Should Kitchen Appliances Match? [In Color Or Brand]

Appliances for the kitchen are often expensive to invest in, and not all of them may need to be replaced at the same time. These appliances also take up a lot of room, so it is important to understand how you should match their style or manufacturer. If you are just moving in, restyling, or replacing a broken appliance, you may desire new appliances. As such, we have thoroughly researched if your kitchen appliances need to match in color or brand.

It is generally considered best to match all of the kitchen appliances by their color. It is also both acceptable and common to have appliances with different brands. However, it is possible to have kitchen appliances with different colors by turning one large appliance into a bold focal point, or restyling the surroundings. Using a variety of brands allows you to invest in the appliances and features that fit personal preferences.

Cooking and cleaning in the kitchen will always require familiar large appliances, so it is important to coordinate them properly. Keep reading to learn if all stainless steel looks the same, the most popular appliance colors, and how to create balance in the kitchen with appliances of different colors and brands.

A modern luxury kitchen with appliances, Should Kitchen Appliances Match?

Is It Okay To Mix Black And Stainless Steel Appliances?

It is both easy and effective to blend appliances that are either black or stainless steel. The natural look of stainless steel is always going to have gray tones or undertones. Both black and grey are pure neutrals, which means that they are absent of any true color.

This allows black and stainless steel appliances to agree with any other kind of color, as well as other neutrals. They will also agree with each other because no matter how bright or shiny the stainless steel is, its gray appearance will maintain a cool temperature.

Black and gray are popularly used together in interior designs and common features for modern and other minimalist styles. These interior designs prefer open areas with clean lines and decor that is not elaborate. Stainless steel and black appliances will both look sleek and modern yet can also appear subdued.

Modern kitchen room design

Is All Stainless Steel The Same Color?

Stainless steel appliances will often have a similar shape. But it is possible for stainless steel to be available in various colors, such as red or green. This can sometimes be achieved by treating stainless steel with certain degrees of heat.

But stainless steel kitchen appliances may also vary by shades of gray. Not all silver will have the same undertones or even the same level of gloss. Gloss refers to how much shine the appliance will have. Appliances that are sold by the same brand will usually have identical shades of gray. But this appearance can change greatly from one manufacturer to the next.

If the goal is to match your stainless steel across appliances, then consider that it can also be cheaper to purchase an identical set from a single manufacturer. You can read the post "Are Appliance Packages A Good Deal?" for more details on the advantages and price.

It is usually advised to avoid styling any room with identical shades across multiple features because it can create a visual redundancy. This is especially true in smaller rooms such as the kitchen.

However, the large appliances are also separated by decor and fixtures such as the cabinets and countertops. So, the impact of matching appliances can be subdued using the right surroundings.

Coordinating Differently Colored Appliances

It can feel counterintuitive to use kitchen appliances that have differing colors. But there are two effective ways to make sure the kitchen still feels balanced enough.

The first method is to select a single appliance and turn it into a highlighted focal point in the room. The other is to soften the effects of the gap between the different colors by using the surrounding decor as a bridge.

Create a Focal Point

As long as only one of the kitchen appliances is highlighted in the room, the color difference will feel intentional instead of messy. This is especially true if the appliance has a higher level of quality than the others.

It is common to use accent pieces in some interior designs. An accent is a fixture, appliance, or piece of decor that is deliberately intended to stand out from the rest of the room.

This is also popular in modern styles, which are primarily composed of minimalist ideas. Therefore, it can be possible to balance out the kitchen by intentionally disrupting it. But this must be carefully coordinated.

Restyle the Surrounding Decor

This is the easiest way to blend multiple appliances with different color schemes. That is because the larger kitchen appliances generally have a fair amount of distance between them. It allows enough of a visual rest to build a smooth transition.

For example, a backsplash can be used to bridge the dishwasher with the rest of the kitchen. A backsplash is a decorative area above the sink meant to protect the wall from stray water damage. Similarly, the countertop can also close the style gap between the dishwasher and the fridge.

The kitchen cabinets are the best way to bridge different appliances. Both the lower base cabinets and upper wall cabinets should take up more room than the appliances. This is because kitchens require a lot of storage for utensils and cookware.

The stove, fridge, and dishwasher are almost always surrounded on all sides by kitchen cabinets. Styling these cabinets the right way can make the differences between the appliances much less noticeable. This approach can also be used to soften the redundancy of matching appliances.

You can also use smaller kitchen appliances to create consistency throughout the room. A microwave, toaster, and blender can all be used to bridge the larger appliances. You can read the post "Is My Microwave Too Close To The Stove?" to learn how to properly space those appliances together.

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Lastly, it may be possible to make appliances with different colors appear to match by fitting them with matching handle covers. This can draw attention away from the overall appearance and add protection too.

What Is The Most Popular Color For Kitchen Appliances?

Contemporary kitchen with white cupboards and dining table with black chair

The three most popular colors for all kitchen appliances are black, stainless steel, and white. That is because they are all pure neutrals, which contain no actual color. This gives them the ability to work with absolutely any color nearby.

However, white is the most popularly used color for the entire kitchen, including its many appliances. This is because white is a highly reflective pure neutral with a high temperature.

Since white is so reflective, using a lot of white in the kitchen can make the area feel larger than it really is. White will also brighten up the room with its warm temperature. This fits most kitchens, which are often busy and much smaller than the rest of the rooms in the home.

As such, they are usually designed to feel brighter and more spacious. Appliances such as the fridge, oven, and dishwasher are large staples of the kitchen. Keeping them white can help open up a tiny kitchen.

If done correctly, you can potentially use black appliances for a similar effect. The neutral black absorbs color, so these appliances may appear to recede and create more space using depth.

Should Appliances Match When Selling A House?

It is often considered best to match appliances when selling a house. Specialists such as Apartment Therapy concluded that using appliances in the kitchen can make it appear unfinished. But if the appliances match, they can seem more luxurious and new. That is because newly constructed homes are usually outfitted with uniformly branded appliances.

Most of the time, it can be more ideal if the appliances genuinely have better features and do not simply imply finer qualities. As long as the appliances are balanced out by the rest of the kitchen’s style, high-end appliances that do not match can still potentially sell a house. In fact, some brands intentionally sell their products without a brand badge to help the consumer maintain consistency.


Because larger kitchen appliances occupy so much room in the kitchen, they will always have a large impact on the look and feel of the area. That is why it’s important to understand the effects of using kitchen appliances with different colors or brands.

Appearances can drastically change between brands. Using matching or unique colors between appliances in the same kitchen can create totally different moods. As long as the scene is balanced, the matter is subjective and should always meet your preferences.

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