How To Store A Ganache Cake Overnight

When it comes to rich and delicious desserts, few can outmatch a well-made ganache cake. An immensely pleasurable food, you might find yourself with leftovers you want to save for the next day. Maybe you want to make a cake for friends and family a day or two down the road. The desire to share such delicious food may find you wondering how to store a ganache cake overnight properly. Luckily for you, we've researched the proper ways to store a ganache cake overnight.

Ganache cake can be stored at room temperature for up to two days before it will require refrigeration. If served the next day, you'll be fine with leaving your cake out in a box or airtight tin. Keep your cake in a cool area out of direct heat, and wrap it in tin foil to keep it moist. Heat and air contact will dry your cake out and make it far less tasty. If you want to be safe or keep the cake for longer, refrigeration and freezing are always options.

As you can see, there are a couple of methods to best store your cake depending on when you plan to serve it and if you've access to refrigeration. There are always many variables at play when baking and a lot to discuss when it comes to keeping your cake delicious for as long as you need. Read on to find out the best methods we've found.

A peanut butter cheesecake with cookie crust and a chocolate ganache topping. How To Store A Ganache Cake Overnight

What exactly is ganache?

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A good first step towards understanding why ganache needs to be stored the way it does is understanding what ganache is. Ganache is a mixture of cream and chocolate that is used as a topping or filling in cakes. You can drizzle it on top of a cake or inject it into your cake to fill it out with a creamy center. Add butter or corn syrup to give your ganache a shiny appearance and sweeter taste.

Cakes aren't the only option for your ganache either. Candies, cookies, and a range of other confectionery treats are all options for your ganache if inspiration strikes. You can always find something to use leftover ganache on.

Is ganache hard or soft?

Ganache can be hard or soft, depending on the purpose for which you're using it. A two parts chocolate to one-part cream ratio is typically used for fillings. A one-to-one ratio generally serves glazes on top of cakes. Adjust the ratio of chocolate to cream in your ganache to modify its consistency. You may also need to adjust ratio amounts due to factors such as chocolate used, for example.

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How far in advance can I ganache a cake?

As mentioned before, how far in advance you can ganache a cake depends on how you want to go about storing it. Ganache does contain cream, so you will have to take necessary precautions to make sure it stays fresh. Depending on the methods taken, a cake with ganache can stay fresh anywhere from two days to three months.

How long can a ganache cake sit out?

As a general rule, a ganache cake can comfortably sit out for up to two days under proper conditions. Make sure your cake is in a cool to room temperature location out of direct heat or sunlight. This will ensure your cake doesn't prematurely dry out. It's then recommended that your cake is wrapped tightly and then wrapped in tin foil to offer extra protection from the elements. Even with these precautions, if your cake is going to sit for more than two days, refrigerate it to be safe.

Does chocolate ganache cake need to be refrigerated?

Time range is again the deciding factor in storage methodology for your ganache cake. If you're going to store your cake for longer than two days but less than over a week, refrigeration is best. Clingwrap and protect it, as usual, to keep your cake as fresh as possible. Do keep in mind refrigeration will harden your ganache, so allow it to sit at room temperature before serving, so the ganache can settle. You can also heat the cake if necessary.

Refrigeration is a good method of storage for up to a week. You can also wrap and store individual slices if you have leftovers of partially eaten cake. Do refrigerate leftovers as soon as possible for the sake of freshness. If you want to prepare ganache cake further in advance than a week, you'll likely want to move on to freezing as your main storage method.

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Does chocolate ganache freeze well?

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Ganache cake freezes quite well and can last from three to nine months in a freezer. Your ganache will obviously harden during its time frozen, but the ganache can be softened on removal through dethawing methods. Protect your cake both from damage and absorption of other smells and bacteria by boxing and wrapping it sufficiently. This will also keep your cake from getting freezer burn while in your freezer.

If using your ganache as a glaze, boxing your cake and allowing it to harden before wrapping it is recommended. Boxing it up first keeps your glaze from getting marked up by wrap before hardening while still protecting it from both freezer burn and airborne particles. However, protect it properly, and you can keep your cake for up to nine months before eating.

Many variables can crop up when you're making ganache to use in cakes. These factors can include the types of chocolate used, the ratio of chocolate to cream, additional ingredients, and more. These may all impact how you store your cake, so keep in mind just what kind of ganache you are using.

In Closing

There are few desserts out there as decadent as ganache topped cakes. The reasons for wanting to keep a cake stored for sharing or enjoying later are indeed numerous. Don't be afraid to experiment with baking and how to save your creations for partaking in at your own pace. With the help of this guide, your ganache cake should be there for you for months to come.

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