Do You Need Pot Holders On Granite?

You are probably wondering if you need potholders on granite. We have researched all about this for you. Here you will find out why you do or do not need to use potholders on granite.

The best answer for whether or not you NEED potholders on granite is no, you do not. Granite is heat resistant.  Exposure to high temperatures can weaken the sealant. Sometimes glass will burst if it is placed onto something cool while it is still hot, so if you want to put your hot glass dish on your granite countertop, you should probably use potholders. 

Keep reading to find out which type of granite does not need sealing, how to protect your granite from heat damage, whether or not an air fryer will damage a granite countertop if boiling water cracks granite, and how long granite countertops last.

Two watermelon designed pot holder hanged on the kitchen wall, Do You Need Pot Holders On Granite?

Potholders On Granite

One reason you would want to use potholders on granite is that some granite is absorbent. This is important because granite that is absorbent will soak up spills and may stain. It is not necessary to use potholders on granite to avoid cracking or damage the granite. Granite is a durable and hard material. Even granite eventually wears over time so using potholders is a precaution to put in place to extend the life of your granite.

How Do You Protect Your Granite From Heat Damage?

Sealing your granite is the best way to protect it from heat damage. You can also protect your granite by using heat-safe objects. Some examples of heat-safe objects to use are trivets, potholders, cutting boards, and coasters. These things will help protect your granite from developing water stains or stains from other sources of moisture.

Natural stone surfaces such as granite are best for the kitchen. Granite is among the most heat resistant of all materials. Quartz is a great alternative. Although granite is made of quartz and feldspar, quartz composite is even more stain-resistant. Quartz composite is artificial, so it is combined with resin to create a stronger material. It requires less maintenance than granite.

When granite is improperly sealed, it can harbor bacteria. It is essential to maintain your granite countertops. You want to seal your granite about once a year. There is no such thing as oversealing natural stone such as granite.

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Which Type Of Granite Doesn't Need Sealing?

Ubatuba granite does not require sealing because it is very dense, stain-resistant, and nonporous. Most types of granite do not specifically require sealant because it is naturally a stain-resistant material. This is a debatable topic. Granite is a hard stone that is scratch-resistant. Sealing is more commonly for visual appeal.

People seal their granite because it can become damaged if consistently exposed to high temperatures. Another reason to seal your granite is that some slabs may not be as durable as others. For this reason, sealing your granite to avoid staining might be worth it to you. Oils tend to cause the most staining.

A blue floral designed pot holder

Sealing is typically a preventive method to make your granite last longer. When you seal your granite or natural stone, you make it so that the material repels liquids and stops them from soaking into it. Granite tends to be a little bit more expensive than other countertop alternatives, but the cost is worth the exchange. It does not become damaged easily; therefore, it is long-lasting, and you will get your money's worth of usage out of it.

Will An Air Fryer Damage A Granite Countertop?

An air fryer will not likely damage a granite countertop. This is because air fryers do not typically get hot enough on the outside to damage granite. Granite is a dense, scratch, and heat-resistant material.

Because air fryers are small oven appliances, it is a good idea to still use a heat-resistant countertop mat or material under it to protect your granite from becoming cracked or damaged. Always leave at least five inches of space behind your air fryer so that it can ventilate properly.

Microwaves, Instant Pots, and Air Fryers can be used on granite countertops without the concern of damaging them.

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Will Boiling Water Crack Granite?

Generally, hot pots and pans will not damage your granite countertop. Many people worry about the potential of their granite becoming cracked. Because it is naturally heat resistant, the stone will usually only crack if consistently exposed to high temperatures. This will weaken the granite over time. If the temperature of the granite is cool when it is exposed to high temperatures, it will wear down faster.

Your granite will not likely crack unless it is hit by a heavy object or has a natural crack occurring in it. Excessive weight can also result in granite cracking. It is not likely, but it is something to be warned about. Adding a brace if your granite overhangs are one way to avoid it cracking.

The Most Common Types of Granite Countertops

There are five types of granite that are most commonly used for countertops. They are all durable and beautiful, with limited susceptibility to heat.

Black galaxy granite is one option that will enhance your kitchen or bathroom. It is unique because it often has white or gold specks in the stone. This is why it is called "galaxy" granite.

Another type of granite used for countertops is white granite. This is probably the most used countertop on the market. White granite will add a fresh, clean look to your home. It is also considered to be a more elegant choice. There are variations of white granite that are blue or gray rather than white.

The third type of granite is Uba Tuba. This was mentioned earlier as the toughest of all choices of granite. It is imported from Brazil and is similar to black granite. This stone has shades of green, gray, and gold throughout it. The additional color is visually aesthetic, and it is fun to match floor color, backsplash, and cabinetry.

The fourth type of granite is baltic brown granite. Brown is a popular choice for kitchens, whether it be for walls or countertops. This baltic brown granite is neutral and often mixed with tan, gold, and gray shades.

If gray is your style, Bianco Antico granite is probably for you. This is considered to be a more bold alternative in regards to granite. This type of granite often has hints of dark gray, black, and brown mixed into it.

How Long Will Granite Countertops Last?

As long as your granite countertops were correctly installed, your granite countertop could last 100 years or more. Granite is an extremely hard natural substance. It can become scratched or damaged over time but is more scratch and heat resistant than all other materials.

You want your granite countertops to be level. When they are not level, they can crack or become damaged much faster. Sometimes granite has cracks that occur naturally. These are known as fissures. It is important that the manufacturer checks to make sure these natural cracks are not in the seams, cutouts, or cooktop.

Many people like to install natural materials in their homes. They want the look and feel of natural elements. This is one reason granite will never go out of style. It also goes with just about any backsplash or paint color, which is an added benefit of choosing granite for your countertops.

In Closing

Two watermelon designed pot holder hanged on the kitchen wall, Do You Need Pot Holders On Granite?

You do not necessarily need potholders on granite countertops. If you choose to use potholders on your granite countertops, it will most likely protect your granite from spills and stains. The other main reason for using potholders on granite countertops is to avoid glass shattering because granite tends to stay cool. To be on the safe side, using potholders will make your granite last longer. It is not a necessity, but it is a precaution.

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