Samsung Refrigerator Goes Into Demo Mode—What To Do?

Is your Samsung refrigerator in Demo Mode, and you want to know what you can do about it? You’ve come to the right place, because we researched this question and have the answer for you.

Look for the Energy Saver and the Power Freeze buttons on the refrigerator display. Press both at the same time and hold them down for three seconds to deactivate Demo Mode.

Learn more about the Demo Mode in the succeeding sections. Learn how to activate and deactivate it in other Samsung refrigerator models.

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Family interacting with smart home devices on daily activities - Samsung Refrigerator Goes Into Demo Mode—What To Do

What is the Demo Mode in the Samsung refrigerator?

You will know that your Samsung refrigerator is in Demo Mode when you see “OF” on the display. In some models, you will see “OF OF” or “O FF” on the display instead.

Some models will simply have no cooling and have nothing on their display when they are in Demo Mode.

When you turn off Demo Mode, the symbols or codes above will go away after a few seconds of waiting. Not all models will have a chime to let you know that the Demo Mode is off.

But what really is the Demo Mode in your Samsung refrigerator?

The Demo Mode is also known as the Cooling Off Mode. It is called “Cooling Off” because the refrigerator will run most of its functions except any function that is related to the cooling function.

The Demo Mode is useful for retailers to show prospective buyers the different functions of the refrigerator without running the cooling function to save energy. The display panel is also active, but the functions on display do not work—especially if it involves the cooling function.

In some models of Samsung refrigerators, the two top left buttons might have slightly different labels but have similar functionality as the Energy Saver button and Power Freeze button.

Despite the different labels, pressing these two buttons will take the refrigerator out of Demo Mode. In some models, you will need to press and hold these two buttons and wait for a brief chime before letting them go.

Keep in mind that the compressor will wait for at least five minutes before turning on after the refrigerator exits Demo Mode. Thus, if you didn’t hear the compressor turn on right away, your Samsung refrigerator is not malfunctioning.

Alternative Way Of Turning Off Demo Mode

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If the first method of disabling Demo Mode doesn’t work, try waiting up to 10 seconds. If Demo Mode still doesn’t turn off after waiting, try the alternative way of turning it off.

Press the top two buttons on the left and the topmost button on the right all at the same time and hold them down until you hear a chime.

In this method, it doesn’t matter what these three buttons do. All that matters is the location of the buttons that you’re pressing and holding down.

Once the Demo Mode is deactivated by the alternative method, this means that your Samsung refrigerator model only responds to the alternative method. Always use the alternative method to deactivate the Demo Mode on your Samsung moving forward.

How to deactivate Demo Mode through the Family Hub?

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Another way of deactivating the Demo Mode is through the Family Hub. But what is the Family Hub, and how do you know that you have one?

What is the Family Hub?

The Family Hub is an app that turns a Samsung refrigerator into a smart device. It is Alexa-ready and can automatically connect your refrigerator to the Samsung SmartThings app on Samsung mobile devices.

The Family Hub also allows your Samsung refrigerator to connect to your Wi-Fi and provides you the functionality of a tablet. A Family Hub refrigerator has a large touchscreen display on the right side of its door.

This display can double as a mobile device with apps that focus on your kitchen, food processing, time management, food management, and entertainment while cooking.

Deactivating Demo Mode Through Family Hub

  1. Activate the Family Hub screen, then tap “Apps.”
  2. Select “Fridge Manager App,” then go to the “Fridge Settings” at the bottom right.
  3. At the bottom of the list of “Fridge Settings” is “Cooling Off.” If Demo Mode is active, this setting will say “On.” Toggle the “On” setting to deactivate Demo Mode, then tap “Proceed.” Once you see “Off” on this setting, then Demo Mode is off.

How to turn off Demo Mode on Samsung convertible refrigerator?

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The Samsung convertible refrigerator can convert the freezer into a regular fridge space and back again. It is useful for expanding regular fridge space when you need extra space for the food that you need to store.

