Should The Kitchen And Living Room Be The Same Color?

Paint allows people to infuse their unique style into their homes. However, while selecting paint colors should be a fun and creative process, there are some guidelines that are worth knowing when painting a house. If you are planning to paint your kitchen or living room, you may want to know these. For example, should the kitchen and the living room be the same color?

The kitchen and living room can be different colors. However, the difference among the colors should not be drastic enough to make the two rooms seem like they belong in different houses. Additionally, if your home has an open floor concept or a connected kitchen and living room, then the two rooms should be the same color.

Now you know that the kitchen and living room can be the same color under certain conditions, but we discuss many more paint ideas and guidelines in this post! Keep reading to learn about what colors best suit a kitchen, if ceilings and walls should match, what colors make a kitchen appear bigger, and what colors complement a gray living room!

Modern apartment with living room and kitchen, Should The Kitchen And Living Room Be The Same Color?

What are the Best Colors for a Kitchen?

There are several colors that work well in a kitchen, but each color brings something different to the table. Some colors will make your kitchen look classic, some will make it look bold and bright, and others will give it a crisp and clean feel. Therefore, you should determine what atmosphere you would like your kitchen to have before selecting a color.

Also, kitchens have many components, such as islands and cabinets, so it's important to ensure that the paint you choose for each of these components creates a harmonic balance. Here are some of the best kitchen colors.


Scandinavian classic kitchen

White offers a classic feel for a kitchen. In addition to being classic, this paint color can make a kitchen seem clean and lively. The brightness that the color provides is perfect for waking you up on an early morning.

A white kitchen also offers a lot of flexibility, meaning that it pairs well with just about any other color. This means that you can even choose brighter colors for other components of your kitchen, such as the countertops or backsplash.


Gray and white luxury kitchen in modern style

Like white, gray is a classic color that complements many other colors. Gray is currently an extremely popular color for kitchens, especially for kitchen cabinets. However, you can use the color for walls as well. Some people even paint both their cabinets and walls gray.

Although, if you paint your cabinets and walls gray, you should use different types of sheen to distinguish the surfaces. The important thing to remember about this paint color is that it can serve as a base for other colors, or it can work on its own.


Interior of a kitchen with dining room

Red offers a boldness that classic white and gray do not offer. This color is versatile and would look beautiful on cabinets or walls. It's important to note that the color's boldness should be balanced with a more neutral color like white. For example, a bright red wall would pair nicely with white cabinets. Overall, red is a great paint choice for those who are looking for a pop of color!


Modern white and yellow kitchen interior with bar counter

Similar to red, yellow makes a kitchen bolder and brighter. As a result of its brightness, it pairs beautifully with simple white cabinets, just like red does. In addition, many people view yellow as a color that adds calmness and cheer to a room. However, the psychology behind the color is very complex.

Some studies show that people are more likely to become angry, and babies are more likely to cry in yellow rooms. It really just depends on how you feel about the color. If yellow makes you feel calm and cheerful, consider adding it to your kitchen for a pop of color. Conversely, if you feel negative about the color, try another bright hue, such as red, if you want a pop of color.


Modern kitchen countertop and sink

If you want to give your kitchen a crisp and relaxing appearance, blue is the perfect color for you! This color is versatile; you can use it for walls or cabinets, and you can use light or dark shades. If you are striving to give your kitchen a crisper feel, then a light shade of blue would work best.

However, if you're striving for a bolder look, then dark blue paired with white or other neutral colors would work best.


Green and white modern kitchen with dining table

Green is a great color to paint your kitchen if you want to add a natural feel to the room. Lighter shades of green infuse your kitchen with an outdoor atmosphere.

If you want to do more than bring a bit of nature into your kitchen, you can opt for a brighter shade of green, which is more chipper and playful. If you want something that is striking, go with a deeper shade of green like emerald.

Should Ceilings and Walls be the Same Color?

There are times when ceilings and walls should be the same color and times when they should not be the same color. One good reason for matching the ceiling and wall color is to increase the coziness in a smaller room. Matching ceilings and walls can make a smaller room seem more relaxing.

It is also acceptable to paint the ceiling and walls the same color in a larger room. Matching ceilings and walls in a larger room can draw attention away from the ceiling and center people's focus on the room's furniture.

Another reason to paint the ceiling and the walls the same color is to highlight the shape of a room. This technique works well for asymmetrical rooms or rooms with angled ceilings.

It is important to note that if you don't want to paint your ceiling and walls the exact same color, you can paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the same color. This will make it seem like the room has higher ceilings.

Ceilings and walls should not be the same color if the walls are white. Some may think that a white ceiling paired with white walls is a safe choice, but this decision is a bit boring. Instead, if your walls are white, try brightening up your room with pastel colors.

What Colors Make a Kitchen Look Bigger?

If you want to make your kitchen look bigger, paint it a light color. Light colors make kitchens look larger than dark colors do because they reflect more light, making the kitchen seem more open. A classic and popular light color to paint your kitchen is white, but some more colorful choices include light blue, yellow, and green.

What Color to Paint the Kitchen if the Living Room is Gray?

If your living room is gray, the color that you should paint your kitchen depends on the design of your house. If your home has an open floor concept or a connected kitchen and living room, then the kitchen should be gray, just like the living room. Conversely, if your kitchen and living room are separate rooms, then the kitchen can be a separate color.

If your kitchen and living room are separate, a white kitchen would be a nice pair for a gray living room. White and gray are both neutral tones, so these colors would compliment each other well. Some other more colorful options for the kitchen include blue, red, and green.

In Closing

When looking at paint colors for your home, remember that the kitchen and living room can be different colors. However, in order for the kitchen and living room to be different colors, they must be separate rooms and promote cohesiveness. Some of the best kitchen colors include white, gray, red, yellow, blue, and green.

Remember that ceilings and walls can match unless the walls are white. Lastly, keep in mind that light colors make a room look bigger and that a variety of kitchen colors, from neutral tones to bright colors, would go with a separated gray living room.

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