Can Refrigerator Doors Be Removed For Delivery?

Since refrigerators can be sold in such a variety of models, some of them may not fit through the front door. As such, you may be wondering if the fridge doors can be removed. Many refrigerators are growing, and older homes can't always accommodate the improved space. We've researched if the refrigerator doors can be removed for delivery.

Yes, most refrigerator doors can be removed for delivery, although some may be more sensitive due to wiring. This is common for refrigerators with a built-in water dispenser or ice maker. You may have to review the process for removing the fridge doors from each typical model:

  • Top Mount
  • Bottom Mount
  • French Door
  • Side by Side

It's important to consider what type of refrigerator model you will be working with and if you'll even need to remove the fridge doors. Keep reading to learn how to estimate if a fridge will fit through your door and how to deal with larger refrigerators.

Delivering new refrigerator. - Can Refrigerator Doors Be Removed For Delivery?

How do I know if my refrigerator will fit through my door?

It is always best to measure your home before making any purchase. Entry doors are traditionally eighty inches tall. So, you should mainly be concerned with the width.

While most entrance doorways should measure around 36 inches wide, older or more stylish homes may have a custom width. Some doorways only measure thirty inches wide.

Once you measure your doorway, you can compare this to the standard sizes for the basic types of refrigerators listed below. You can further compare your measurements to the model's information online or by calling the store.

Top Mount and Bottom Mount Models

Loft kitchen design

Smaller and more affordable, the conventional Top Mount refrigerator is built with the freezer on top and is very common in the United States. The width for these models will usually range between 28 and 33 inches wide.

So, you can probably expect a standard fridge to fit through a typical front door. Bottom Mount refrigerators are nearly identical, but they have a freezer on the bottom. So, their maximum width is generally the same.

Counter Depth Models

These thin, long refrigerators are a slimmer version of traditional Top Mount models. Experts like Home Depot agree that Counter Depth fridges are designed to flush with the kitchen counters, which are typically around 27 inches deep.

To accommodate for the missing space, they tend to be wider. But they also have less depth, so they are bound to fit through a doorway. However, they may have issues if the front door leads directly into a staircase or cramped lobby.

French Door and Side by Side Models

French door style refrigerator. Open doors and empty.

These large and bulky types of refrigerators will likely give you issues. A "French Door" fridge has two doors split down the middle of the appliance and open outwards. The freezer sits below this. They frequently measure 36 inches wide, identical to entry doors.


A "Side by Side" fridge is the widest model of all because it hInterior of modern kitchen with black granite counter, refrigeratoras freezer and fridge compartments beside each other. Although they provide the most space and comfort, they typically range between 33 and 40 inches wide.

How do you bring a fridge into a house?

If you are bringing home a brand-new fridge, there are a few simple steps to take. It is best to have at least two people managing the process. You can also read our post "Can A Refrigerator Be Transported On Its Side Or Back?" for further details on moving a fridge.

Firstly, make sure to measure the doorways, hallways, and kitchen area to ensure a proper fit. Next, clear all of the obstacles for your path to the kitchen, such as large furniture or anything that may cause a safety issue.

While some fridges have wheels, you may still want to slide a dolly underneath the side of the refrigerator for leverage. Once the fridge is level with the doorway, you may be able to open the doors and rotate the refrigerator inside.

Bringing in an existing fridge

If you are moving into a new home with your own fridge, the process is a little more complicated than a new appliance. It's proper to empty and clean the refrigerator before moving. Otherwise, you can end up with leaks and spills.

So, you'll have to unplug the power to your fridge. Plan on storing the food elsewhere and eating what you have.

You may also have to unplug all the wiring yourself if your moving company does not offer that service. This includes wiring for water dispensers or ice makers. After that, you can follow the same steps as a new fridge.

Once the job is done, you can read our post "How Long Before You Can Use A New Refrigerator?" to ensure you use it properly.

How do I get a bigger refrigerator through my door?

Two Young Male Movers Placing Steel Refrigerator In Kitchen

You will have to remove something to create more space for refrigerators that are just too large for the doorway. This process can differ between various types of refrigerators, such as Top Mount or French Door models.

Always make sure the power is off before starting anything. It's also important to remember that no fridge magnets are strong enough to support doors while removing the hinges.

For fridges with ice makers and water dispensers, you need to disconnect wiring and water filter tubing. If there are complex wire harnesses, take pictures of the setup for future reference. Many fridges also have a bottom "kick plate," which you can usually pull right off if necessary.

Removing the Fridge Handles or Front Door

A piece of blank yellow note paper fastened to a refrigerator door with a strawberry magnet.

Before you spend too much time on the specifics, consider if you could fit the fridge inside your home by removing your front door or the handles on the refrigerator.

For the fridge handles, you may need to remove the trim above and below the handles. You may not be able to pull the trim off by hand.

In that case, slide a flathead screwdriver between the trim and the handles to loosen the trim. Then, you typically need a Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew the handles.

Click here to see this hinge pin removal tool on Amazon.

To remove a front door, you'll need to take off the hinges. These door hinges are held together by a pin. You can use a hinge pin removal tool to push the pin up and out, releasing the door. If necessary, use bearing grease to loosen up a stubborn hinge pin.

If removing these obstacles isn't enough, then you will further need to remove the fridge and freezer doors on the refrigerator.

Top Mount Fridge Door Removal

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Unplug the power if necessary, and work from the top down. You need to remove the screws from the top, center, and bottom hinges. You will likely need some type of hex wrench to do so.

Pull off the panel from the top hinge with a Phillips screwdriver if needed. Unscrew each of the hinge screws with your wrench. Set the freezer door aside.

You may need a washer wrench to remove the washer from the center hinge. Then, remove each of those hinge screws as before. You might also need an open-end wrench here. Set the fridge door aside, and remove the bottom hinge the same way.

Bottom Mount Door Removal

You can follow the same steps to remove the refrigerator door as you would for a Top Mount model. However, bottom freezer doors can get very complicated and vary widely. So, you may have to consult your manufacturer and manual.

Typically, bottom freezers are built like a drawer and basket system. The first step is to remove the baskets. Some pull right out, while others have tabs that need to be pressed in.

Then, the freezer drawer itself needs to be removed. Some have tabs for this, too. Others allow you to remove the screws attaching the drawer to the sliders, sometimes known as "glides." Then, the drawer should lift right off.

But some models have little plastic locks on either side, which need to be loosened and removed by sliding a flathead screwdriver underneath the plastic.

French Door Removal

Installing new refrigerator in luxurious kitchen. Open and empty.

You will have to remove the hinge covers and hinges above each door on either side, as you would for top mount fridges.

Disconnect wiring and tubing according to the manufacturer. You may need to unscrew the grounding wire, too. Slide each door straight up to pull them off.

French Door refrigerators have a bottom-mounted freezer. Take out the baskets and unscrew the drawer from the sliders, per the suggestions above or the manufacturer's instructions.

Side by Side Door Removal

Start by disconnecting the water lines. Some models have this behind the bottom kick plate. Others have a water hose behind the fridge.

Many of these models also have a complex hinge cover to unscrew, filled with wiring harnesses. Take pictures and disconnect these harnesses, then unscrew the ground wire. Pull out the loose water hose.

Twist off any hinge lockers, and unscrew any screws to take off the actual hinge covers. Pull the fridge and freezer doors straight up to remove them.


Delivering new refrigerator.

Fitting a new fridge through your front door can be difficult, especially with so many models on the market. It's crucial to measure everything beforehand and select the right model for your home. You can now plan ahead and feel prepared to remove any fridge doors if necessary to complete your perfect kitchen.

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