Samsung’s convertible refrigerators also have a Demo Mode. The display will show “oF” if Demo Mode is active.

To turn off the Demo Mode in a Samsung convertible refrigerator, press and hold the “Temp.” button, the “Power Freeze” button, and the “Lock” button. Hold these buttons down until you hear a chime.

The display will change a few seconds after the chime, and the Demo Mode will deactivate.

Some models might have different labels on their buttons. If this is the case, you will need to press the first, the second, and the fourth buttons simultaneously. Hold them down until you hear a chime.

How to deactivate Demo Mode in a Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator?

Samsung’s BESPOKE refrigerator allows users to customize how their kitchen looks. BESPOKE refrigerators are kitchen-fit and can maintain the built-in look of your kitchen.

These refrigerators have a modular design that has eight different types—from 1-door units to 4-door units.

BESPOKE units have a different interface than other Samsung refrigerators. They also have a Demo Mode and their own way of deactivating the Demo Mode.

To deactivate Demo Mode, locate the two arrows pointing in opposite directions—left and right. Touch these arrows and hold your fingers down for six seconds. Press the “O” button after six seconds to disable Demo Mode.

If it doesn’t work, keep pressing down the two arrow buttons when you press the “O” button.

How to deactivate Demo Mode in a Samsung Kimchi refrigerator?

The Samsung Smart Kimchi and Specialty fridge make it easier to create and preserve kimchi. Even if you aren't a kimchi lover, you will find the versatility of the kimchi refrigerator to be useful for any purpose involving food preservation.

It has three compartments—two bottom compartments and one large top compartment. Each of these compartments can be set as a regular fridge or as a freezer.

This allows users to mix freezer and fridge modes among the three compartments however they like to match their needs.

Moreover, it has specialty settings like Ferment Mode, Preserve Mode, Meat Aging Mode, and Fresh Mode. And just like Samsung's other smart refrigerator models, the kimchi refrigerator also has its own Demo Mode.

To deactivate the Demo Mode, unlock the main control panel first if it isn’t already. Press and hold the “Lock” button for three seconds to unlock the panel.

Next, locate these three buttons: “Ferment,” “Preserve,” and “Lock.” Press all three buttons at the same time and hold them down for at least five seconds.

There will be no chimes or display indicator, but the Demo Mode should deactivate after you hold the three buttons down.

Why did my Samsung fridge go into Demo Mode?

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If you’re using a Family Hub refrigerator model, a common reason why your refrigerator went into Demo Mode is children playing with the screen controls. A child exploring the Family Hub can accidentally enable the Demo Mode.

Another common reason is a power outage. The sudden loss of power can trigger the Demo Mode when your refrigerator comes back on after the power outage. The Demo Mode is one of the default modes while the refrigerator is still in the store.

If the date and time setting on your Samsung refrigerator are incorrect, suddenly connecting to the internet could trigger the Demo Mode too. Simply reset your Samsung refrigerator and enter the correct date and time to prevent this in the future.

How to reset a Samsung refrigerator?

Resetting your Samsung refrigerator is useful when the touch screen display or the main control panel becomes unresponsive. This is also useful if your refrigerator is stuck in Demo Mode even after following the steps above.

To reset your Samsung refrigerator, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your Samsung refrigerator and unplug it.
  2. Wait for two minutes or more.
  3. Plug it back in.
  4. Press the “Energy Saver” and “Fridge” buttons at the same time and hold them down.
  5. The display will flash a few times. This means that the reset is complete.

Keep in mind that you should only reset your Samsung refrigerator when absolutely necessary. Resetting disables some of the features of your Samsung refrigerator that you might forget to enable after the reset.


The exact steps to get your Samsung refrigerator out of Demo Mode is specific to the type of Samsung refrigerator that you have. Follow the steps for your type of Samsung refrigerator to disable Demo Mode.

Always check your user manual to make sure that you have the right instructions for your refrigerator model.

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