How To Start GE Dishwasher [Inc. For The First Time]

Figuring out how to use the appliances in your kitchen can be tricky sometimes. Have you recently purchased a GE dishwasher and can't get it to run? Well, lucky for you, we've done plenty of research and have the answers for you. Let's check them out below!

Typically, starting a GE dishwasher won't be too difficult. To begin:

  1. Load the dishes properly.
  2. Fill the detergent and rinse aid dispensers.
  3. Select a drying option.
  4. Choose your wash cycle.
  5. Close the dishwasher door to start the wash cycle.

Keep reading to know more about the proper way to start your GE dishwasher. This article also answers why your dishwasher won't start, why it's stuck in lock mode, and how to reset your GE dishwasher. Let's get started!

Run the dishwasher machine. Woman's finger pressing the Start button - How To Start GE Dishwasher [Inc. For The First Time]

How Do You Use A GE Dishwasher?

Open dishwasher with clean dishes in the white kitchen

Generally, a dishwasher is every homemaker's best friend. Imagine this smart appliance removes the dirty work from your hands, and you'll have squeaky clean pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and utensils with just a push of a button.

You can go about with your other chores or, better yet, relax in the living room while watching your favorite TV show.

First, make sure that your GE dishwasher is installed correctly. It should be placed on a flat surface, not leaning towards a particular side, and away from combustible materials.

Lastly, check if all the power, water, and drainage connections are in order.

Steps To Run A GE Dishwasher

If everything is all set, here's how to operate your GE dishwasher:

  1. Load the dishes into the racks. Don't overcrowd them, and take note of the direction of the water sprays to optimize the cleaning process.
  2. With the Cycle Indicator Dial off, fill the detergent and rinse aid dispensers with the recommended cleansers.
  3. Choose your drying option. Select Heated Dry for fast drying or Energy Saver if you don't want to use the dishwasher's heater feature. You can always have your dishes air-dried to save up on energy costs.
  4. If you have your GE dishwasher connected to your food waste disposer, empty its contents.
  5. Select your preferred cycle. Press either Pot Scrubber or Normal Wash on the control panel buttons, depending on how thorough you want the cleansing to be. Then choose On, Light Wash, or Rinse & Hold on the Cycle Indicator Dial according to your washing needs.
  6. Close the dishwasher door to begin the cycle. Make sure you latch it securely.

That's it! You can now finally relax and wait until the cycle finishes. Typically, a pot scrubber takes 74 minutes, 53 minutes for Normal Wash, and only 14 minutes if you choose the Rinse & Hold cycle.

Why Won't My GE Dishwasher Start?

Run the dishwasher machine. Woman's finger pressing the Start button.

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you're having trouble getting your GE dishwasher to start. Check the following features to find out what could be wrong.


Your GE dishwasher should be connected to a power source to function. Check if it is plugged in securely in the power outlet. Inspect the switch at the circuit breaker or fuse box.

Furthermore, make sure to turn it on, and there isn't a tripped breaker or blown fuses so that electricity can flow to your appliance.

Water Cycle

Your GE dishwasher needs sufficient water pressure to work properly. It won't be able to engage its functions when there is no adequate water supply.

Check your dishwasher's water connection. Carefully inspect the water supply, water inlet, and water supply hose. Additionally, ensure that the valves are in the proper position and can open and close when needed. Straighten out the hose to get rid of kinks.

Dishwasher Cycle

You need to set a dishwasher to your preferred cycle. It is a robot that will perform what you want it to do. Check the control panel for the available settings and choose which one you want.

Make sure that the Child Lock and Delay Start buttons aren't activated. Once you use these features, you won't be able to access the other functions.

The Child Lock button prevents interruption from kids and adults alike, while the Delay Start won't allow you to proceed with the wash cycle right away.

Door Latch

Washing dishes in the dishwasher. The woman puts dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Opening and closing the dishwasher.

Your GE dishwasher won't work if you don't close it correctly. This is the appliance's way of ensuring a safe cycle without any leaks.

Make sure that the dishwasher's door is closed all the way. Check the orientation of the racks and the placement of the dishes. They could prevent your door from closing tight.

Furthermore, the door latch should be engaged as this component has a switch that signals your dishwasher to start. If the door latch or switch is defective, you need to have it replaced by a professional to be able to use your GE dishwasher again.

If these troubleshooting tips don't work, it's best to call the GE service representative to address the issue.

Why Is My Dishwasher Stuck On Lock?

Your dishwasher locks automatically at the start of the wash cycle to prevent leaks. When your dishwasher finishes cleaning the dishes, it should also unlock itself.

However, some users experience having trouble opening their dishwasher doors. Here are two possible reasons and troubleshooting tips if this happens to you.

man repairing dishwasher. Male hand with screwdriver installs kitchen appliances, close up

Electronic Control System

Considering your dishwasher is powered by electricity, it performs the tasks you choose on the control panel.

If the dishwasher's electronic control system is overwhelmed by different commands or has gotten stuck one way or another, you won't be able to open it. You would need to reset your dishwasher to clear the electronic signals.

Your Dishwasher's Door

Like other doors, your dishwasher's door has essential components to function correctly. You will need to inspect if the door handle, hinge, latch, and striker are all in good working condition.

Each plays a crucial part in ensuring your dishwasher's smooth opening and closing. If any of these parts are defective, your dishwasher door might not engage when you try to open it.

However, we don't recommend working on these parts yourself. You might void your dishwasher's warranty. It's best to contact GE's service center so that they can check your unit and do the necessary repairs.

How Do You Reset A GE Dishwasher?

Run the dishwasher machine. Close-up of woman's finger pressing start button on dishwasher in the kitchen.

Electrical appliances sometimes get overwhelmed with all the commands that we give them. With that said, your dishwasher may need a good reset or rebooting to put it back in good running condition.

For GE dishwashers, there are two ways to do this:

Start/Reset Button

GE has a 'Reset' button, unlike other dishwashers, making this process simpler! Press the Start/Reset pad on the front control panel to reboot its electrical system. This will cancel the ongoing wash cycle.

You will notice a flashing light on the Start/Reset button. This indicates that the water is draining. This usually takes about two minutes to drain fully. Give your dishwasher some time to rest before you restart it.

Run the dishwasher machine. Woman's finger pressing the Start button.

Power Outlet

If the problem persists, you might need to do a hard reset.

To do this, turn off the circuit breaker or fuse box where your appliance is connected. Unplug the dishwasher from its power source. Wait for about one to five minutes before you plug it in again. This will clear out the electrical charge in the unit.

Turn on the switch of your circuit breaker or fuse box. Press the Start button. Your GE dishwasher should be up and running once again.

However, if the above methods don't work, we recommend calling GE directly to get some answers.

To Wrap Up

Ensure that your GE dishwasher is installed and connected to the power, water, and drain system properly. Load the dishes on the racks, fill up the dispensers with the recommended cleansers, and you get to choose your drying and wash cycle based on what you need.

Just make sure to shut the door tightly, and your dishwasher will do all the work for you.

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