21 Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That You’ll Love

The space behind your stove and sink is at optimal risk for splatter, stains, and water damage. A backsplash serves to protect these spaces. Not only does a backsplash protect, but it can really enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.

There are all sorts of materials that you can use for a backsplash. Here are just a few:

  • Quartz
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Vinyl

Optimally you will want to choose a backsplash that is durable and easy to clean, such as porcelain or glass tile. Or if, you do decide to go with a porous surface, you will want to make sure to seal the surface and maintain the sealant to prevent staining or damage.

Most materials on our list are non-porous, highly durable, and resistant to staining. However, if working with wood such as beadboard or shiplap you will want to keep up on maintenance as these materials are not water, heat, or stain-resistant and can not be sealed.

If you are debating on committing to a certain style or would like a trial run, there are many rustic peel and stick options available on the market. These are typically easy to install, and if you decide to change your mind later down the road, you can easily remove them. Though they sometimes don't have the high-end look of the other materials.

When you think of rustic kitchens, most people think of farmhouse decor. Rustic doesn't have to be a farmhouse theme; you can have rustic in many different design elements from, yes, the classic farmhouse or lodge decor all the way to Scandinavian or Coastal. Rustic generally encompasses a lived-in feel. Think cozy, warm, rugged, and worn. In other words, not pristine, shiny, or modern!

A luxury kitchen with stainless steel hood, 21 Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That You'll Love

To help inspire you, we put together a list of 21 rustic kitchen backsplash ideas. So keep scrolling to check them out!

1. Stylish Rustic

Here you have a rustic kitchen that still maintains a luxurious feel to it. They've chosen a dark backsplash with what looks like ceramic tile in a dark gray. To add more interest to the room, they have arranged the tile in a vertical layout. The dark color contrasts nicely with the white cabinetry and the warm wood tones used in the space.

Domestic kitchen with rustic elements

2. Modern Rustic

Modern kitchen with fresh vegetables

This one has a bit more modern touch to the kitchen. They decided to use a tin metal backsplash, giving it that farmhouse vibe. These kinds of backsplashes are relatively easy to find in the peel and stick variety. Making them a simple home improvement project.

Check out these faux tin peel and stick tiles on Amazon.

3. Subway Rustic

Stylish kitchen sink white fancy clean interior

This kitchen has utilized one of the most popular backsplash tiles out there- the subway tile! Just a simple white subway tile with contrasting darker grout blends in perfectly in this rustic kitchen! This adds some contrast and interest to all the white cabinetry.

4. Modern Western Rustic

Modern kitchen has the flavor of the old wild west with the spaciousness of modern day architecture

This kitchen features an exposed red brick backsplash. This enhances the rustic western aesthetic they have going on in the kitchen. If going with a brick backsplash, make sure you seal your bricks with a clear polyurethane sealant. You can get these in either matte or satin finishes.

5. Farmhouse Rustic

This is the farmhouse chic rustic design most people think of when they hear "rustic" in combination with the kitchen. The cabinetry and the fixtures are really what make this epitomize the rustic feel. They have used a very simple glass light sage subway tile backsplash. It adds a little pop of color without taking away from the rustic feel.

6. Rough Texture

Here they have incorporated a textured stone backsplash. This adds a nice rustic feel to the backsplash while playing off the gray of the cabinets. If choosing to work with a stone of this nature, you will want to apply a sealant to prevent stains or water damage on this porous surface.

7. Rustic Stone

Stone backsplashes lend to a rustic feel naturally. The rough stone texture blends perfectly into a rustic-themed kitchen. Many of these types of textured stone backsplashes are easy to find in the peel and stick variety. Making them a simple, easy-to-install choice.

Check out this peel and stick tile on Amazon.

8. Wooden Panel

This wooden panel design backsplash adds a hint of rustic charm to any kitchen. You can get these peel and stick designs in a multitude of colored wood from farmhouse to coastal beach rustic.

Check out this wooden peel and stick backsplash on Amazon.

9. Copper Rustic

This backsplash incorporates a rustic copper plate mosaic along with a rock-inspired and textured tile backsplash. The rough aspects of the tile and the lighter rock with the contrasting darker tiles also add some rustic charm to the area behind the stove. This adds a lot of interest and is visually appealing.

10. Pebbled

This pebbled backsplash with varying sizes adds rustic charm to any kitchen. It lends to that rough and rugged theme rustic charm incorporates. It almost looks like they've gone out and hand-picked the pebbles to use.

11. Printed Charm

Here they have used an embossed tile that works perfectly in a rustic kitchen. The warmth from the cabinetry is blended seamlessly with the cream tile for the backsplash. Making for a cozy and comfortable feel in this kitchen.

12. Modern Tin

This is another take on a metal backsplash. Here they have used sheet metal, similar to the look of a metal roof in the space. This gives off both rustic and farmhouse vibes and makes for a very interesting kitchen. If you've already picked out your lighting and are going with an industrial vibe, this could be a perfect backsplash selection!

13. Herringbone

This herringbone tile works perfectly with the warmth of the wood counter and shelves in this rustic-inspired space. It adds a bit of a luxury feel to the textured counter and shelving.

14. Shiplap

Here they've used vertical shiplap as the backsplash for this rustic kitchen. When working with a kitchen that has open shelving, using shiplap can make installation much, much easier.

However, shiplap is not heat resistant or resistant to staining, so it will require a bit more maintenance. You will also want to enlist a qualified contractor to install as if shiplap is not installed correctly, it can warp or rot.

15. Oversized

This kitchen has a rustic Scandinavian theme to it. They've chosen oversized simple white subway tiles as the backsplash with a contrasting dark grout to better match the cabinetry and the dark metal on the fixtures used. It has a visually stunning effect.

16. White Washed Brick

This is a great rustic backsplash! It comes as very thin brick veneers, only 1/4 inch thick in comparison to regular bricks. Then they've whitewashed it to give it a great rustic look. You can also find the veneer bricks pre whitewashed for convenience.

Check out this peel and stick brick on Amazon.

17. Panel

Here they have used a large format porcelain panel fashioned to look like a sheet of weathered steel. If you want something unique for your space, this would definitely fit the bill. It looks weathered, yet it functions just like any other porcelain tile, easy to clean and resistant to staining, water, and heat.

18. Slate

These chunky slate tiles perform well when wanting to give a space a rustic touch. Stone already oozes with a rustic feel naturally. Adding in slate that has not been polished really adds that rustic element. They can also be combined with other stones, as shown with this example's mixed beige accent wall.

19. Mosaic

Surprisingly you can achieve a rustic look with a mosaic tile backsplash. As seen in this example, the colors in the mosaic enhance the warmth of the cabinetry and bring out the copper in the sink. Even highlighting the lighter veining in the dark counter.

20. Distressed Tiles

These distressed white tiles will add a rustic element to any kitchen. They are designed in a way to be easy to clean yet look like they are rough and weathered, perfect for adding a rustic element to any kitchen.

21. Sleek Slate

For a sleek-looking slate backsplash, this idea is a colorful rustic look. Natural stone as a featured backdrop has an inherent beauty that speaks for itself amidst a simplistic kitchen.

In Summary

Whatever rustic design you are striving for in your kitchen, there are countless options to choose from when it comes to a backsplash. If you want a luxurious yet rustic feel, rough and weathered, or a natural rustic element added in such as stone, we hope you have found this inspirational list helpful in designing your next home improvement project!

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