17 Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas You Should See

Whether you live in the country or the city, a rustic kitchen is truly a design favorite these days. Even though a rustic kitchen looks simple and unpretentious, don't be deceived—rustic kitchens are also trendy and sophisticated.

There are several effortless ways to achieve a rustic look, even if your home or apartment is far from rural. An important key to a great-looking rustic kitchen is in the cabinets you choose. Most rustic kitchens feature unfinished cabinets or distressed wood that you might paint in various colors. The idea is that things should look worn and weathered in a homey, stylish way.

If you are hoping to turn your kitchen into a room that looks like it belongs in the countryside, we can help! Below we have compiled 17 rustic kitchen cabinet ideas to help you get started, so keep reading and get ready to find the perfect look for your home!

A rustic interior kitchen with bright chandeliers and oak cabinets matching the exposed ceiling membrane, 17 Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas You Should See

1. Basic And Inspired

A rustic kitchen should be uncomplicated and effortless, and the kitchen in this photo is both of those things. The classic white cabinets with traditional handles and knobs give this room an authentic quality that could make anyone feel as if they are living amongst the rolling hills in the country, even if their home is in the city.

Interior of a kitchen inspired with a white and cozy design, a small breakfast bar with small wooden bar stools, and a huge dangling lamp on the center

2. Modern Grey Rustic

Rustic inspired kitchen with modern approach and recessed lighting with dangling lamps on the breakfast bar

If you love the rustic look but want more of a modern vibe, then the kitchen in this photo is just your style. The trendy grey shaker cabinets are often featured in modern homes and apartments, but because they have a distressed look, they can provide you with just the right amount of rustic you need without feeling too rural.

3. Wonderfully Weathered

Mint green painted walls with wooden kitchen cabinetries and light purple tiled flooring

Rustic kitchens can be as raw and simple as you like. The kitchen in this photo illustrates just how weathered-looking cabinets can be beautiful while also appearing authentically rustic. The exposed hinges and the bare wood on the cabinets offer a glimpse of real country living and all of its charm.

4. Billowy Blue

Gray rustic cabinets with brown tiled flooring, exposed trusses with spotlights and small chandeliers

The lovely light blue cabinets shown in this photo are quaint and homey and fit right into a rustic-themed kitchen. The smooth lines of the shaker-style cabinets and the trendy yet plain; metal pulls on the doors and drawers enhance the rustic look while also providing a bit of a modern flair in the room.

5. Understated Elegance

An extremely rustic inspired kitchen with decorative stones on the walls, a small brick oven, and wooden cabinetries and table

If you'd like your kitchen to look like a rustic cottage, then the kitchen in this photo might appeal to you. The flat panel cabinets are made from natural-looking wood without any ornate details or hardware. The look and feel of the kitchen are charmingly bare and simple, just like a traditional cottage would be.

6. Classic Charm

If you dream of a classic, rustic kitchen, then you won't go wrong with the tall, recessed panel cabinets featured in this kitchen. The natural wood look of the cabinets and the bronze-colored handles make this kitchen a gorgeous example of how chic and charming your rustic kitchen can be.

7. Tuscan Dream

Are you yearning for the look of a French farmhouse? The kitchen in this photo features a Tuscan theme with light unfinished wood cabinets. The raw look of the cabinets creates an ambiance that can't be matched. The beadboard style on the side of the cabinets and the ornate details provide even more authenticity to the style of the room.

8. Exquisite Simplicity

Rustic kitchens don't always look worn and weathered. Take the kitchen in this photo, for example. The recessed cabinets are quite elegant, even in their simplistic, natural color. The metal pulls on the doors and the posts on each side of the island provide stunning details that make this kitchen a stunning example of rustic chic.

9. Vibrant Red

If you never considered red for a rustic kitchen, think again. This photo features stunning shaker cabinets in a vibrant red with classic round knobs. The rich color brings warmth to the room, and since red is the traditional color of barns, it only makes sense that it looks right at home in a rustic kitchen.

10. Lovely Turquoise

Do you want the look of a rustic kitchen, but do you prefer a little more color than the typical distressed wood vibe? How about turquoise-colored cabinets like the ones in this photo? The turquoise beadboard island fits perfectly into the country aesthetic with its cheerful tones, and the dark green raised panel cabinets under the windows add a bit of drama to the room.

11. Unique Metal

Rustic kitchens are all about getting creative, and the kitchen in this photo is no exception. The shaker-style cabinets are made from the reclaimed wood of a barn and a rusted metal roof! What better way to achieve the look of a farmhouse than by using authentic materials in your kitchen.

12. Greener Pastures

Painted cabinets that are distressed are a fantastic feature in a rustic kitchen, and the green cabinets in this photo prove that shabby chic is where it's at. The various green shades of the cabinets give the kitchen a cozy, lived-in look, while still providing a surprising level of country charm.

13. Irresistable Yellow

If you are a fan of yellow, then the kitchen in this photo might really speak to you. The cheerful vibrancy of the charming yellow cabinets with their nostalgic knobs and classic beadboard style will bring you visions of a happy summer day in the countryside.

14. Timeless And Simple

Unfinished wood is a popular choice for rustic kitchens, and the cabinets in this photo are timeless, tasteful, and will bring your kitchen the country ambiance you dream about. The recessed style of the cabinets is uncomplicated and provides an easy, laid-back charm.

15. Charming White

The rustic look often features exposed beams and a simple, raw quality, and this is why the shaker cabinets in this photo would work nicely in a rustic kitchen. The basic white cabinets with plain white knobs and exposed hinges will fit right into a country home or farmhouse.

16. Modest Grey

Grey isn't always seen in rustic kitchens, but this photo proves that grey is versatile enough to go country. The cottage vibe is easily achieved with raised panel gray cabinets that are traditional, simple, and very casual. This look is perfect for the country and even a rustic home near the coast.

17. Beadboard Beauty

Beadboard cabinet doors are a staple in rustic kitchen design, and this photo shows us why. The traditional style is aesthetically pleasing and creates just the charm you need to achieve the cheerful and quaint kitchen you desire.

To Conclude

So there you have it! There are lots of different kitchen cabinets you can choose from to get that perfect rustic look in your home. Whether you want a country farmhouse feel or a cozy cabin vibe, these rustic cabinet ideas we've provided can help you on your way to the kitchen of your dreams. All you need is a little bit of vision and the desire to create something magical you can enjoy for years to come!

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