till the following day.

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See our post here with great information on using springform pans: "Which Way Does The Bottom Of A Springform Pan Go?"

What Is Mousse Cake Made Of?

Mousse is a delicious airy treat made from whipping cream, sometimes gelatin, and often chocolate, as well as sugar, hot water, and vanilla. It's best known served as chocolate mousse in little glass cuts with perhaps a dollop of additional whipped cream on top. But clever bakers figured out a way to combine favorites: mousse and cake. This combination is what we know as mousse cake. There are different varieties of mousse cakes that we'll look at here.

Layered Mousse Cakes

Slice of berry fruit chocolate cake in the plate on white wooden background

Layered mousse cakes are pretty straightforward. They are basically layers of regular cake interspersed with layers of mousse. This delicious concoction is like a traditional layered cake, but rather than layers of frosting in between, there are layers of delicious mousse. These types of cakes are baked in two parts; the cake part is made and baked and cooled. Then the mousse part is made. The two parts are assembled by stacking and layering.

We found this great recipe for a rich dark chocolate mousse cake with chocolate ganache frosting.

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Springform Pan Mousse Cakes

Chocolate cake slice with curl on white background

The other type of mousse cake is one prepared in a springform pan. In this type of cake, the cake batter is prepared then baked in the springform pan. While it's cooking, you can then prepare and refrigerate the mousse. Once your cake is cooled, you spoon the mousse mixture onto the cake layer while still inside the springform pan. At this point, you refrigerate it. When it's cooled, you'll top it with either a ganache or fruit or layers of plain whipped cream, depending upon what your recipe calls for.

Here's a recipe for a triple chocolate mousse cake built in a springform pan.

A slice of strawberry cake dessert

If you're not a fan of chocolate, we also found this delicious recipe for a springy sponge cake and a raspberry mousse that you assemble in a springform pan. It's decorated with beautiful pipings of whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Can you say, "Yum?"

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How Long Does Mousse Cake Keep?

A mousse cake is not much different than regular cakes when it comes to storage time. Because the mousse contains no eggs and the sugar stabilizes the cream, it will last for three or four days. However, it may lose some of its airiness as time goes by. The cake part of the mousse cake may not dry out as quickly as plain cake because it will absorb a bit of the moisture from the mousse. A good rule of thumb is to count on your mousse cake keeping for four or five days if refrigerated.

If you're pre-making your cake, think about refrigerating the parts separately and waiting to assemble five or six hours before serving. This will ensure your mousse stays fluffy but will give your cake time to come together as a unit in the pan.

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How Long Can Mousse Cake Sit Out?

Mousse cakes are less stable sitting out than some other cakes. This is due to the light and airy nature of the whipped cream in the mousse. When let warm too much, for too long, it will start to break down and get runny, which can ruin your cake. With that said, we don't recommend leaving your mousse cake out for more than a few hours. If the inside temperature is cool, you might be able to push it up to five or six hours, but keep an eye on the cake to make sure it's holding up.

Can I Freeze Mousse Cake?

You can definitely freeze mousse cake, though ice crystals may form in a mousse that hasn't been made with gelatin. The mousse may also defrost more quickly than the cake, which can cause it to be a bit runny. If you're pre-preparing things to put together, then we recommend assembling after you've defrosted.

Or, if you have leftover cake, we recommend cutting the cake into slices, then wrapping each slice individually in waxed paper before freezing. This way, the slices have a better chance of unthawing at near the same speed. Having leftover cake in the freezer is a pretty awesome way to stock it fully. You might even want to try out a recipe just so you can freeze half of it for a day when you need a sweet treat!

Mousse - Not Moose, Not Mouse

Regardless of how tricky it might be to spell, a mousse cake is delicious. Layers of fluffy cake and layers of soft mousse, and maybe a layer of fruit or ganache topping all come together to create something truly decadent. We hope this post has answered your questions about how to keep your mousse cake tasting delicious.

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