Can Silicone Pot Holders Go In The Dishwasher?

Silicone pot holders are perfect for preventing hand burns when lifting and moving pots and pans. But can these pot holders go in the dishwasher for cleaning? We've researched the best methods to clean silicone pot holders, and in this post, we will answer this question for you.

For the most part, silicone pot holders are dishwasher safe. However, it's always best to double-check the care label of the pot holders before washing them. For example, some pot holders may come with water temperature or specific placement instructions when using the dishwasher. Also, just because a silicone pot holder is labeled as dishwasher safe doesn't mean that the dishwasher is always the best cleaning method to use. Hand washing is generally the safest method for cleaning the pot holders.

Silicone pot holders are one of the most convenient potholders that you can purchase. You can use them dozens of times before washing them, and you can hand wash them or replace them in the dishwasher to clean them. Let's take a closer look at how to keep them clean.

Taking Fresh Baked Cookies out of Oven using silicone pot holder, Can Silicone Pot Holders Go In The Dishwasher?

Best Way To Clean Silicone Potholders

While most silicone pot holders are completely dishwasher safe, they may wear down quicker over time if they are placed in a dishwasher instead of being washed by hand. It's important to keep your silicone pot holders clean, as they can develop a greasy film that can become hard to remove if it's left on too long.

When tossing them in the dishwasher, it's generally best to place them on the top rack to avoid any damage. In most cases, the dishwasher will work perfectly to clean the pot holders thoroughly. However, it helps to know how to wash them by hand if it doesn't. Let's take a look at how to do it.

It's helpful to first look at the label of the pot holders to determine if they have any specific instructions for handwashing. Some pot holders will have this information printed directly on their side, and some may not have any information at all. If the latter is the case, you can typically find this information on the manufacturer's site. Below we've outlined a safe way to hand wash your silicone pot holders.

1. Fill the sink with water

Start by filling your kitchen sink with warm water. Next, add a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. If you are cleaning more than six or seven pot holders, you may want to use an additional tablespoon of dishwashing detergent.

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2. Place the potholders in the sink

Place all of the pot holders in the sink and allow them to soak for about five to 10 minutes. Next, take a light-colored washcloth and use it to clean the pot holders. It's best not to use a colored washcloth as the color may run on the silicone, causing them to stain--especially if this is your first time washing them.

3. Use a washcloth to clean the potholders

Gently wash the silicone pot holders with the washing cloth. If the potholders are especially greasy, let them sit in the water for an additional 10 minutes to help lift the grease from their surface.

4. Rinse and allow them to dry

Next, drain the water from your sink and rinse the pot holders with lukewarm or cool water. Then place them standing up on a drying rack, not folded over, to ensure that they do not develop mold while drying out. It's also helpful to place a straw, plastic chopstick, or skewer on the sides of the pot holders to help hold them in place while they dry.

Can Silicone Pot Holders Go In The Washing Machine?

Some silicone pot holders are machine washable, though it's best not to wash them with your clothing garments. When washing them, keep in mind that you only need a small portion of washing detergent--a tablespoon should suffice. You'll also want to add a few spare towels to the washing machine to help them get a more thorough washing. Otherwise, you may find that they still contain greasy spots. It's not recommended that you dry these pot holders, but of course, it's always best to first check the care label beforehand.

How Effective Are Silicone Pot Holders?

Silicone pot holders are one of the most effective potholder types that you can purchase. Whether you purchase them with or without inner liners, they can provide dependable protection against burns. Let's look at some of their main benefits.

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Heat resistant

Silicone pot holders are typically heat-resistant up to about 450-degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them safer than typical fabric-made potholders. You don't have to worry about using more than one pot holder in each hand when lifting really hot pots or pans, as you may with typical fabric potholders.


Silicone pot holders are also waterproof, which provides wonderful protection from hot pans and steam from boiling liquids.


These pot holders provide a solid grip which is very effective at preventing drops and slips during use. Many come with a rugged texture to provide even more grip assistance, and they can assist with everyday kitchen tasks such as opening bottles, jars, and cans.


Silicone pot holders are typically fireproof, meaning they won't catch fire if you accidentally come too close to the stovetop. You also don't have to worry about them burning or melting easily.


Another benefit of silicone pot holders is their undeniable comfort. They also provide great flexibility, which can be very useful when dealing with heavy or irregularly shaped pots and pans.

Easy cleaning

Silicone pot holders are very easy to keep clean. You can usually toss them in the dishwasher along with other cleaning utensils, or you can wash them by hand using warm water and dish soap.

What Are The Best Materials For Pot Holders?

Taking Fresh Baked Cookies out of Oven using silicone pot holder, Can Silicone Pot Holders Go In The Dishwasher?

While this may be up for debate in many households, silicone remains one of the best materials for pot holders. In fact, a large influx of consumers has switched from fabric pot holders over to more modern materials for their pot holders.

The heat-resistance, waterproof, and fire-retardant capabilities are simply unmatchable. The popularity and production of these pot holders have lowered their price point significantly since their introduction to the marketplace decades ago, making them fairly difficult to compete with.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that this post has helped you learn more about how to safely clean your silicone pot holders. Remember, dishwasher safe doesn't always mean that the potholders are completely impervious to damage when placed in a dishwasher, so it's always best to look at the care instructions before tossing them in the dishwasher. And if you're in doubt, washing them by hand will always work as well.

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