Should Kitchen Countertops Match The Floor?

Remodeling your kitchen can be a huge undertaking because it is both time-consuming and expensive. Countertops and flooring usually make up a large portion of the expense. Choosing the right combination of these two can save you time and money. We have searched multiple sources to bring you a selection of countertop and flooring combinations that is sure to inspire your kitchen remodeling project.

Countertops do not necessarily need to match the floor. In fact, a complementary color is usually more appealing and modern-looking. The color pairing of your countertops and flooring should work with one another to create a color scheme that fits the overall style of your home.  We will discuss the following countertop and flooring combinations in more depth:

  • Matching countertops and floors
  • Dark countertops with light flooring
  • Light countertops with light flooring
  • Dark countertops with contrasting dark-colored flooring
  • Light countertops with neutral flooring
  • Neutral countertops with light flooring
  • Monochromatic color scheme with light countertops and dark flooring
  • Monochromatic color scheme with dark countertops and dark flooring
  • Stainless steel countertop with dark flooring

While the choice in colors for your countertops and floors is a big decision, it will likely be only a small part of your kitchen remodeling process. You may find yourself asking other related questions during your kitchen project. We will discuss lighter versus darker colors for floors and countertops, how to match the two, and popular colors for your countertops. Just keep reading!

A rustic inspired kitchen with wooden countertop hardwood plank flooring and white painted cabinetry, Should Kitchen Countertops Match The Floor?

Matching countertops and floors

Matching your countertops and floors is one of many options for your kitchen. This color combination can give your kitchen a cozy, home-like feel.

If matching countertops and floors is the choice you make, pick a contrasting color for spaces in between the two, such as cabinetry or the backsplash area.

Open space apartment living room with white walls, wooden countertop and white painted kitchen cabinets

The picture above shows that breaking up the two matching colors with cabinets and accent colors is important in keeping a balanced color palette.

Dark countertops with light flooring

Gorgeous white designed kitchen with a black countertop on the kitchen and breakfast bar

You can contrast your countertops with your flooring by pairing dark counters with light floors or vice versa. Using dark colors in the middle of an otherwise light color scheme can break up the light color for warmth and depth.

In the example above, the light natural colored wood floors contrast the black countertops for an unmatched look, making the countertops the room's focal point.

Like the stainless steel shown above, using metallic colors for accents is a popular method to add some bold color to your space.

Light countertops with light flooring

Hardwood kitchen cabinets with a white painted floating cabinet and white countertop

White kitchens have recently become very popular for their light, airy, and clean feel. If a totally white kitchen seems overwhelming to you, there is a solution.

Light countertops and light flooring together can still give you the same crisp, spacious ambiance. Using even small amounts of accent colors can transform your white kitchen.

Darker walls and cabinetry can make your space seem less sterile or delicate than a completely white kitchen. As you can see in this example, warm-colored cabinets seem to ground this mostly white-colored space.

The dark backsplash gives this room some dimension and draws attention to the center of the room.

Dark countertops with contrasting dark-colored flooring

A small rustic inspired kitchen area with wooden flooring, brown painted lower cabinets, and black granite countertop

To create a warm cozy feel to your kitchen space, consider using dark countertops with dark flooring in a contrasting color.

In the example shown here, the black countertops are paired with dark wood floors for a deep warm color covering the bottom half of the room.

To balance this dark palette, the upper part of the room is painted white with light accents to create the illusion of higher ceiling space and make the entire room look bigger.

This decorating method with lighter colors for the upper portion of your room is often used in small spaces or rooms with low ceilings.

Light countertops with neutral flooring

White inspired kitchen with white countertop, black bar stools and white kitchen cabinetry

Using light countertop material and neutral wood flooring together can create a light, airy feel to your kitchen. Breaking up the light colors using darker colors for walls and accent pieces can give your space some contrast.

As seen here, a natural brick accent wall is a great way to give your space a bit of an urban atmosphere. The dark appliances, backsplash, and decor help to balance the color scheme and warm the color palette.

Neutral countertops with light flooring

A narrow kitchen inside a condominium apartment with white painted kitchen cabinetry

Consider light floors and cabinets with neutral-colored countertops for a clean, modern look with some added warmth. The bright white color throughout the space is given a warm touch using the natural colored wood for the countertops.

Dark-colored walls add some balance and keep the light color from being overwhelming in this room.

Adding small accents of the neutral counter color within the cabinetry is a smart way to create a cohesive look and warm the color palette.

Monochromatic color scheme with light countertops and dark flooring

Black luxurious inspired kitchen area with black tiles, black kitchen cabinetries, and black dangling lamps

Monochromatic color schemes are comprised of black and white shades. The name and meaning may cause you to believe that this color palette is bland, but it can be quite the opposite.

With so many color combinations available, there are many ways to combine these black and white shades for very different looks.

Monochromatic color schemes are very popular for their sleek and modern look. In the example above, this mostly charcoal-colored room is given a burst of crisp color with the addition of white countertops.

To emphasize this sleek look, the cabinets used are simple with the use of clean lines. The long cabinet hardware furthers the clean look and adds detail and dimension to this monochromatic space.

Monochromatic color scheme with dark countertops and dark flooring

A small minimalist inspired kitchen with white floating cabinets and black lower cabinets

The kitchen pictured above uses dark countertops along with dark flooring to create a dramatic effect. The focal point of this kitchen is the clean burst of white cabinets, drawing attention to the top of the room.

The ambient lighting under the light-colored cabinets adds to the dramatic effect. The streamlined look is only emphasized by the handleless cabinets lining the walls.

Stainless steel countertop with dark flooring

A stainless steel fabricated kitchen with long span floating and lower cabinets

Another option for countertop material is stainless steel. This look is modern and sleek, splitting the room between dual-colored cabinets.

Lighter on the top and darker on the bottom, this look is designed to draw the eye upward.

The sleek black cabinets at the bottom of the room paired with the deep brown wood floors grounds this look for a well-balanced color scheme.

Should countertops be lighter or darker than the floor?

As we have shown, there is no right or wrong combination when it comes to countertops and floors. For a modern high-contrast look, darker floors paired with lighter countertops are a good combination.

Lighter floors with darker countertops will give you a more modern contemporary look, according to some sources. Ultimately, the flooring and countertops that you choose should complement each other and suit your home and lifestyle.

How do I match my countertops to my floor?

While countertops don't necessarily have to match your floor, there are a few ways to ensure that the two complement each other.

Some home improvement websites offer a virtual option to visualize the combination of different flooring or countertop materials.

If you have one or the other already in place, bringing home a sample of the material that you are considering can be a good option to make sure that you like the combination.

Just remember, there are no concrete rules when it comes to decorating your space.

What is the best color for kitchen countertops?

When choosing the best color for your kitchen countertops, keep in mind that your countertops should complement the overall color scheme of your room.

To avoid the expense of replacing them every time you paint your kitchen, keep the colors neutral, whether dark or light.

Think of multiple color schemes and ensure that your countertop color would complement any of those.

Light-colored countertops are more likely to show stains, but dark-colored countertops are more likely to reveal scratches.

Are black countertops in style?

Black countertops will always be in style because they are so versatile and available in so many different materials.

Black countertops are eye-catching and definitely make a statement. They are also the perfect backdrop to accentuate other colors throughout your kitchen and make other accent colors pop.

Final thoughts

Your kitchen is one of the most widely used rooms in your home. While there are no rules when it comes to decorating your kitchen, ensure that your styles and tastes are reflected with your decor.

Also, keep in mind the overall look of the rest of your home to ensure that your kitchen complements that as well.

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What kind of countertop-cabinet scheme did you decide on for your kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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