Should You Whisk Scrambled Eggs? [The Secrets You Need To Know!]

The star of breakfast for many is amazing scrambled eggs! They seem simple, but what do you do if you're not exactly sure about all of the steps necessary to make them great? One step that is talked about is whether or not you have to whisk your scrambled eggs. We have everything you need to know about whisking scrambled eggs so that you can make the best ones possible in your kitchen.

For the best scrambled eggs, you should whisk them! This mixes your eggs and gives them a fluffy texture. It's possible to make scrambled eggs without whisking but the results won't be the same. You can even use some whisk substitutes to get great scrambled eggs. You should also be aware that over whisking your eggs can have an undesired effect.

If you're going to make scrambled eggs, then you should know how to make them so that they taste the best for you! To get everything right with this classic breakfast, there may be more information that you need. Continue down below for the ins and outs of bringing a whisk into making this classic dish.

A woman Preparing food in her home kitchen, whisking eggs, Should You Whisk Scrambled Eggs? [The Secrets You Need To Know!]

Everything About Whisking Your Scrambled Eggs

Technically you don't "have" to whisk your eggs. You could simply toss them in a pan together and still get an egg dish. However, whisking them adds something to them that you can't get any other way.

What Does Whisking Add To Your Scrambled Eggs?

Whisking adds air as well as properly mixes up your eggs. The added air is what gives them the light and airy consistency that everyone craves. It also ensures that your egg whites and egg yolks are properly combined. This way you end up with evenly yellow scrambled eggs that have the same delicious taste with each bite!

Does Whisking Eggs Make Them Fluffier?

Whisking absolutely makes your eggs fluffier. The air that is incorporated into the eggs makes them significantly fluffier once they are cooked. The air pockets expand in the egg mixture and give them their pillowy consistency. It's the same as making meringue, the more air that's mixed in the fluffier they will be!

How Much Should You Whisk Scrambled Eggs?

Young woman in a gray aprons breaks the eggs

It should take around 45 seconds to properly whisk your scrambled eggs. This can vary depending on how aggressively you whisk. You want to do it enough so that the egg whites and yolks are completely mixed. You should also start to see bubbles as you finish whisking your eggs.

What Happens If You Don't Whisk Your Scrambled Eggs?

If you don't whisk your eggs, then you won't have any of the benefits mentioned above. You might be able to combine your eggs to some extent but not as well as you could if you whisked them. The taste and texture might also be inconsistent throughout your eggs. They also will not be as fluffy since simply stirring them doesn't really add any air to the dish.

Can You Whisk Your Scrambled Eggs Without A Whisk?

If you don't have an actual whisk, then there are some great alternatives tools and methods that can help you achieve the same result with your scrambled eggs.

Use A Fork

The simplest substitute for a whisk is a fork. Some believe that holding two forks together is even better, but one will get the job done. Simply place the end of the fork into your eggs and quickly make small circles with it. This method will add air into your eggs, you just might have to do it for a little longer than you would with an actual whisk.

Use A Hand Mixer

While breaking out your electric hand mixer might seem like overkill, it will pay off when it does the work for you. This tool will whisk up your scrambled eggs quickly and efficiently. The best part is that all you have to do is hold it instead of manually mixing the eggs like with the other tools.

Use A Stand Mixer

This option might be a lot for just a couple of eggs. However, it will do in a pinch to get your scrambled eggs perfectly fluffy. Like with the hand mixer, it will also do all of the work for you so that your hand doesn't hurt. One unique benefit to using a stand mixer is that if you are cooking a large batch of eggs then this can fit them all for mixing.

Can You Over Whisk Scrambled Eggs?

It is possible to whisk your eggs too much and the result is similar to not whisking them enough. If you whisk your eggs for too long, you will beat all of the air out of them and they will become flat when cooked. They will also start to get grainy from the proteins being worked too much. At least they'll still be combined even if they aren't fluffy anymore.

What Is The Secret Ingredient For Scrambled Eggs?

When most cooks talk about the secret ingredient for amazing scrambled eggs, they're actually talking about whisking them. While this is a step and not a physical ingredient, it is still an important part of the process for great scrambled eggs.

Here is a great video reference on how to use only whisking to make fluffy scrambled eggs:

Other Tips For Making Great Scrambled Eggs

There is a lot of debate over different ways to make scrambled eggs perfect. Let's look at some other tips so that you can figure out what will work best for your taste.

Should You Add Milk To Scrambled Eggs?

Some swear by this additive and others say that it only takes away from scrambled eggs. Many believe that dairy helps to fluff up the eggs along with whisking. Those that are against adding milk to your eggs say that it just thins them out and doesn't add anything. Since it is such a divisive subject, the best way to solve it is to try both and see which method you personally prefer.

How Do Restaurants Get Their Eggs So Fluffy?

Breakfast table with eggs, fruit, and sausages

Many different restaurants have different tricks that they use to make their eggs. Many add thickeners and extra egg whites to the mixture. These things just add to the fluffiness of the eggs as they are whisked.

Others simply cook their eggs in butter or oil which they swear adds to the resulting texture. Some restaurants say adding milk or sour cream is what makes their eggs so special. However, it's hard to know for sure if their eggs get fluffy from the dairy or the whisking.

What Does IHOP Put In Their Scrambled Eggs?

To help make their scrambled eggs extra fluffy, IHOP adds something from one of their other most popular dishes. They add pancake batter! Mixing in some of the pancake batter to their eggs just before they're cooked really adds to the fluffiness of the dish. While the mixture is cooking, this extra ingredient helps to get more of a rise out of the eggs.

Should You Whisk Your Eggs For Omelets?

We have established that whisking eggs thoroughly mixes them up and makes them fluffy, so why should this technique be limited to scrambled eggs? Omelets are another great example of how whisking eggs can add to your dish. Since the eggs are mixed up first anyway before you use them to make an omelet, it makes sense that giving them that great fluffy consistency will only add to this meal!

Wrapping It Up

A woman Preparing food in her home kitchen, whisking eggs, Should You Whisk Scrambled Eggs? [The Secrets You Need To Know!]

While you can make scrambled eggs without whisking them, they won't have the desired consistency. Whisking scrambled eggs is what makes them fluffy and perfectly combined so that the dish is cohesive. You can add dairy or butter if you want, but many cooks agree that whisking is really all you need. If you don't own an actual whisk there are even several substitutes that make great scrambled eggs as well.

Now the next time you go to make breakfast you can add delicious and easy scrambled eggs that everyone will love! To learn about more how to use eggs in your kitchen, click on the links below!

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